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Wheel of fortune games can quickly become boring if nothing extra creates excitement and the opportunity for big prizes. Evolution Gaming has combined wheels with board games with Monopoly Live and created a different and fascinating monopoly variant. In this guide, we will tell you how to play Monopoly Live, where you can play, and give you some strategies that can help you on the way around the board.

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How To Play Monopoly Live?

Do you want to play a different version of Monopoly, where there is much less arguing and the chance to win big prizes? Play Monopoly Live by visiting the Live-Casino section of your online casino. When you start the game, you will see a Live Chat on the screen on the left. This can be easily hidden if you do not want to talk to the other players or see what they say. A giant wheel is located in the middle of the stage, designed as a luxury penthouse apartment, here you look out over the entire monopoly city. To the left of the wheel, Mr. Monopoly sits in the easy chair, drinks tea, and reads the newspaper. To the right of the wheel, a golden dice holder shakes the dice automatically in the bonus game.

At the bottom of the screen, you can see your balance and bet on the left. In the middle banknotes indicating the bet fields, where you can place your bet. On the right, you can see the history of the monopoly wheel. You get access to a panel that controls audio and other visual settings. You can choose between two game modes, classic or full-screen HD. Take a look at what the wheel of fortune has hit before and make your bet. You may want to use a bit of 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls as well. We will tell you more about this now in the section for the 3D bonus game.

monopoly live casino

3D Bonus Game

The big prizes often come from the Bonus game. Mr. Monopoly, under the wheel of fortune spins, is on the couch next to the wheel and reads the newspaper, jumps up and leaves when the bonus game is triggered. To participate in the bonus section of the Monopoly Live game, you must bet on the 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls segments. This indicates how many rolls you get in the bonus game.

If the wheel stops on these, you will be transported to a 3D version of the monopoly board game. Mr. Monopoly comes out of the elevator and goes out on the monopoly board. During the bonus game, Mr. Monopoly will move around the board and collect cash prizes for you. He moves as many squares as the dice shows, each roll, just like a monopoly game piece. During the bonus game, all the fields on the board, such as Properties, Utilities and Free Parking, offer a basic prize. Some properties will have houses and hotels during the game, which will increase the winnings you get when you land on them. When the dice roll is empty again, all winnings will be paid out along with the bet you had on that game.

Chance Card

The chance card segments provide the opportunity for the second bonus feature that can give you big prizes. Each time a chance card position is hit on the wheel, a card is drawn randomly from Mr. Monopoly’s pocket.  This can either give you a random cash prize or add a multiplier to the game.

If there is a multiplier, all bets remain on the board, and the dealer spins the wheel again. Any winnings that occur on this spin are increased by the multiplier from the card. Not only can this go all the way up to x10, but if you are fortunate, a chance card multiplier will be followed by another on the next spin. In that case, these will multiply each other. This means that one x10 multiplier followed by another x10 will give you a total multiplier of a massive x100. A bet on number 5 will then have a potential win of 500: 1, while a bet on number 10 will pay you as much as 1000:1 if hit.

When this happens, you can end up with huge gains, but it can actually be much better. If you are fortunate, the wheel will not land on a number but on one of the wheel’s bonus positions. This can result in absolutely incredible prizes. When the bonus game starts, the prizes on the board will be increased by the multiplier before it is rolled.

Monopoly Live Casino Strategies

The wheel is round and is physically spun by the host. Everything is, therefore, completely random when it comes to what the wheel lands on. Still, mathematically you can calculate a bit on the winning chances and make an effort accordingly. We will therefore look at a few strategies you can use when playing Monopoly Live Casino.

Wait And See strategy

Here, use the history tab on the right and look at the last 60 spins on the wheel. Now you can calculate the average for how often the bonus game is triggered. Suppose the bonuses hit more often than every six spins. In that case, it will be considered an excellent strategy to structure your bets around the bonus segments every 3 to 4 spins or what the current average can work on. Alternatively, if the average is above 6, it would be wise to persevere for as long as possible and then bet on each bonus segment. The latter absolutely requires calm nerves. If you can wait for a series of results where a bonus does not land in up to 10 or 15 spins, this will be a strategy that can simply pay off. Of course, the bonus game can be triggered at any time, so you can risk missing it if you wait too long.

Martingale Strategy

This is a roulette strategy, but it can also be used on the wheel of fortune games like Monopoly Live. This strategy requires you to bet on all 4 bonus segments, let’s say with a starting bet of CAD 1 on each segment, i.e. a total bet of CAD 4 per spin. If a bonus lands on the first spin with that bet, you start again. However, if a bonus does not land, you must double the amount you bet on each bonus segment. This will mean a bet of CAD 2 on each of the 4 segments, which corresponds to a total bet of CAD 8. Another losing spin will mean that you have to double the bet again, so now you bet CAD 4 on each, with a total of CAD 16 as your bet. This strategy can soon become very expensive, perhaps the bonus usually comes every 6-7 spins, but now it takes 15-20 spins. If you do not have enough money to spin until the bonus comes, you will just have to go bankrupt. If you are lucky, the bonus will come often, and you can win big with this strategy.

