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If you have been looking at Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, or any other platform that allows online casino streaming, you may have encountered the term “bonus hunt” before. This term is all over live streams now, and it seems to be the focus of most streamers (this is true for our channels – GambleGuys on Twitch and Facebook – too!). If you haven’t heard of this term before or are curious where it comes from, we can help clear up that mystery for you! Read on to learn more about what one of these hunts is and why it is so exciting for streamers and viewers alike!

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What Is a Bonus Hunt?

First, it’s essential to answer the obvious question: what does this term mean? As the name implies, the goal of a casino bonus hunt is to see how many bonuses a streamer can hit in any given period and with any given amount of money. Upon hitting the bonus in a slot, the streamer will close that slot (saving the bonus) and open up all the slots they had a bonus for at the end of the stream. The result is an action-packed sequence at the end whereby you can watch multiple bonus rounds in a row (and see which ones pay the most!). Some streamers make it even more exciting by offering prizes with each bonus, like a percentage to the viewer who most closely guesses the amount the round will pay. This method is the way most streamers do these hunts since this arrangement will get the most views. However, all online gamblers can do them at home! Load up your favourite slot, play until you get a bonus, play that bonus, and go to the next one. It’s a fun way to experience a wide variety of online slots. Rather than simply playing one online slot machine, you can try your luck on a wide range of virtual machines. Bonus hunts are one of the best ways for gamers to experience all the excitement these online slots offer!

It All Started with Casino Streamers

Casino streamers were the ones that came up with this fun and exciting concept. They did so because it was a fantastic way to get new subscribers. Streamers quickly discovered that people loved watching the bonuses to see how much they would win. Additionally, doing one of these hunts presented some fascinating marketing opportunities to get new followers. Let’s explore why casino streamers love these hunts so much!

Easy Format for Streaming

One of the most substantial benefits of this format is that it provides an accessible format for streaming that everyone can watch and enjoy. The template is simple: launch numerous casino slots and play them until the streamer gets the bonus. Shut the slots down, and then open them all up again for an action-packed bonus extravaganza! It’s repeatable and enjoyable to watch. Furthermore, some streamers can use the opportunity when they’re waiting for all the symbols of a bonus game to align to discuss topics with their fans. Some might talk about football or crypto, and others might talk about the slot machines themselves, a bit of the history, or even discuss the casino itself. Then, when it comes time to play all the bonuses, the streamer can let the slots be the centrepiece! For streamers looking for a fun casino channel, going on one of these hunts is an easy way to get started in this space. It’s also worth noting that the slot machines themselves are colourful, bright, and engaging. So having a stream that features the bonus games is an easy way to have an action-packed time that excites many people.

Prize Opportunities

Some streamers like to spice things up by providing prize opportunities for viewers. Viewers might suggest particular slot machines to try and get a cut of the bonus it pays out. Or, some streamers like to give the fan that most closely guesses what a bonus will pay a small portion of the winnings. These types of contests and prize opportunities make a casino bonus hunt even more exciting. Of course, not all streamers do this, and some will give away prizes when they hit a certain number of followers or viewers. For example, a streamer might give away a PS5 when they hit 1,000 followers. These are just some examples of how streamers can make their content more engaging for fans. These hunts provide a fantastic opportunity for streamers to engage with the public and keep their content fresh and exciting.

How Does a Bonus Hunt Work?

There are two ways a hunt would work depending on whether or not you’re the one doing the bonus hunt or whether you’re the one watching someone else go for some bonuses.

If You’re Watching One of These Events

This concept is perhaps best explained with an example. Let’s say that a particular streamer has $100 to gamble. The streamer opens up Book of Dead, for example, and sets the wager amount to be $1. They’ll keep spinning until they hit the bonus (say it takes $20). The streamer will then close that slot and go to the next one, which, in our example, is Razor Shark. They spin that until they hit the bonus and close it. Those spins take $30. They move on to Jammin’ Jars 2, which takes $40 to hit the bonus. Next up is another slot, but that doesn’t hit the bonus before the money runs out.

So, now the streamer has three bonuses to play: Book of Dead, Razor Shark, and Jammin’ Jars 2. They’ll load up each slot again, one by one, and play the bonus rounds, usually recording how much each one profits. The excitement, of course, is getting all these potentially significant wins back-to-back. In the end, it’s interesting to see whether or not the streamer’s amount will be over or under their original cash balance (in this case, $100). As a viewer, all you need to do, of course, is sit back and watch the results. There’s no real strategy except having fun and seeing what happens!

