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New Online Casinos

Numerous new online casinos open every year. Some of these casinos will merely be re-brands of existing properties, while others will be entirely revolutionary. Some will have basic features, while others will completely re-invent bonuses, games, and more. While 2021 was a unique year in many respects, it was not unique in that it, like all the years before it, the casinos that came online had some significant enhancements over the ones that started the years prior. At GambleGuys, we aim to bring you the best information on the hottest gaming action. Part of that is keeping up with all the newest casinos and their trends. Here’s what is happening in 2024 and what online gamblers can look forward to in the coming years!


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What Happened in the Gaming World in 2021?

As noted above, so much happened in 2021. Like 2020, people found themselves wanting to stay at home more. All across the globe, people were looking for ways to entertain themselves in a socially-distanced manner and what better way than to load up some of the most exciting new casino games at your favourite online place! Casinos and games providers, recognizing this opportunity, used the time to advance their gaming experiences. Here’s what happened in 2021 in the realm of online gaming!

New Games

2021 saw a rush of new games to market. Most of the new online casinos had the latest games, so if you registered for one of the properties that opened this past year, there’s a good chance you have already seen or played some of these games. Tiki Fruits Totem Frenzy by Red Tiger debuted in July 2021 and has since become a popular game in online casinos. The theme of this game is fruit, and players enjoy Tiki Wilds, Winning Clusters, Fruit Bars, Tiki Spins, and more. The slot is high volatility and has a win of up to 3,000x the max bet! Developed by Quickspin, Big Bad Wolf also came into existence in 2021. This slot has a fun storyline that rediscovers the ancient tale of the Three Little Pigs. The result is a slot that feels both familiar and exciting simultaneously. For fans of the hit series Game of Thrones, August 2021 proved to be a great time as Microgaming released their slot based on the hit series. This slot features numerous ways to win with medium-to-high volatility, an RTP of 95%, and 243 pay lines. It’s also visually stunning, helping players feel like they are participating in the hit show. There were, of course, many other slots developed during 2021, but the ones above are arguably some of the best – especially if you are a fan of any of those particular themes!

New Online Casinos

Of course, numerous online casinos opened their doors in 2021. Buoyed by increased online gaming activity, many companies sought to create new online gaming destinations with broader appeal. These new casinos have been exciting for prospective gamblers as they have quality bonuses and an ever-increasing selection of games. And, they’re built on the latest and most remarkable technologies so that customers can enjoy their games on any device! Indeed, seeing the entertaining ideas and fresh concepts coming to the new online properties is lovely!

Crypto Surge

One can easily argue that 2020 and 2021 have been the best years for cryptocurrencies. In March of 2020, Bitcoin was worth a mere $5,000. That same Bitcoin now almost always trades above $40,000 and has even hit as high as $65,000. However, it was not merely Bitcoin that took off. Other cryptocurrencies, like Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and others, found their stride in 2020 and 2021.

That interest certainly did not go unnoticed by online casino operators (it also didn’t go unnoticed by those in charge at land-based casinos, either). More casinos began to accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other common cryptocurrencies, with crypto surging. Some casinos merely added crypto as a possible payment method. Players could effectively sell their Bitcoin to the casino and have the equivalent amount in fiat currency deposited. Players would gamble in that currency and, if they wanted to withdraw in crypto, they’d convert their fiat currency back into crypto.

Other casinos took it a step further by permitting crypto balances on the site. So, instead of trading Bitcoin to cash back to Bitcoin, you’d keep a Bitcoin balance on the site. When you went to bet on the slots or table games, you’d bet in Bitcoin, thereby eliminating the need for fiat currency entirely. It was an exciting and exciting innovation to see, and new online casinos will invariably be incorporating crypto more and more in the coming years.

What We Particularly Liked in 2021

All this innovation has been outstanding for gaming in general. It’s been fantastic to see companies pushing the envelope to create quality games that people love. It has also been incredible to see companies making innovative casinos that provide a unique value to prospective patrons. However, what was particularly exciting was the level of detail and attention to the customer. There is quite a bit of competition in the online gaming market and, as such, new online casinos need to do more and more to differentiate themselves. As such, customers are getting bigger welcome bonuses, more rewards for continued play, and the sites themselves are getting more sophisticated, clean, and enticing.

It’s not uncommon now to see new casinos offering thousands in welcome bonuses. While these bonuses have rollover requirements, these lavish bonuses were not entirely standard a few years ago. And, online casinos have become much more sophisticated with their loyalty programs. Some even offer the ability to earn points and buy items for a virtual avatar. It’s pretty exciting seeing all the fun ways casinos are looking to improve the gaming experience. Indeed, the big winner in 2021 was the customer because online casinos truly needed to compete and bring their best to win customers! That has been one of the best aspects of online gaming in 2021.

What Will the Coming Years Hold for Online Gaming?

New online casinos keep evolving. While there was a lot to love about the casinos in 2021, there’s a lot to look forward to in the coming years. Here are two aspects of online gaming that will continue to improve and evolve over the next few years.

Crypto Will Become More Commonplace

Crypto is not going away. Indeed, the opposite is happening. Crypto is becoming even more popular! As such, casinos will likely look to incorporate it more into their platform. We’ve already seen some of the newer casinos have a marketing angle solely about crypto. More of those will likely pop up. If you use crypto and want to use it to deposit and withdraw funds, you should check out the newer casinos. They will likely have the ability to do that!

Game Selection

With all the new games coming out, there’s nowhere to go but up when it comes to game selection. Most new casinos have an extensive collection of slots, table games, and classic games. However, we’ll probably continue to see more of that in the coming years. Additionally, since quite a few companies are competing in this space, the increase in games will probably be quite significant!

What Are Some Characteristics of the Best New Online Casinos?

If you’re looking for all the best gaming action, you should look no further than one of the newer casinos. These casinos often have modern, up-to-date games, the latest payment methods, and quality bonuses. However, telling an excellent new casino apart from a suboptimal one can sometimes be challenging. Part of the problem is that these casinos often don’t have reviews, so you cannot find out much about them before you register.

Fortunately, the top casinos often share a few characteristics that make it easier to distinguish the ones you want to join and those you do not. First, all casinos, new or old, should have a valid gaming license. If the casino you’re considering joining does not have a valid license, that’s a bad sign. Even if they are new, you want to ensure they have the proper regulations to be operating.

Second, new online casinos should have something innovative or exciting. Whether that’s a wide game selection or the ability to accept Bitcoin, the best new casinos have something distinctive about them. Lastly, the top new casinos offer a wide variety of games. There’s no excuse not to offer all the slots, table games, and classic games that players could want. Indeed, the top ones also have a vast selection of live dealer games so that way patrons will always have something to play!

As Evidenced by the New Online Casinos, Exciting Times Are Ahead!

There’s often quite a bit of excitement around new online casinos. These places often represent the pinnacle of gaming innovation. The companies behind these sites develop them with all the latest tools, technologies, and games. As such, you’ll often find these have the latest games, accept cryptocurrency in some form, and provide a fantastic gaming experience. If you’re in the market for a new online casino, check out some of the ones that launched in recent years! There’s a good chance that they will have everything you need!

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