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Dogecoin is an incredibly popular cryptocurrency, thanks partly due to the support it receives from Elon Musk. Initially created as a “joke,” by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer, this cryptocurrency took off and is now one of the most used cryptocurrencies in the world. People love to use this crypto at casinos, thanks partly to its relatively fast transaction times (faster than Bitcoin, at least!).

At GambleGuys, it’s our job to bring you all the latest information on Dogecoin casinos, including what this payment method is, how you can use it, and perhaps most importantly, where you can use it! With that relatively basic intro out of the way, let’s get into the specifics of Dogecoin and how you can use it for gaming!

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What Is Dogecoin?

Fundamentally, Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency, much like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology to validate and verify transactions. While a complete discussion of blockchains is beyond the scope of this post, the basic idea is that it is a method to record information in a way that makes it incredibly challenging for a hacker or other malicious actor to change. Effectively, it’s a distributed database that’s nearly impossible for anyone person or entity to modify. There are over 132 billion Dogecoins in circulation and over 4 million Dogecoin holders. These two statistics alone make it one of the most popular cryptocurrencies!

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How Does Dogecoin Work?

Dogecoin works much like any other cryptocurrency, so if you already hold Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, or some other currency like that, the way you use Dogecoin will feel very familiar. As with any cryptocurrency, the first step is to create a Dogecoin wallet. This wallet will let you hold Dogecoins. You’ll then be able to send or receive these coins from that wallet. There are typically two ways to create a Dogecoin wallet. You can use a cryptocurrency exchange, like Coinbase, to set up your Dogecoin wallet for you. You can then buy and sell crypto using that same exchange, making it convenient to start using this currency.

However, if you want ultimate control over your wallet and don’t want to have an exchange create one, you can create one yourself using one of the provided apps directly from Dogecoin. You’ll need a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer to make the wallet. There is also an Android app to make one, although there is no iOS app. If you only have an iPhone, you may need to use one of the exchanges and have them create one for you.

Of course, when you start, your wallet will have a 0 DOGE balance. You’ll need to fill your wallet up with some DOGE before you can use it. You can receive some Dogecoin from a friend, or most people will buy DOGE from a cryptocurrency exchange. To send and receive DOGE, you’ll need your wallet address, which should be visible no matter how you created the wallet. After you have a wallet and DOGE in that wallet, you can now deposit DOGE at your favorite Dogecoin casinos!

How to Use Dogecoin at Casinos

To use DOGE at an online casino, you first need to ensure it’s one of the casinos accepting Dogecoin. Finding an online casino that accepts it shouldn’t be too challenging as Dogecoin is a relatively popular cryptocurrency. Assuming you know your casino accepts DOGE, here’s how to deposit and withdraw using Dogecoin!

Casino Deposits with Dogecoin

Making a casino deposit with DOGE is quite simple. Typically, you’ll select Dogecoin as your deposit method on the casino’s site. They will then show you the deposit wallet address of the payment processor. You’ll copy that wallet address (which will look like this: DTAhB19b1XDV8agAGE3zj7LG2tFtjHexgV) into the send part of whatever program or site you are using for your wallet. For example, if you are using MultiDoge, there’s a Send tab, and you would put the casino’s address in the destination field. You’ll need to enter a label and then specify the value of DOGE you wish to send. Usually, the casino will convert the amount of DOGE you send to a fiat currency upon deposit. Some casinos are getting even more advanced and allowing players to gamble cryptocurrency amounts (two DOGE per spin, for example, instead of 20 cents).

Casino Withdrawals with Dogecoin

Withdrawing with DOGE is even simpler! You’ll initiate the withdrawal in Dogecoin on the casino site. You’ll also need to give the casino your wallet address. Where you’ll find that address varies with the wallet app you are using. If you are using MultiDoge, you can see your wallet’s address in the Receive tab. For other wallets, that will be different. Once you give the casino your wallet address, they will be able to send Dogecoin to it. Typically, withdrawals have a manual review process, so it may take a day or two. However, once the casino approves it and hits send, the funds will arrive in your Dogecoin wallet within 1-2 minutes. Dogecoin is pretty fast in terms of transaction times!