If You Want to Do a Bonus Hunt Yourself

If you want to go on a hunt, you’ll need to consider a few different things. First, you’ll want to decide whether or not to take advantage of any “buy-a-bonus” functionality. Some slot machines give players the option of buying a bonus directly rather than continually spinning until they reach one. Usually, but not always, buying the bonus outright costs about 100x your wager (so if you’re betting $1, purchasing the bonus would cost $100). If you’re streaming, it may be easier to buy the bonus rather than waiting for it to trigger organically, but if you’re doing a hunt for fun, you’ll probably want to play the slot!

Second, you’ll need to do some research on which casinos are best for bonus hunting. In particular, if you want to do this yourself, you might want to pick a casino that offers a welcome bonus on deposits. That way, you’re not wagering only your money on these bonuses. Instead, you’re wagering some of the house’s money, too! Finally, some casinos have specific playthrough requirements for deposits that also include bonus funds. So, if you are using bonuses to help go on a hunt, you may wish to check the terms of service first to ensure that the slots you want to try count towards those rollover requirements. Otherwise, you might find yourself winning some money but being unable to withdraw it!

How to Pick the Best Casinos for Bonus Hunt

Whether you’re streaming or just trying this format on your own, deciding which casino to go on a hunt with will significantly impact your enjoyment. Picking the wrong casino could mean that you are spending far more of your own money than you would like to or that you cannot do this at all. Here are three ways to pick the best casino for your hunt!

Lots of Slots!

First, a slots bonus hunt isn’t fun if there aren’t many games! To do this effectively, you’ll want a casino with plenty of games! And not the three-reel machines that don’t have long bonus rounds – you’ll want the bright, colourful slots that feature engaging and entertaining bonuses. Therefore, look for a casino with at least 1,000 slots – maybe even more – from a wide variety of providers.

Excellent Welcome Bonus

If you’re planning on doing your hunt with bonus funds from the casino, you’ll want to find a place with an excellent welcome bonus. You’ll also want to find one with minimal restrictions so that you can utilize all that money for your hunt!

Look for a Fun, Vibrant Casino

Going on one of these hunts should be fun! As such, you’ll want to pick a casino that has a delightful appearance, not one that feels more like it should be an Excel spreadsheet! The best hunts come from casinos where you feel enthusiastic playing.

Why Has Bonus Hunting become So Popular?

For those not into gambling, the concept of watching a casino streamer go on one of these hunts sounds mundane or boring. After all, without the opportunity to win or wager any money, what’s the point? What does the stream offer as entertainment?

However, if you are into online gaming, you probably know how exhilarating it can be watching someone else gambling. Since none of your money is on the line, you’ll notice certain things about a slot that you may not see when you’re focusing on “did this spin pay or not?” For example, you may notice artwork, sound effects, and other aspects of an online slot that you didn’t see before. And, since none of your money is on the line, you don’t have to keep watching the balance fluctuate, constantly deciding whether or not to withdraw and move on or keep going. Additionally, if you love to gamble online, you probably love seeing all the different slots whenever you log into any new casino website. How do you know which ones to play, though? Which are good and which are boring? The only way to find that out has been, historically, to put some money in, play, and see what happens. However, this can be a little misleading. Let’s say a slot has a fantastic bonus, but you just never triggered it because you only put in $20 and lost it. Now, you might have a negative memory of that slot even though it has fun, engaging bonus rounds that you would otherwise love. By watching a live casino stream, you’ll know that you like that slot and not miss out!

Don’t Forget the Streamers!

Finally, there’s always the streamers themselves, bringing unique personalities, expressions, and insights into a channel. It might be entertaining just watching them win or lose large sums of money or hearing their insights into these online slot machines and which casinos are fantastic and which to avoid. In short, going on a slots bonus hunt with a streamer isn’t necessarily for casual online gamers. People that enjoy online gaming casually will likely put $50 or $100 in an online casino and have some fun until it runs out. For people that are into gaming, though, and love slots, these streams present a way to experience new slots to keep gambling fresh and exciting!

Go on a Bonus Hunt Soon (Either Yourself or with a Streamer)!

There’s nothing quite like one of these hunts to make gambling exciting! Whether you want to go on one of these adventures with our casino streamer, Gen, or you want to do one yourself, hopefully, the tips and ideas in this guide will improve your hunting experience. If you need any casino recommendations or recommendations on which slots to try, please visit those sections on our website. We aim to provide all the latest information about online casinos and slots, so you’ll be able to go on an enjoyable hunt! Best of luck, and hopefully, you will find yourself catching many bonuses!

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