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Deal or No Deal Live Casino

What’s hidden in the suitcase? The bank starts getting nervous when the small sums of money disappear and give you a really generous offer. Should you accept or bet that you have the highest amount in your suitcase? Deal or No Deal is a game show created and broadcast on television in the Netherlands almost 20 years ago. Since then, the game show has been produced and broadcast in close to a hundred countries, ten of which still broadcast the show live. For those unfamiliar with the concept, we will briefly outline what it is all about. You get to pick a suitcase, then you will have to open the other suitcases a couple at a time, then you get an offer from the bank for the suitcase you have.

The more of the lower amounts revealed, the higher the bid on your suitcase. Should you be so unlucky to choose the suitcase with the highest sum of CAD 1 million, the bid, the bank gives you will be significantly lower than when the top prize is hidden. You can accept the offer from the bank or play until you get the contents of the suitcase you have chosen. You could end up with as little as 1/10 cents on the game show if you were unlucky. If there were many low sums initially, the player could get an excellent offer to give himself a couple hundred thousand. Deal or No Deal Live is slightly different from the TV version, but the principle is the same. Deal or No Deal Casino games are definitely still a lot of fun. We will now review how to play Deal or No Deal Casino online and the different versions available online. Finally, we will tell you about the best live casinos where you will find Deal or No Deal live. Play Deal or No Deal Casino Live for the ultimate Live Casino experience.

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How is Deal or No Deal played in a Live Casino?

First of all, players spin a bank vault reel with three rings. You choose how much you want to bet. The bet is reflected in the wins you can win. Once you have qualified for the main game, you get the chance to boost your winnings. Once you’ve done this, you’re ready for the main game. You are transferred to the Deal or No Deal show, where a host and briefcase presenter is waiting for you. Now you really get the feeling of being in a popular TV show. Play Deal or No Deal Casino Live, and you’ll experience it. The goal is simple: get the most in prizes. The excitement comes from the fact that it is impossible to predict whether the money in the remaining suitcases will be higher than the bank’s offer. Much depends on what is in your suitcase. Let’s go through the game in detail.

deal or no deal live casino


To qualify for the main game, you need to wager money on your bet. Then you spin the bank vault wheel. On each of the three rings, there are 12. On the outer ring are 6 of these gold-plated. In the middle and smallest circles, you will find only four fields that are gold-plated. To win, you need to get fields of gold on all three rings in the incorporated area in the middle at the top of the wheel. When spinning, a random amount will be selected for the suitcase with the biggest prize; this will be between 75 times and 500 times your stake. This can be significantly increased with a boost as well. Play Deal or No Deal Live for the chance to win the top prize.

Prize Boost

Once you’ve won, the bank vault door will lock open.  Now it’s time to boost your prizes if you wish. The wheel of fortune is now filled with sums of 5 to 50 times the bet; you can now choose a prize you want to increase and spin; you also decide how much you want to spend on each boost before spinning. This costs money but can improve your offers from the bank and prize.

Main game

When you have finished boosting your suitcases, you will be transferred to the Deal or No Deal show. Your suitcase stands on a table along with an old-fashioned black phone; behind it, the host stands with a microphone in hand. He will talk to you and guide you through the process. Behind the host, the suitcases are lined up. A presenter shows you the Briefcases as they are opened. First, three suitcases open, they have numbers that refer to the winnings from 1 to 16, the numbers from the ones presented are taken away from the paytable, now you will get an offer from the bank.

If you do not accept the bank’s offer, the following four suitcases will be opened. You can take the bank’s offer or see what is in your suitcase in the end. Have you received the big win, or is there a significantly lower sum here? This is the big question – Deal or No Deal? Play Deal or No Deal Live to answer this yourself. If you are satisfied you take the offer from the bank, you can venture further and risk a low offer or end up with what is in your suitcase. When the prize is yours, simply bet again so you can qualify for a new round of Deal or No Deal Casino with the hosts.

Playtech Deal or No Deal – The Big Draw

If you click into a Deal or No Deal game and encounter something completely different from what we have told you about now, namely something similar to Bingo, then you have chosen Playtech’s version of Deal or No Deal, where they are drawn like balls in the Lottery to determine which sums are removed. In this version, there is only one suitcase, the one with your sum. Playtech launched its version in 2020.

Deal or No Deal live Strategy

Deal or No Deal is one of the few games where no strategy can help you improve your winning odds; everything comes down to your gut feeling. Each time you can end up with the main prize in your suitcase or end up with it slipping away on the first three suitcases. It will be impossible to say what happens if you do not accept the offer from the bank, you pretty much just have to go with the gut feeling and hope you are lucky. Play Deal or No Deal Live to see how good your gut feeling really is.

Deal or No Deal Live Prizes

How much the offers from the bank will vary according to the top prize, you get 75 times the stake. All offers will be much lower than if you get a whopping 500 times your stake, of course. Then it depends on whether you boost some prizes and whether they go early or not. As long as the main prize doesn’t go first, you should get an offer that’s higher than your total bet. It depends on how many spins you used to qualify for that round and whether or not you accept the offer.

Deal or No Deal Casino RTP – 95.42

Return to Player percentage is calculated over time. You can spin many spins on Deal or No Deal without winning anything as there are only two outcomes, loss or qualifying for the main game. You have to consider losing a little before you even qualify. With an RPT of 95.42, Deal or No Deal is just above the magic limit of 95, which is what is required for an online game to be considered to have good odds.

Is it possible to use a Bonus on Deal or No Deal?

When you play at a Live Casino, you will not be able to use your casino bonus. You will need to collect a separate Live Casino bonus for yourself to be able to play Deal or No Deal with bonus money at one of the best live casinos. If it is allowed to use the casino bonus at Live Casino, this will not count towards the wagering requirement or only count 10%; therefore, make sure that you find yourself a casino that gives new players a Live Casino bonus the first time they play in that department.

Where can you Play Deal or No Deal live?

Suppose you are going to play Deal or No Deal online. In that case, you need to find a casino that offers games from Evolution Gaming, unless you want to try the Lottery version from Playtech. Evolution Gaming is the premier provider of Live Casino solutions. So, you will be able to find Deal or No Deal at a whole host of great online casinos. On our list of top casinos, you will find a ton of the best live casinos. There you can also play other exciting live games like Dream Catcher and Mega Ball.

Deal or No Deal Casino Review: Our Thoughts

If you like to play live, where a host and hostess are in the studio with you when you’re going to play for the big prize? Then we can recommend Deal or No Deal, whether you have watched the program on TV or not, the excitement is the same and very high. When the first three suitcases are opened with only low numbers, the excitement rises exponentially. You will get a good offer, but can it be increased? Are you betting that the top prize is in your suitcase? So that the supply just keeps on increasing? You might bet it won’t come in the next round of suitcases at least, so you can pick up a big win? If you have a good gut feeling and enjoy the excitement, then Deal or No Deal is the game for you. We have selected the best online casinos where you can play Deal or No deal online. Just click on the link above to collect your live casino bonus now.

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