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Football Studio Casino Live – Our Guide

There are several classic card games that you will always find at an online casino. You are probably well acquainted with games such as Poker, Blackjack and Baccarat. Maybe it’s getting a little boring with just numbers and kings, queens and aces? Possibly a card game would be more entertaining if it contained sports commentators and football references? For all avid football fans, we are happy to inform you about a unique card game from Evolution Gaming that gives you just that: Football Studio Live. In this guide to Football Studio Live, we will tell you how to play the game and where you can find a Football Studio Live Casino to play. We will also give you some tips and strategies that can help you on the way to the top of the series, or at least to some nice wins.

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How to play Football Studio Casino

Football Studio Casino Live is not a new game when it comes to rules and how the game unfolds. It is actually a simplified version of Baccarat, with sports comments and references. It’s all streamed live from one of the Evolution Gaming studios. When it comes to how to play Football Studio, the answer is simple. There are three game options in Football Studio Casino Live. You can bet on Home, Away or Draw. The player’s goal is to predict precisely which of the two cards dealt by the dealer will have the highest value. On the left, you will find the home team. On the right is the away team. Bet on the best area in the middle between these; you bet on a draw.

Once the bets have been placed, the dealer draws two cards. These are placed face-up on the two playing fields, then the cards are turned over, and the winning card is revealed. The payouts for home and away games are 1:1, while the draw bet comes with a payout rate of 11:1; this is because it is a riskier wager for something that happens infrequently. Statistics for all three game options will be displayed in the virtual table layout at the bottom right of the screen.

Next to the dealer, you will see how many times in a row a team has won. Based on this, you can try to see if the same team wins again or if you want to bet on the other team. When you play, you can chat with the other players, making the experience more interactive and real-life. You can, of course, also chat to the dealer who answers verbally. You can choose the resolution yourself, but here you have the opportunity to have the card game sent directly in HD resolution to your phone or PC.

When football matches take place while you are playing, you will receive information about these via text that scrolls across the screen and comments from the dealer. This is probably the best time to play Football Studio.

football studio live casino

Football Studio Casino Live – Strategies

The game is straightforward. If one of the two cards has a higher value than the other, it wins. On the other hand, if both cards have the same value, you only win if you bet on a draw. Although the game is so simple, you can use several strategies to improve your winning odds. We will discuss a few of the most well-known casino strategies you can use while playing Football Studio Live.

Martingale Strategy

For those who like to play Roulette, it will be evident that since it pays regular money on home and away games, you can use a progressive game system on it, such as the Martingale system. One downside of using Martingale is that the losses can get seriously out of control very quickly. To use the Martingale strategy, you must double your previous loss at home or away. For example, if you bet 15 cents at home and lose, you bet 30 cents on the next bet. If you lose again, you bet 60 cents and so on. With regular money bets, you will eventually win back everything you lost in addition to the original bet. Suppose you bet more considerable sums than this. In that case, you will quickly end up having to bet more than you have available to play and end up losing everything. You have to stay calm and have money to fail in order to use Martingale to increase your balance.

Review past results

With limited bet options, where you choose who wins or who will lose, the only real opportunities come from examining previous match results. You can see which teams have won before on the info table at the bottom of the screen. By watching these and tracking payouts throughout the game, players can understand the odds and play strategically. It is important to note that no guaranteed strategy will provide a payout every single time. Still, it may help to know how the game had fared before you started playing.


When you bet at home or away, the odds are 1:1, which means that you can double your bet. You can bet from 15 cents, or 1 euro, all the way up to 1450 CAD or 1000 euros per hand. You are not limited to making one bet per hand. You can bet on all three if you wish. The away team has won 4 games in a row. You may feel that it can be a draw. You can then bet on both at home and a draw and have a good chance of a win. A draw pays out 1:11. Play Football Studio Live for the opportunity to double your bet. If you manage this a few times in a row, you can have it on your balance to entertain yourself at the online casino for a long time.

Football Studio Live RTP – 96.27%

The RPT percentage is more accurate when playing slot machines or other games where you cannot make active choices that determine whether you win or not. RPT has been calculated over time in terms of how much a game pays out over time. Play Football Studio Live, and you can choose who you think will win; the odds go down if you decide to bet on a draw. Over time it will be challenging to win. It can be nice to play Football Studio Live; see if you can double your bet sometimes, but the chances of choosing right often over time will be rather small. You can, of course, be lucky to bet on a draw at the right time, but it is not advisable to bet on a draw if you want to play with a high RTP.

