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Meet Our Awesome Casino Streamer (+ 5 Fun Facts!)

At GambleGuys, it is our mission to bring you the best and newest casino gaming action. Our team is always looking for new and innovative ways to engage and entertain those as passionate about the online gaming space as we are. As such, we’ve launched our Twitch and Facebook stream complete with our very own casino streamer, Eugenia (or, as all her friends call her, Gen). If you haven’t checked out this channel, please consider doing so now, as there’s plenty of amazing content! Here’s everything you need to know about our newest member of the GambleGuys team (and, hopefully, a very famous streamer in the future)!

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As a Casino Streamer, Gen Genuinely Loves to Gamble

The first thing to know about our casino streamer is that she genuinely loves to gamble. What you’ll see on our stream is not fake – instead, it’s someone who loves the games, having fun, and taking all the viewers along the journey with her. Gen also loves being a casino streamer in addition to gambling. In particular, she wants to create a fun, entertaining, relaxing, welcoming channel where people worldwide will come, watch the games, and have a good time. She genuinely loves sharing her excitement and enthusiasm for online gaming with the rest of the world!

…And She Knows How To Gamble Responsibly

Although Gen loves to gamble, you’ll never see her advocating to gamble irresponsibly or chase losses. Far from it, she has advocated for never betting an amount that you cannot afford to lose and that the casino always wins in the long run. She believes that gambling is entertainment and that if you do win some money, take it and buy something nice with it. At GambleGuys, we aim to provide unbiased, ethical reviews of all the latest casinos and slots. Gen’s realistic attitude on gambling responsibly provides a balanced perspective that gives viewers the proper mindset when tuning in – that the point of these games is to have fun! Indeed, players should never construe a big win on a slot to mean that they will hit that if they try – all games, of course, are random and if you want to know what the return-to-player percentage is for any given slot, check out the reviews on our site!

Gen’s Passion for Online Gaming Extends Beyond Slots

Even though you will most likely watch Gen playing online slots on our channel, you should know that her interest extends far beyond the bright lights and sounds of the online reels. Indeed, she loves to bet on sports and play poker, too. You’ll sometimes catch her talking about football and poker on our channel in addition to slots which helps add to the excitement of the live stream!

What Can You Expect from Gen’s Streams?

One famous streamer and another are not alike. Everyone has their personalities and unique characteristics that they bring to their respective channels. Gen aims to provide a fun, engaging streamer casino that isn’t over-the-top in terms of movement and lights, but it isn’t dull either. The idea is to give a chill environment where people can come, relax, and enjoy the games. To that extent, in any of the streams, the focus is always on the slots themselves and not necessarily on the particular casino or the streamer. Instead, the goal is to showcase the games as much as possible!

This format has numerous benefits for players. For starters, it makes it incredibly easy for gamers to spot which slots they would like to try and which they will probably avoid. You’ll likely see some games that look fun and have excellent bonus rounds, and by featuring the games, our stream makes picking out those slots super easy and intuitive. It also helps players quickly and easily identify the games. Indeed, we list the name of the currently-played online slot machine on the bottom of the screen so that way people can find it easily. Of course, the best way to experience all that these streams have to offer is to head on over and experience one for yourself! Therefore, if you want to get a feel for this streamer casino, please feel free to head on over to our channels!

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Plus, Those Promised Five Fun Facts about Our Casino Streamer!

We didn’t forget about those five promised fun facts! Here are a few things to know about Gen – some of which you will see on our Twitch or Facebook stream! She was born in Ukraine but has resided in Malta for the past five years. Outside of gambling, Gen’s favourite activities are travelling, meeting new people, and tasting different food (who can argue with that!). Her highest win was 2,500x on Rise of Merlin. The bonus round on which she won took over 30 minutes to play! During this bonus round, she recalls collecting all symbols and still having two more retriggers. We would have loved to capture that on the channel for GambleGuys on Twitch and GambleGuys on Facebook! One of Gen’s favourite slots is Fire in the Hole (provided by Nolimit City). Gen has a passion for cryptocurrencies as well, so you might hear about Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any one of the other cryptocurrencies when she streams!

Go on a Bonus Hunt with Our Casino Streamer, Gen

If you want to go on a bonus hunt with Gen, please head to our GambleGuys on the Twitch page. There, you will be able to view any live broadcast that is currently happening, or, if there’s nothing live at the moment, you can view some of the older broadcasts. These are still quite fun as they showcase some of the latest casinos and games. We’re on Facebook, too, so check out our GambleGuys on the Facebook page! And if you see any casino you like (or any game you enjoy), be sure to see if there is a review for it on our website. We love to bring you all the latest gaming news and reviews, so there’s a good chance we have something on it. Additionally, if it’s a casino, you’ll get a link to the best bonus offer when you use our site. So, the next time Gen is streaming, go on a bonus hunt with her! You’ll have fun and discover exciting new games to try in the process.

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