Monopoly Live Casino Wins

The payouts you can receive from the Wheel of Fortune Monopoly Live are pretty easy to figure out. The numbers on the wheel will pay as much as the value, so landing on number 1 will be a payout of 1:1, plus the original bet. The same goes for 2, 5 and 10. It is when you win chance cards and bonus games that the opportunities for the big prizes will come. You just have to bet smart so that you can participate and not lose too much until you win a good bonus round. It may be wise not to bet on the bonus segments every time, but at the same time, you can miss out on a bonus if you are unlucky and have to save money on the wrong spin.

Monopoly Live RTP 91% –96%

RTP refers to how much the game gives back to the player in winnings measured over time.  Our Monopoly Live review found that the game has an RTP of between 91% and 96%. It depends a bit on what you are really betting on. This means that it can reduce a bit on your balance while you wait for an excellent bonus round.

Is It Possible To Use Your Bonus On Monopoly Live?

If you play Monopoly Live with bonuses, you may want to find a casino that provides Live Casino bonuses to new or regular players. Often if you use a regular casino bonus to play, this will not count towards the wagering requirement, or only 10-50% max.

Best Monopoly Live Casinos

Monopoly Live is a wheel of fortune game that entertains greatly with its fun bonus game. The social interaction you get by talking to both the host and other players makes it extra fun. Monopoly Live Casino can be found at an online casino that has obtained an agreement with Evolution Gaming. Many of the best casinos offer Monopoly Live. You will find them on our list of the best live casinos. Play Monopoly Live today to see if you are lucky and can win big on the bonus game with Mr. Monopoly.


Monopoly Live is a captivating live online game show developed by Evolution Gaming, merging the thrill of the classic board game with innovative live gaming technology. It stands out for its interactive features, real-time human host, and the unique blend of RNG elements with live gaming, providing players an immersive and dynamic gaming experience unlike any traditional casino game.

Playing Monopoly Live involves placing bets on the outcome of a giant spinning wheel. Players can bet on numbers (1, 2, 5, or 10) and two special segments, ‘Chance’ and ‘2 Rolls’ or ‘4 Rolls’. Winning on numbers yields cash prizes, while landing on the special segments activates a 3D bonus game, transporting players into a virtual Monopoly world for additional rewards.

While largely a game of chance, a balanced betting strategy that covers both numbers for regular wins and occasional bets on ‘2 Rolls’ and ‘4 Rolls’ for bonus rounds can optimize the balance between risk and reward. Keeping an eye on the game history to gauge the frequency of bonus features might also inform your betting strategy.

The bonus rounds are triggered when the wheel lands on ‘2 Rolls’ or ‘4 Rolls’. Players who bet on these segments enter a Monopoly board game environment, where Mr. Monopoly walks around the board collecting prizes, multipliers, and more based on the roll of two dice. The number of rolls corresponds to the segment that initiated the bonus.

The maximum payout in Monopoly Live can reach up to €500,000 or the equivalent in your currency, providing players with the opportunity for substantial wins, especially during the bonus game rounds where multipliers significantly increase the value of prizes.

When the wheel lands on a ‘Chance’ segment, Mr. Monopoly presents a Chance card, which can either award an instant cash prize or a multiplier bonus. If a multiplier is drawn, all bets remain in place, and the wheel is spun again. The next win will be multiplied by the given multiplier, potentially leading to significant payouts.

For beginners, it’s advisable to start with smaller bets to familiarize yourself with the game mechanics. Spread your bets to include numbers for consistent wins and include the occasional bet on ‘2 Rolls’ and ‘4 Rolls’ to experience the bonus rounds. Watching a few rounds before playing can also provide valuable insights.

Monopoly Live’s unique appeal lies in its combination of live game show elements with an iconic board game. The addition of augmented reality, a 3D bonus round, and the engaging live host offer a gaming experience that’s both nostalgic and cutting-edge, setting it apart from traditional table games and slots.

Yes, Monopoly Live features a live chat function that allows you to interact with the game host and other players in real-time. This interactive element adds a social dimension to the game, enhancing the live gaming experience.

Monopoly Live is available at online casinos that offer Evolution Gaming titles. Always choose a reputable and licensed online casino to ensure a safe and fair gaming experience. Checking reviews and ratings can help you find a trusted platform that suits your gaming preferences.

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