Is it Possible to Use a Bonus for Football Studio Live?

All the best live casinos have games from Evolution Gaming. So you can play Football Studio Live in many places, but can you use your bonus simultaneously? Suppose you sign up at an online casino that offers a Live-Casino bonus. In that case, you can play Football Studio Live with your bonus and turn it into real money, if you are lucky. Suppose you try to use a regular casino bonus at Football Studio Live. In that case, you risk that the game only gives 10-50% against the wagering requirement or does not count at all. It is essential to read all the terms and conditions of the bonus before you start playing. There will usually also be limits on how much you can wager for each spin, often 1-2 CAD. You can, therefore, not bet the entire bonus to double to complete the requirements quickly. Football Studio Live best casinos give you a Live-Casino bonus.

Where Can You Play Football Studio Casino Live?

As we have already mentioned, the best live casinos offer Evolution Gaming games like Football Studio Live. Our list of the best casinos online gives you dozens of these. We can mention some top casinos that front their Live-Casino with Evolution Gaming.  When you find a Football Studio Live Casino, you will also access all the other exciting live casino games from Evolution. Games like Dragon Tiger, Monopoly Live and Craps. The advantage of live casino games is that you make the choices that can win you big wins, together with a real dealer and together with other players.

Should You Try Football Studio Live ?

Football Studio Casino Live is a straightforward game made for football fans who enjoy playing online while watching the results of ongoing matches. You can deliver your betting slip, then play on the home and away teams while getting information about the matches on the screen and from the dealer. At the same time, you can bet quickly and efficiently while playing Football Studio Live.

For us at GambleGuys, the casino atmosphere you experience when you play Football Studio Live really makes this our favourite place to collect match info. Particularly when several matches are going on at once. Why sit and switch between multiple matches and stress when you can enjoy betting on Football Studio Live while what happens in the matches rolls across the screen. Football Studio Casino Live is everywhere. We have prepared a link below to take you to such a casino, where a substantial welcome bonus awaits you.


Football Studio Live is an engaging live dealer card game developed by Evolution Gaming, combining the thrill of football commentary with the excitement of a simple card game. Players bet on which of two cards dealt, “Home” or “Away,” will be higher, or if it will be a draw, all while enjoying live football match commentary.

In Football Studio Live, players choose to place their bets on either the “Home” or “Away” side, or on a Draw. The dealer then draws one card to each side. The higher card wins, and if you bet on that outcome, you win too. It’s straightforward with instant results.

The unique aspect of Football Studio Live lies in its combination of a simple high-card win game with live football match discussions by the dealer. It creates a dynamic and social atmosphere, making it perfect for football fans and casino game enthusiasts alike.

Yes, Football Studio Live is fully optimized for mobile play. Whether on a smartphone or tablet, players can enjoy the full immersive experience of the game and live football commentary on the go, with no compromise on quality.

The odds in Football Studio Live depend on your bet. Betting on “Home” or “Away” offers even money (1:1) payouts, while a winning “Draw” bet typically offers higher payouts, reflecting the lower probability of this outcome.

Since Football Studio Live is a game of chance based on the draw of the cards, there isn’t a strategic approach that can influence the outcome. However, managing your bets and understanding the odds can help you play more responsibly and enjoy the game longer.

The RTP in Football Studio Live varies slightly based on the type of bet. Bets on “Home” or “Away” generally have an RTP close to 96%, while the “Draw” bet, due to its higher payout, has a lower RTP.

While the game itself is straightforward, the special feature of Football Studio Live is the live commentary on football matches. This adds an engaging layer to the gameplay, allowing players to discuss live games and share their passion for football.

Yes, one of the highlights of Football Studio Live is the interactive nature of the game. Players can use the live chat feature to communicate with the dealer and other players, making it a more social and engaging experience.

Football Studio Live is available at online casinos that offer Evolution Gaming’s live dealer games. Always ensure you choose a reputable and licensed casino to ensure a safe and enjoyable gaming experience.

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