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Dragon Tiger Casino Review

Dragon Tiger is a variant of baccarat that is just as exciting and significantly less complex. Instead of betting on Player or Banker, you’ll bet on Dragon or Tiger.

Originally popular in Asia, this game has begun spreading to other parts of the world. It is especially popular with people who may like the concept of baccarat but don’t necessarily want to learn the many rules that go along with it. Evolution Gaming has created Dragon Tiger Live – a live online casino version of this popular game.

How does it play, and is it worth trying? Let’s find out in our Dragon Tiger Casino review! (Spoiler alert: This is a fun game, and Evolution has once again hit it out of the park!)

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How to Play Dragon Tiger Casino Game

Playing Dragon Tiger is remarkably simple and is an excellent fit for anyone that has wanted to play baccarat but doesn’t quite want to learn all the rules of baccarat. At the beginning of the round, players can bet on the Dragon or the Tiger (for players familiar with baccarat, this is akin to asking players to bet on Player or Banker).

Once all bets are in, the dealer will take one card from the shoe and place it face-up within the Dragon section of the table. The dealer will then take a second card and put it face-up in the Tiger section. Whichever card are highest wins! Aces are low, and Kings are high. If the Dragon’s card is higher than the Tiger’s, all Dragon bets win, and all Tiger bets lose. Conversely, if the Tiger’s card is higher, Tiger bets win, while Dragon ones lose.

If there is a tie, you will only lose half your stake. For example, if you bet $10, you’d receive $5 back if there was a tie. There is something nice about not losing all your money when there’s a tie, as many card games do.

And that is the game! It’s easy to play Dragon Tiger casino! It’s a streamlined version of baccarat that doesn’t have all the complex rules to determine whether the Player or Banker wins. You could also say it’s a rebranded version of “War,” but instead of always needing to beat the dealer in War, you can bet on either side to be victorious.

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Dragon Tiger Casino Bonus and Features

The Evolution Gaming version of Dragon Tiger offers the core Dragon and Tiger bets. Additionally, it provides a couple of side bets players can take to gamble on the cards. These bets are Tie and Suited Tie. The Tie bet returns 11:1, and it pays when both Dragon and Tiger have the same value (e.g., they both have Queens). Suited Tie takes that bet one step further and not only requires a tie, but the two cards must be of the same suit. Since this event is pretty rare, this bet pays an astonishing 50:1. Tie and Suited Tie are the only side bets the Evolution version of Dragon Tiger offers.

Other providers provide bets like even or odd for the cards. However, sometimes players find these unrelated side bets distracting, so if you want the core Dragon Tiger experience without the extraneous betting choices, this version is for you!

Dragon Tiger Casino Strategies

Due to the game’s simplistic nature, there are no effective strategies to employ. It’s not like Blackjack, where you must memorize a chart to know when to hit and stay. Instead, Dragon Tiger is mostly about luck, and it’s essentially like betting on a coin flip. That said, it’s possible to determine which bets are the “smartest” ones to make by looking at their respective RTP rates.

The base Dragon/Tiger bet has a return to player rate of 96.27%. The RTP for a tie is 89.64%, while the RTP for a suited tie is a mere 86.02%. Looking at the above math, we immediately know that it doesn’t make statistical sense to play anything but the base game (that is, picking Dragon or Tiger). All the tie bets have worse odds. For the Dragon/Tiger bet, some people want to follow the trends while others try to go against them. Dragon Tiger, like baccarat, roulette, and other games of this nature, can sometimes be “streaky.” You can occasionally make quite a bit if you get in on a good streak of Dragons or Tigers and stick with it. Of course, to help with that decision, you can access five two different roadmaps based on the traditional baccarat ones. With each available, you can sometimes feel whether the next hand will be a Dragon or a Tiger!

Dragon Tiger Casino Provider

Evolution Gaming produces Dragon Tiger Live. This company has a long, tenured history in the online gaming industry, having its founding date way back in 2006. Most online gamblers will know the Evolution Gaming brand as they produce many of the hottest casino games. Infinite Blackjack, Craps, Lightning Blackjack, and Baccarat are some of the live casino games they offer. Additionally, they have some fantastic “game show” games like Deal or No Deal and Crazy Time.

