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Amongst the many payment methods accepted by online casinos for deposits and withdrawals today is Trustly. While this method is not yet as internationally familiar as systems like Paypal, let alone the big-name credit cards Visa and MasterCard, it has found its way into a wide range of online businesses including online casinos. With this article, we shall be giving you a complete overview of how Trustly casinos operate, the pros and cons that Trustly has for online gaming over other methods, and answer questions you might have about the security and convenience of Trustly. In short, we will help you to decide whether Trustly casinos are for you.

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What is Trustly?

Trustly is an online payment method that allows you to make a quick, simple, and secure payment straight from your bank account, making it broadly similar to well-known payment methods like Paypal. It was established in 2008 and is operated by the Sweden-based Trustly Group.

At the time of writing, it can be used only if your bank account is based in one of the following nine European countries: Austria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, and Sweden.

Although a wide range of different businesses accepts Trustly payments, this article will focus specifically on online casinos accepting Trustly. Anyone who uses online casinos on a regular basis will want to have access to a safe and convenient payment method for deposits and withdrawals, so you may well be curious as to what Trustly casinos have to offer in this respect. Once you have read our article, you should have a clear idea of how Trustly casinos operate and will be able to decide whether or not this payment method is for you.

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How Does Trustly Work?

While the exact process of using Trustly might vary to some extent between businesses, generally speaking, you can expect to take the following simple steps.

After you have chosen Trustly as your preferred payment method, you will be asked to choose your bank account: if you are a regular user, this will almost certainly be saved; if you are a first-time user, then you will need to enter your bank details and provide authentication for your bank account.

The next step is simply to complete the transaction, at which point the money will be transferred directly from your bank account to whichever business you are using Trustly.

These steps will apply to most Trustly-affiliated businesses, and if you are using a casino, they will generally be about how to deposit with Trustly. If you are familiar with Paypal and similar online payment methods, you should be able to work your way around Trustly with no problem.

Note that Trustly is able to support all European currencies, not just Euros.

How to Use Trustly at Casinos

If you have had luck in finding online casinos with Trustly, then you may be curious to find out just how to send money to and from your account with this payment method. In the current section of our article, we shall show you exactly how to carry out a Trustly casino deposit and withdrawal.

Casino Deposits With Trustly

If you have read the above comments on using Trustly at various different online businesses, then you should already have a clear idea of how to deposit with Trustly at an online casino. But for ease of reference, here is a more detailed outline.

First of all, make sure that you are using one of the online casinos with Trustly listed as an accepted payment method (this may sound obvious, but today, it is easy to take online payment methods for granted and fail to notice when they are or are not accepted).

Next, go to the “deposit” area of the site. This will typically include a menu of some sort where you can choose from a list of approved payment methods; from here, choose a Trustly casino deposit.

You will then have to choose your banking provider (unless the relevant details are saved from previous use) and once you have done so, you will be redirected to the official Trustly website.

Sign in with your banking credentials and confirm the transaction.

Once this is completed then, if you have typed in your details correctly, you should find that the sum specified in your Trustly casino deposit has appeared in your account, although there may be a small waiting period for the deposit to be processed, depending on the casino.

Casino Withdrawals With Trustly

While certain payment methods are accepted by online casinos only for deposits and not for withdrawals, Trustly is not among these: you should be able to carry out Trustly casino withdrawals as well as deposits, so long as you are using one of the Trustly casinos.

The withdrawal process is, again, fairly straightforward, and a little different from the processes that come with alternative withdrawal methods.

First, enter the casino’s cashier area, where you will be given a list of withdrawal methods. Choose Trustly from this list; note that, if you made a deposit using Trustly, then many online casinos will require you to carry out a deposit using the same method. You will also need to enter the sum of money that you would like to withdraw.

After this comes the same set of authentication processes that come with your Trustly deposit: that is, you will need to choose your banking provider (unless it has been saved), undergo a redirect to the Trustly website, sign into your online bank account to prove your identity, and finally confirm your transaction.

While Trustly casino withdrawals are not instant, Trustly turns out to be one of the speedier methods for withdrawals, as you will typically be left waiting no more than one or two working days for the withdrawal to be completed.

Is Trustly Safe to Use at Casinos?

The Trustly Group holds an official European Payment Services Provider (PSP) license and works in accordance with both the Payment Services Directive (PSD, 2007/64/EC) and the EU directive 2015/2366 on payment services (PSD2).

In addition to heavy encryption, the Trustly process avoids storing any information that could potentially be used to access your bank account. All of this, coupled with the security system used by your bank, will ensure that your Trustly casino withdrawals and deposits are safe and secure.

Trustly also takes user verification seriously, so you will need to ensure that the name on your Trustly account matches the name on the bank account that you intend to use. If you run into technical issues and need to get in touch with the company behind Trustly, you can visit the feedback and complaints page on the official website.

Best Online Casinos Accepting Trustly

It seems safe to say that the ranks of licensed Trustly casinos are swelling continually, so you will be spoilt for choice if you have jumped on board the Trustly bandwagon and hoping to find a new online casino where you can carry out convenient and secure deposits and withdrawals.

Slots Palace (casino login and review) is one such casino, offering a €1000 welcome bonus regular cashback promotions, and a wide library of games to spend your Trustly deposits on.

Another option is Mr Mega (casino login and review), where newcomers are entitled to a welcome bonus of up to €200 plus 100 free spins.

Leo Vegas (casino login and review) is still another online casino where you can use Trustly alongside other, more conventional payment methods; and it is also a site where you can try your luck at a wide variety of slot and table games, including a range of hot new releases.

There are plenty of other worthy casinos that could be included in this list, including :

  • Viggoslots
  • Barz
  • Jackpot Village
  • Slot Hunter

…but out of all the online casinos that accept Trustly, we can put in a particular recommendation for Playzee (casino login and review), if only for its immense welcome bonus: when you register at the site, you can take advantage of a newcomers’ offer that includes up to €1500 in bonus funds, 150 free spins and 500 points for use in the Playzee loyalty scheme.

Pros and Cons of Trustly

To wrap up our article on online casinos accepting Trustly have to offer you, and what drawbacks Trustly suffers from in comparison to the other payment methods available today, here is a quick run-down of the pros and cons of Trustly:


  • Safe and secure
  • Sends money directly from your bank
  • Instant deposits and comparatively fast withdrawals
  • Send up to €1.2 million per transaction (depending on the casino)
  • Can be used for casino withdrawals as well as deposits


  • Available only in specific European countries
  • Not all banks accept Trustly: check with your bank before using

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