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Best VIP Online Casinos

Part of the fun of gambling at a land-based casino is the comps and perks you can receive. Some casinos will entice you with free hotel nights, free or discounted food, spins, and more if you gamble even a few hundred here and there. The perks vary from casino to casino, but it usually doesn’t take too much gaming action to at least get a little off your food or hotel stay. Online casinos typically cannot offer those physical perks like free food or free hotel stays. Still, the top VIP casinos can offer unique bonuses and incentives to make high-rollers feel equally desired and welcomed. If you’re looking to take your gaming experience to the next level and want the casino to reward you for having fun there, here’s what you need to know about being a VIP at an online casino!


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What Are VIP Casinos?

Before getting into the details, it’s worth first looking at VIP casinos. Or, perhaps more precisely, how these casinos differ from regular online casinos. Typically, online casinos have some form of promotions and rewards programs. They will usually advertise things like “get 1 point per $1 wagered and 1000 points equal $10 cashback.” Others might have loyalty schemes that have increased tiers the more you wager. And, some casinos will have random promotions like having a chance to win a bunch of money if you wager a certain amount on a slot. High rollers casinos take this concept to another level. Instead of merely offering some incentives, these casinos provide unique and special treatment once you reach the VIP level there. There are luxurious bonus offers, unique gifts, surprises, and other benefits awaiting players who reach this level at these casinos. If you plan on gambling quite a bit at online casinos, you’ll want to pick the one that offers the best benefits! Indeed, you might as well have the casinos provide you with some perks and cool things for all your wagers!

How Much Money Do You Need to Be a VIP at a Casino?

Unfortunately, many people don’t look into these casinos because they think they won’t qualify for VIP status. When thinking of VIPs, they envision rich celebrities and multi-millionaires betting hundreds or thousands a hand. In Las Vegas, a “whale” is typically someone that brings $1 million or to play over a weekend visit. These people bet $25,000 or more a hand. However, online casinos do not have the same overhead as the opulent casinos of Vegas and Macau. Without those costs, they can provide far more generous perks for gamblers, including those who don’t bet $1 million or more in a single weekend! Indeed, for most online casinos, VIP status starts when you make deposits around $10,000 or so (or the equivalent in your local currency). VIP status begins much sooner for some online casinos, while others take longer to reach VIP.

Unlike brick-and-mortar casinos, though, VIP status tends not to be how much you bring but how much you play. If you are playing on the higher end of slot machines or betting $50-$100 per hand at the tables, you will likely attain VIP status relatively quickly! Ultimately, there’s no hard rule for what makes someone VIP at any particular online casino. The only rule is that, because these casinos typically have less overhead, they can provide VIPs with many benefits at much lower levels than traditional land-based casinos!

What Are Some VIP Bonuses?

With casinos in Vegas, the perks are well-known for gamblers. High rollers will get free tickets to shows, suites, alcohol, and everything else that Sin City offers. At these casinos, the perks are often as exceptional and as exciting as what you will find at the land-based ones. There are three VIP bonuses, in particular, that you’ll want to look for when evaluating the best casinos in this category!

Cashback and Bonuses

The most apparent benefit that VIPs can get is cash. These rewards typically come in two forms: cashback on losses or bonuses. VIPs can sometimes get portions of their losses back – sometimes even in the 25% range. Imagine wagering $10,000 on the weekend, losing it, and then finding a cool $2,500 sitting in your account on Monday! That’s the potential power of being a VIP. Other casinos offer bonuses. Sometimes these are tied to play, while others are for depositing money. These bonuses will put more money in your account and let you have much more fun at the casino! Plus, if you wager enough and get lucky, you’ll be able to withdraw that much more! These types of programs are prevalent for VIP casinos. If the one you’re interested in does not have some cash incentives for high rollers, you may want to search for another one!

Tournaments at VIP Casinos

Another common incentive given to VIPs is the ability to enter tournaments. These tournaments can be anything from winning the most money at blackjack to winning the most on a slot. If an online casino offers online poker, there’s a possibility that they will provide tickets and entries to those games, too. Tournaments are fun for a variety of reasons. First, the contests you have access to as a VIP are fun and often have significant cash prizes. It’s not uncommon to have tournaments where people can win $10,000 or more! And, if you’re a VIP, you’ll often have access to these tournaments completely free. There’s nothing quite like having a free shot at a large sum of money! Additionally, they help you explore new games! You might have a slot tournament on Gonzo’s Quest, for example. If you’ve never played that game, what better way to try it out than to seek your share of a large payout! As a VIP, you’ll likely have the opportunity to experience many new games. If the casino has tournaments for their VIPs, you can rest assured that it is probably one of the better ones!

Higher Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

Lastly, many VIP programs offer the ability for players to deposit and withdraw more. Many casinos have weekly limits of $10,000, for example, or daily limits of $1,000. These will often not be enough for a high roller, or they mean that people need to deposit or withdraw their funds over a more extended period. After all, if you’re betting $100 a spin, it’s easy to win over $10,000 on any given play! VIP programs almost always include the ability to deposit and withdraw much more. These higher limits will mean that you won’t have hindrances when playing your favourite games. And, if you win big, you can have complete confidence that you will be able to get your money out safely and securely. Of course, these limits vary by casino, but if you see that the casino offers higher limits for high rollers, that’s an excellent sign that they have worked with others and have crafted a better experience for those who bet more! Being able to deposit or withdraw more is crucial for VIPs!

How to Find the Perfect Casino for High Rollers

The best casino for a high roller typically fills three criteria for gamblers:

It’s fun! No matter what bonuses and incentives a casino offer if they don’t have the games you love, and it’s not exciting, it’s not going to be a good experience. Above all, look for a casino that’s fun and exciting!

They have a robust VIP program. When looking at a high-quality VIP casino, you’ll want to find one that has an excellent VIP program. You’ll want to have ample rewards for your play. Look for a casino that has many of the incentives above!

They have excellent customer service. As a VIP, you’ll want answers to your questions! Whether that’s when a withdrawal or deposit will process or if they’ll have a new slot sometime soon, the best casinos have superior customer service. Indeed, most top casinos provide VIPs with a dedicated support channel to resolve their questions as quickly as possible.

If you’re looking for the best high rollers casinos, any casino that meets the above criteria will likely be one of the best ones you can choose.

VIP Casinos Will Take Your Casino Excitement to the Next Level

There’s nothing like the thrill of being a VIP at a casino. The perks you receive, bonuses you can get, and customer service are incredible. Additionally, the thrill of being one of the top people in the casino is fun in and of itself. Even though most people think of VIP casinos as land-based (and all the perks, like shows, concerts, hotels, etc., that come with that), online casinos can offer just as many perks, if not more. Indeed, you can get cashback, tickets, tournaments, giveaways, and more just for playing the games you know and love! If you are thinking of signing up for a new casino and expect to wager enough to be a VIP, make sure it has a stellar program! Picking the best casino will take your experience and enjoyment to another level!

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