Evolution is well-known for producing some of the highest quality online slot experiences. They have numerous extensive slot catalogs, including games from NetEnt, Red Tiger, and BTG. If you have ever played a Megaways slot, you’ve played one that Evolution Gaming now owns. If you’ve ever played Viking, Lost Relics, Gonzo’s Quest, or Starburst, you’ve played an Evolution Gaming slot! Indeed, if you have spent any time in an online casino over the past decade, you’ve probably played at least one Evolution Gaming creation!

Best Casinos with Dragon Tiger

All of the best Evolution Gaming casinos will feature Dragon Tiger Live. While the best way to determine whether or not a casino is good is to read our reviews, there are a few clues you can use to see if the Dragon Tiger casino you’re considering joining is worth your time.

The Casino Has Superior Customer Service

All top casinos make it easy for you to contact them and will respond very quickly. The reason that the top casinos do this is to provide the best possible customer service to patrons. That customer service helps people feel safe about their money and the randomness of the games. Almost all casinos offer an email address with prompt, courteous customer service. Most (but not all) will have a live chat option with even faster customer service. And many of the top casinos even have a phone number you can call to reach a live person to help you resolve any issue you may have. If the casino you want to sign up with doesn’t have easy ways to contact them, that’s a good sign it’s not one of the best.

There Are Numerous Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Most of the best casinos want to make it easy to deposit money and withdraw it (equally important!). To help make that much easier, they’ll usually have numerous deposit and withdrawal methods. Additionally, they’ll usually post committed timeframes for when those transactions will process. You’ll want to see timeframes as close to instantaneous as possible for deposits. Many deposit methods, like credit cards, are possible for the provider to process immediately and credit your account. Withdrawals work a little differently in that they often require a manual review. As such, they are seldom instantaneous. Usually, the best casinos can process them within 24-48 hours, depending on the selected method.

They Have an Extensive Game Selection (Including the Best Live Games!)

Lastly, the best casinos have an extensive selection of games – not just Dragon Tiger! The whole point of an online casino is to have fun, and while Dragon Tiger is a lot of fun, you’ll probably want to try some other games, too. When that happens, you’ll want to make sure you register with one of the best casinos so they’ll have the fun you want, when you want it. Look for a Dragon Tiger casino that partners with numerous providers and offers an extensive list of games. Those are the casinos that will keep you entertained every time you log in to them!

Dragon Tiger is an Exciting New Baccarat-Like Game

If you love the concept of baccarat (a card game where you pick which side will win), you’ll love Dragon Tiger casino. Not only is it much simpler and more intuitive than baccarat, but it features a similar atmosphere and similar levels of excitement.

There’s something uniquely fun about getting in on a Dragon or Tiger streak and riding it with others for some wins. Technically, Evolution Gaming has done an excellent job taking this game and producing an online version. The dealers are amazing, the atmosphere is perfect, and the betting interface makes interacting with this game a breeze.

It’s effortless to recommend Dragon Tiger Live to anyone, as it’s easily one of the best live games. Try it out the next time you’re looking for a new live game to play at your favorite Evolution Gaming casino!


Dragon Tiger is a straightforward and fast-paced casino card game, often likened to Baccarat. Players bet on which hand, Dragon or Tiger, will receive a higher card or if the round will end in a tie.

Its simplicity and speed of play make Dragon Tiger a favorite. The game requires no complex strategy, making it accessible to beginners while still appealing to seasoned players looking for quick rounds.

Yes, Dragon Tiger is widely available at online casinos, with many offering live dealer versions to simulate the experience of playing in a real casino.

The primary bets are on the Dragon hand, the Tiger hand, or a Tie. Some versions also offer additional side bets, such as betting on the suit or whether the card will be big (8 or higher) or small (6 or lower).

Odds for Dragon and Tiger bets are usually even (1:1), minus a house edge. Tie bets have higher payouts, often 8:1 or 10:1, due to their lower probability of occurring.

Given its nature as a game of chance, there’s no guaranteed strategy to win. However, players often avoid the Tie bet due to its high house edge and may follow patterns or streaks in the outcomes.

The house edge for Dragon and Tiger bets is typically around 3.73%, which is relatively low for casino games. The Tie bet, however, has a significantly higher house edge, often exceeding 30%.

While the core gameplay remains consistent, some online casinos offer variations with additional side bets or slightly altered rules to enhance the gaming experience.

One of the game’s attractions is its speed, with rounds often taking just a few seconds to complete, making it ideal for players looking for quick outcomes.

Absolutely. Many online casinos offer Dragon Tiger in formats optimized for mobile devices, allowing players to enjoy the game on smartphones and tablets with ease.

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