Is Dogecoin Safe to Use at Casinos?

Yes, Dogecoin is entirely safe to use at casinos! Like most cryptocurrencies, there have been some security incidents with Dogecoin, but they have been relatively minor, and the developers behind this currency have issued patches to address them. Most of the security issues with Dogecoin involve some form of fraud, which is not something you’ll need to worry about if you are sending crypto to a casino! As long as your wallet is secure, you can have complete confidence using it at a casino.

Another aspect of “safety” when using at a casino is whether or not your transactions are private. When you use a credit card, your transactions remain between you, the casino, and the bank. When you use Bitcoin, the transaction goes on a public blockchain ledger. Your wallet may be anonymous, but the wallet address of the payment processor is likely semi-public information. As such, although technically publically viewable, your transactions are primarily private. All people can view is that a wallet of one long set of random characters sent Bitcoin to another wallet of another set of random characters.

Dogecoin works very similarly. It is possible to explore the transactions on the Dogecoin blockchain. Although, like Bitcoin, someone would need to know your wallet ID to see what you have spent. As long as you keep that information safe, your transactions will be anonymous.

Best Online Casinos Accepting Dogecoin

Not all Dogecoin casinos are equal. One of the most challenging aspects of online gaming is knowing which casinos are fantastic and which ones are mediocre. There are typically three traits of the best crypto casinos, including those that take Dogecoin!

Easy, Fast Deposits and Withdrawals

Casinos are all about having fun and enjoying the games, but ultimately you also want to know that you can get your money in and out as fast as possible. Part of the reason why people use cryptocurrency is that it’s quicker to send and receive money than, say, a bank transfer. The best crypto casinos have fast deposits and withdrawals, crediting your money within minutes and sending money out to you in 24-48 hours, or even less. Most casinos do have some manual review of all withdrawals, which will be less instantaneous. Most of the top Dogecoin casinos on GambleGuys specifically note how easy it is to deposit and withdraw money from them. If your current casino takes a long time for any financial transaction, it may be time to find a new one!

Stellar Customer Service

If you play at an online casino long enough, there will inevitably be reasons you’ll need to contact customer support. Maybe you want to know the status of a withdrawal, your internet connection cut out mid-game, or you want to know when they’ll be getting the newest slots. No matter the reason, the best online casinos always have exceptional customer service. Of course, customer service is not just about knowledge but about speed and methods of communication. Ideally, an online casino would offer online chat, phone, and email as ways to get in touch with them. Many casinos, however, only provide chat and email but are quick to respond on both. If you want the creme de la creme of online casinos, look for ones that have quality customer support!

They Have the Games You Want

This one might be obvious, but it’s worth stating that the best casinos have many games to play, including those you want to enjoy! If an online casino only has a few slots and table games, you’ll get bored quickly. But, if an online casino has thousands of slots and hundreds of different table and live dealer games, you can have confidence that the online casino will thoroughly entertain you. Remember that even if you like to stick to a few games, it doesn’t hurt to have variety! You might one day become bored with that game and want to try something else. It would be a shame to switch casinos, losing all your loyalty rewards and perks, just because they don’t have the game selection. That’s why picking a casino upfront with numerous games is so essential! You won’t have to switch to play what you want later down the road!

Dogecoin Casinos: Pros and Cons

There are numerous pros and cons to using Dogecoin. The biggest pros are the speed with which Dogecoin transactions happen, the relative anonymity, and the fact that using DOGE is so easy! The big con, of course, is that cryptocurrency values can fluctuate rather rapidly. Sometimes that’s a good thing because DOGE will shoot up 20% in a single day. Other times, that’s bad because DOGE will decline just as rapidly. Historically, though, DOGE has been one of the better currencies to hold because it does have quite a bit of backing from some significant people. If you’re looking for the best Dogecoin casinos, check out our guides at GambleGuys! We diligently review casinos to find the best ones for you – including those that will accept Dogecoin!

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