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Once you start visiting different online casinos, you will soon realize that most of them offer many of the same slots and games. This is due to the simple fact that most casinos don’t develop their own games. Some of the bigger game developers have opened their very own online casinos, but they still licence their games to other online casinos.

Online Casinos are hosts. They make deals with a variety of game developers. They facilitate the gaming for players, being responsible for security, deposits, payouts and securing a proper gaming licence. Often, what differentiates a good casino from a mediocre one, is their ability to secure deals with good casino games developers to secure a large selection of top-quality games for their players.

Worldwide, there are hundreds of casino games providers. It is not just a matter of getting the licensing right to as many as possible, online casinos need to find game developers that provide popular and high-quality games desired by the gaming public.

Our aim in this article is to give you an overview of the different types of games providers develop for online casinos, give some basic information about the leading casino games providers on the marked and give you a understanding of what makes a good game. This will help you find the best games to play once you try your luck on an online casino.

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Types of Online Casino Games Providers

Some game developers are big enough to focus on several areas or types of games. One clear example is NetEnt, who after becoming a prizewinning slot provider, expanded their catalogue to include Live-Casino games. Many developers focus mainly on one sector of the casino industry. So, what are the different sectors one can provide games for?

There are really only two main sectors, the fully digital casino games and Live-Casino games. Live-Casino games integrate a live video stream, where a person acts as the dealer using physical cards, wheels, dice or whatever else the game might entail with software making it possible for players to place bets on the games in real-time.

Casino games can be divided into several categories, the biggest being slot machines. Very similar to slots, we have instant wins. Yet another category covers Lotto and Keno type games. We can also find virtual games that simulate football games, horse riding and other sport games.

It does not take much for a casino games provider to go from making slots to creating some instant win or table games. It takes a lot more resources and effort to extent into Live-casino games, so here we find a handful of providers that focus only on Live-Casino games, and a few big players like NetEnt and Microgaming and Pragmatic Play. Most casino games providers will try and include some video poker, and other table games into their product folder for a wider selection to appeal to online casino's needs.

The Best Games

What makes a casino game good? Is it the amount of wheels on the slot? The number of pray lines? Does design and graphics factor in? Is there need for animation?

For a casino games to catch your interest, there must be a combination of an exciting theme and overall good graphics and not to forget, a good soundtrack. The best games come with a new or unique game-mechanics.

If a game offers small entertaining or funny animations, it can quickly go from good to great. On the other hand, if the animations are disturbing, long and distracting it can make ruing the game all together, a little goes a long way here.

The soundtrack should not be a distraction, it should create atmosphere and play discreetly in the background. The music is usually played on a loop, so the transition needs to be smooth to not disrupt the game. The best games come with amazing sounds effects to indicate winnings, scatter and bonus symbols. A really good game, will have your hart skipping a beat in excitement each time a scatter slams down with a delightful or suspenseful sound effect. Table games should offer nice sounding shuffle, Roulette ball and other appropriate sounds to help immerse you into the game.

The best games let you skip prize counting when you win, and any other long animations or cut scenes. They might be fun at first, but you don’t want to see a 10 second animation each time you win the free spin feature in the long run.

You are going to be staring at the same symbols over and over, so they should be easy on the eye, and what pays most should be easy to understand. Most slots use the J, Q, K and A symbols for the lower paying symbols, once you start with gems of different colours it might get confusing to remember which colour gem pays as an A would and which is the lower paying J. The top games providers create their games with fun and interesting symbols.

If it is one thing the best games providers casino specialize on, its new and exacting game themes. Excellent graphic designers create fun adventures, heroes, villains and creatures for their slots.

Some casino games providers are known for their high-quality games, they always deliver the full package. Fun games with great design, animations and soundtracks. We can't end this section of the article without mentioning the top games providers in the industry. If you want to be guaranteed an entertaining game, you should check out the ones made by NetEnt, Quickspin, ELK studios and Pragmatic.

We will provide articles about many casino games developers at the end of this page, let's just go through some basic information about some of the very best to give you an idea about some of the best ones.

The Top Games Providers

With Online casinos being a part of the world wide web for over 20 years, many companies have been created to fill the ever-increasing demand for new online games. Some of the older casino games developer companies managed to evolve and adapt to this new digital world, others faltered. New and innovating companies fight for the players favour so online casinos will desire having them as a casino games provider at their respective casinos.

All this creates a healthy competition which only benefits the casino players. Without this, we might not have slots with All Ways, Megaways or Infinity Reels.

Slots and other casino games have grown far beyond the physical limitations given by mechanical slot machines. Anything is possible for casino games providers in this digital online world. So, let's have a look at some of the biggest players, before we give you access to in depth articles about each of the casino games providers.


With their slogan “Better Gaming” NetEnt has worked tirelessly to create top tier games, always pushing the envelope, creating new and exciting game mechanics for their slot machines and other games.  The Swedish gaming company has won numerous awards over the years and has become a juggernaut in the casino games providers market. In 2013 NetEnt started their Live branch. They now provide authentic Live Casino Solutions to online casino around the globe.


Established in 2011, Quickspin has less than a decade on its back, but has already created a name for itself and won several casino games awards. Maybe they have gained a following for their distinct type and layout, you will at once know you are playing a Quickspin slot, the orange buttons will always give you great gaming entertainment. Quickspin keeps their innovative games coming, “13 Slots per year, 6 Prototypes at all times, 30 Concepts at all times” they can boast on their homepage.

The Biggest Players

If you wish to learn more about a specific casino games provider, please have a look at the articles below. Maybe learning the backstory to the company behind your favourite slots and games can give added enjoyment to playing them.

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