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You may have already heard of Facebook slots. This term usually means one of two things. It can mean Facebook slot machine games that people play for fun. These tend to be immensely popular with casual gamers who like gambling thrills but don’t want to wager money. However, playing these “play money” machines isn’t the only way to experience slots. Instead, there are live streams for slots on Facebook that will give you much of the same excitement! If the idea of watching real slots, real bonuses, and genuine excitement interests you, read on to see what Facebook slots are and how you can watch a stream!

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First, What Is a Casino Stream?

Before getting into all the details on how these slots work on Facebook, it’s worth going over some of the basics. In particular, what, precisely, is a casino stream? As the name suggests, a casino stream is a live stream where the host shows themselves gambling at an online casino. The host might showcase what a casino looks like, the games there, or they might even go on a bonus hunt (more on this later)! While this may not sound particularly exciting to casual gamblers, it is pretty entertaining. Watching gambling is a little like watching someone else play a video game – it’s often enjoyable to sit back and enjoy the spinning reels or the rolls of the dice without needing to be an active participant. You can kick back, relax, and observe the sights and sounds without worrying about whether or not you’re winning or losing – or when to quit! Additionally, you can often learn a lot from these streams. You’ll discover slots you’ve never played before and strategies you’ve never considered. Casino streams are a fun and exciting way to “gamble” – without the stress of having your money at risk!

What Is a Facebook Casino Stream?

With all that in mind, a Facebook casino stream is merely a casino stream on the Facebook (now Meta) platform. Many platforms, including YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and more, permit people to live stream, so most casino streamers will put their content on one or more of these platforms. Since Facebook is one of the most widely used social media platforms globally, many streamers look to put their gambling expeditions there! One question that people often have is whether or not these streams violate the Facebook terms of service. The short answer is that they do not. It is true that Facebook does not allow promoting online gaming or brick-and-mortar gambling without prior written permission. However, casino streams do not advertise online gaming; they’re merely entertainment. So they are permissible under the Facebook terms! Therefore, if you want to enjoy all the latest gaming action on Facebook without wagering any real money, check out the Gamble Guys’ casino on Facebook stream.

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Facebook Slots Online

While there are many types of casino streams, the most popular ones are those involving online slots. There are a few reasons why online slots are so popular for streaming on Facebook. First, the games themselves are entertaining and vibrant. The current online slot environment is probably one of the most competitive, bringing out the best in all slot developers. Indeed, most games now have fun sequences, entertaining music, and some of the most incredible themes you’ll ever see. It’s exciting going on an underwater adventure, rocking out with your favourite band, or going to some faraway land! While table games, video poker, and other forms of gambling have some excitement, none are quite as engaging as online slots!

Additionally, online slots offer potentially significant wins that many other games cannot match. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing a long bonus round keep racking up the amount until it results in a significant payout! The excitement becomes especially large if there are some games to play at the end of the round (like pick the right card to double your winnings or walk away with nothing). The thrill that the bonus rounds of online slots have is hard to match (more on that later in the bonus hunt section). Finally, online slots are accessible for almost anyone. Some other forms of gambling, like craps, are complex and require knowing quite a few different rules. Almost everyone has put at least a few dollars in a slot machine at some point in their lives, so most are familiar with the concepts even if they may not know the games perfectly. That means Facebook slots streaming is more accessible to a broader audience!

Bonus Hunt: What Is It and Why Is It Popular?

If you look at any casino stream, whether it is on Facebook or a different platform like Twitch, you’ll invariably see a discussion of a “bonus hunt.” Indeed, on the GambleGuys streams, our streamer also goes on these bonus hunts. Put simply, as the name implies, a bonus hunt is a streamer going on the “hunt” for the bonus games within slots. They will typically load up multiple slot machines and play each one until they hit the bonus round. Upon triggering it, they will close the machine and go on to the next one. The streamer will usually do this until they are out of their initial funds. Then, after hitting the bonus on a dozen slots or more, they’ll go back and play the bonus rounds consecutively. The result is an action-packed sequence where people get to see these bonuses happening quickly! It’s fun seeing someone win hundreds of dollars (or Euros or whatever currency the stream is in) consecutively! Plus, if you enjoy online gaming, it’s a fantastic way to see which games have bonus rounds that you might want to try!

An Example

When discussing bonus hunts, it can be easiest to illustrate them with an example. Let’s suppose that a streamer wants to do a bonus hunt for their casino stream. Furthermore, let’s assume they have $100 to wager. The streamer will log in to their favourite online casino and start with a slot – let’s say Razor Shark. They’ll do $1 spins until they hit the bonus round on that slot. In our example, let’s assume it took $40 to get the bonus.

Our streamer will close Razor Shark and open the next slot, Twisted Sister. They’ll gamble on it until they hit the bonus there. Let’s say that only takes $20. There’s now $40 remaining. They load up two more slots, Jammin’ Jars 2 and Book of Dead, and hit the bonus round on both. After those two, the streamer has run out of the initial funds. Now that the streamer has four bonuses lined up, they will start playing them! Typically, they will begin with the first one they hit and track which ones have paid out the most. In the end, it’s interesting to see which bonus rounds did the best and which ones fared the worst!

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GambleGuys on Facebook

GambleGuys is proud to have a Facebook casino stream where anyone 18 years of age or older can see all the latest slots and gaming action. Our streamer, Gen, has a passion for gaming, and it shows through her witty, entertaining, and enjoyable streams. She loves nothing more than to show people the latest slots and casinos. Furthermore, she loves football and crypto, so her streams are always vibrant and full of fun discussions! Most of the time, Gen goes on bonus hunts, so not only will you get to see all the newest and coolest slots, but you will also get to see the bonus rounds so you can decide whether you want to play them the next time you put some money into your favourite casino. Plus, there’s nothing like seeing numerous bonus rounds played back-to-back to make the stream exciting! And, there are sometimes even some giveaways in the works. Bottom line: If you’re enthusiastic about online gaming, you won’t want to miss these streams! Gen streams on Twitch, but you can find all her streams on Facebook, too!

Check Out Facebook Slots Streaming for All the Hottest Online Gaming Action!

Sometimes the best way to learn about all the latest slots and casinos online is to watch others play them! That way, you can sit back, relax, and see which games you’ll want to try the next time you log in to your favourite online casino. While it’s not a full casino on Facebook, it’s one of the best ways to enjoy online gambling without waging any money of your own! The best part is that you can watch one of these streams by logging into your Facebook account and finding the GambleGuys page. The next time you want to learn more about all the latest slots, go on a bonus hunt with our streamer, Gen. You’ll get to see all the best slots, have a few laughs, and see some of the most incredible gaming action anywhere on Facebook. It’s the ultimate way to get in on all the Facebook slots action!

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