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Push Gaming Casinos: Are These the Best Online Games Today?

Founded in 2010 by James Marshall and Winston Lee, Push Gaming has quickly become one of the leading online games providers for many top-rated casinos worldwide. Their initial focus was porting over land-based games to the online realm, but around 2013, they decided to try building out their intellectual property portfolio with custom-designed games. That was a smart move because there were numerous Push Gaming casinos around the internet shortly after that. Over a decade later, Push Gaming is still a leader in providing high-quality online games. Are these the best games and new slots on the market today? Let’s find out as we explore the best that Push Gaming has to offer!


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Why Play at Push Gaming Casinos?

As noted in the introduction, this provider has had tremendous success in the marketplace. You cannot be one of the best slots providers without providing quality products. Here are the top three reasons you should experience what this company offers at any of the many online Push Gaming casinos!

Push gaming casino

Fantastic Quality

Push Gaming makes some of the best-looking games on the market today. All you need to do is take a spin on Dinopolis or Fat Santa to see just how creative and immersive these games can be. You’ll see impressive artwork, hear exciting sounds, and feel like you’re sitting at a real land-based slot machine. These touches are what makes them one of the best casino games providers.

One of the aspects that makes these games so good is that each one works beautifully across all devices. Whether you’re on an iPhone, Android phone, iPad, another tablet device, or gambling away on your desktop, these Push Gaming games will work on anything!

Relatively High RTP

One of the nice things about this game provider is that they tend to design products with a relatively high “return-to-player” ratio. In other words, you’ll have a better chance, statistically speaking, with many of these games than those you’ll find at land-based casinos.

For example, the RTP on Immortal Guild is 96.55%. The RTP on Wheel of Wonders is 96.5%. Most games are above 96% and closer to 97%.

This statistic means that for every dollar you put into the slot, you can expect about $0.96 back. Or, put another way, the house edge is typically less than 4%.

By contrast, many land-based casinos have slot machines with a 93% payout. The “loose slots” are typically around 95%, while some casinos configure their devices as low as 70%-80%. Some states have minimum payout ratios that casinos can’t breach.

Compared with land-based slots, most Push Gaming casinos will offer highly desirable statistical payout ratios. Even compared with other online games, their RTP is right in line with many other providers.

Ultimately, the math on the Push Gaming slots is much better than many of this company’s competitors!

Wide Selection of Games

Recall that this company has only been around for about ten years. Furthermore, they have only really started developing their custom games in the past seven.

Since then, they have accumulated a portfolio of 18 games and counting. With the release of Jammin’ Jars 2, that number will rise to 19.

What makes the selection even more impressive is that there is so much variety to these games. Jammin’ Jars, for example, has a Candy Crush vibe to it. Conversely, the Land of Zenith game will take you up in the sky and unleash brand new worlds. It has a fun fantasy feel to it that will entertain you for hours.

Best Push Gaming Games

Push Gaming casinos will have some of the highest-quality games in them, thanks to ingenious developers and designers. Please note that this gaming provider only offers slot machines. As such, you won’t find any live or table games here. If you’re looking to try some slots, here are the top five you will have to check out!

Jammin’ Jars

If row-clearing games like Candy Crush or Tetris, combined with some fantastic tunes, are your idea of perfection, Jammin’ Jars is your ideal slot. This 8×8 cascading slot features huge multipliers and exciting wins. Indeed, it is possible to win up to 20,000x your bet on this fun slot machine, and it has one of the best RTP ratios of any game in the Push Gaming portfolio – 96.83% – making it one of the best slots Push Gaming. Jammin’ Jars has multiple bonuses: the jam jars themselves, free games, the Rainbow feature, and Cascade. Each of these bonuses and mini-games will give you a thrill as you’ll have the chance to win your bet many times over!


Dinopolis is a more traditional slot machine game that features a 3x4x4x4x3 reel. This game offers a fun, exciting take on a theme that never gets old: dinosaurs! Only, unlike the creatures you learned about in school, these dinosaurs live in a city and are ready to give you a chance to win some money! The RTP on this game is high at 96.4%, and you can win up to 50,000x your bet! This slot offers multiple bonuses and mini-games. There are Dino coins and wild multipliers, the pick feature and progressive free spins, retrigger, the Golden Card, and the Sticky Stack Wild Card. All in all, there are plenty of ways to win at this delightful game!

Land of Zenith

This slot machine is a 6×4 online game that has 30 pay lines in total. Set in the sky, this game has a fantasy mystique about it that is unlike any other game you’ve ever experienced. The RTP on this game is not bad at 96.3%, and the highest observed win is 21,000x – also not bad at all! The slot offers multiple little extras, including the free spins feature, Disc Mechanism and Turner symbols, and the Bouncing Mystery Feature. Indeed, this is one of the best slots Push Gaming as it features multiple ways to win and provides players with numerous hours of entertainment!

Razor Shark

If you like the ocean, you’ll love Razor Shark. This 5×4 slot machine with 20 pay lines is a fun underwater adventure. It has many mini-games, comes with fun colors, and is a pleasant experience all around, no matter what device you’re using! It has a higher RTP of 96.7% and has one of the highest observed wins of any game – 85,475x the original bet! Razor Shark is particularly fun, thanks to the many different ways to win. There are Mystery Stacks, Razor Reveals, Scatters, and Free Games. Take a spin with this slot; it won’t disappoint!

Wheel of Wonders

This game is undoubtedly one of the most innovative ones in the Push Gaming portfolio. It has a backdrop of ancient Egyptian times and dynamically adjusts as you play it. The slot will start as a 6×3 slot and evolve into a 6×6 one. It has an impressive RTP of 96.5% and a relatively high observed win of 47,233x the original bet. Wheel of Wonders is enjoyable because of all the mini-games and bonuses. The first incentive is that the reels expand from 6×3 to 6×6 rather quickly. There are also the Ancient Wheels, free spins, and retrigger bonuses to keep you playing. Indeed, this fun slot machine will keep you entertained for hours!

Our Opinion About Push Gaming: Fun and Exciting Games Await!

Push Gaming casinos are some of the best slots providers. Everything Push Gaming makes is fun, fast, and exciting. Indeed, they have some of the most innovative and thoughtful games of any online slot designer. From Jammin’ Jars to Land of Zenith, there’s a game for everyone in their portfolio. And, with Jammin’ Jars 2 coming out, we can’t wait to see how that will deliver the same excitement and thrills for fans of this slot machine! Push Gaming invariably has a bright future ahead of them as one of the best casino games providers! If you want to try some exciting new slots, be sure to check out any of the online casinos with Push Gaming. You’re sure to find a slot machine there that will work for you!

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