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We GambleGuys are excited to offer our readers a new, easy-to-read Casino Guide. This way you can quickly find the type of casino you are after. As you might have realized already, the online casino world can be difficult to navigate. There are hundreds of Online Casinos to choose from, with more emerging continuously. Our new Casino guide will give you all the crucial information you seek in one quick glance. Let us tell you all about the different types of casino guides we have to offer. Not only will we provide guides for the casinos themselves, we shall also give you Bonus, Slots, VIP Programs, Crypto casinos, Payment guides and more.


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Casino Guides

Sometimes, you want to find a brand-new casino, just to take advantage of their Welcome Bonus. Other times you might be looking for a casino with a large selection of slots or live games. You might even be after the best casino to settle down with for a while, one with a great VIP Program and a large selection of campaigns for patrons of the casino. This is where our casino guides help you find what you are looking for with ease. The visual chart gives you a great overview of the main features of the casino. As you read on, the casino guide will give you an up-to-date, short description, containing the most important information about the casino in question.

Slot Guides

There are now thousands of online slots. Some are old classics from the 20 plus years there have been online casinos. Then you have the new slots, that come with exciting game mechanics and special features. So how can you find the best or newest slots available in Canadian online casinos? Is there a way to easily find out if a new slot, has the type of bonus features you are fond of? You would like to quickly be able to see if there is a jackpot or not, check the RPT of the slot you say?

The solution, is, of course, the GambleGuys slots guide. Here you will find a graphic with all this information and more. This casino guide for slots will also feature a quick summary of the slot`s theme and game experience, so you know what to expect when you play. The slot guide will give you all the info about the game in just a few seconds, like who the game provider is, the name of the game, how many paylines it has, the number of reels as well as the slot RTP. It can also be nice to know what the minimum and maximum bets are, so we throw that in for you as well.  

Best Megaways Slots Guide

Megaways is the mega-popular slot mechanic that gives you a chance to win on up to 117,649 ways. Most Megaways slots also have a tumble feature, where the winning symbols disappear to make way for new symbols and a new chance for a win. BTG owns the patent for Megaways but let's other game developers use it for their slots. There are so many Megaways slots now, it could be useful to have a guide to find the best ones. GambleGuys gives you exactly this, with our best Megaways slots guide. In an instant, you will have a clear oversight over the slot`s features and stats.

Bonus Guides

What is your preferred type of bonus? Are you after the free spins? Or perhaps a high percentage match bonus on a smaller sum is the thing for you, some might want a matching bonus on a higher amount. There are all kinds of offers for new players, then you have the recurring campaigns for regular players. What casino will give you a monthly cashback bonus? Are there weekly or weekend reload bonuses available? It can be hard and time-consuming to find all this information, unless... GambleGuys Bonus guide lets you find the type of bonus you are after, just have a look at our bonus guide and you will easily be able to find out what type of bonus each online casino can offer you.

VIP Program Guides

The best online casinos offer a VIP Program to their regular players. Here you can climb the ranks and acquire loads of advantages, special offers and increased payout and cashback bonuses. This is a bit of a serious matter, cause if you are going to commit to one online casino. You want the best VIP Program available. With our VIP Program casino guide, you will be able to quickly find the program that offers the best features for you. Like a special gift on your birthday and free spins each time, you reach a new level in the VIP program.

Free Spins and No Deposit Bonus Guides

One of the best bonuses you can wish for is a no deposit bonus. This means that you get free spins and a chance to win real money, even without making a deposit. Not all online casinos offer a no deposit bonus, this is why we made a handy no deposit bonus guide to help you find new casinos where you only have to register to claim your free spins.

Casino Banking Guides

There is a lot of information to consider when choosing an online casino. Banking is one of them, how many payment options do the casino offer? Just cards, or do they have the e-wallet you are currently using as well? How fast is the payout? You don`t want to end up with a big win at a casino that stalls with your withdrawal. GambleGuys give you a convenient casino banking guide to find the casino with the best and fastest payout.

Crypto Casinos Guides

Cryptocurrency has become more than a way to invest money, you can use many cryptocurrencies to pay for goods and services online now. One popular use is of course at online casinos. We offer our readers an easy way to find out which casinos take crypto as payment, which ones they accept and if you can get a bonus when depositing using crypto at the casino.

Why Use The Casino Guide? 

The reason people use casino blogs in the first place is to find new and exciting casinos and slots to play on. The goal is not to read all there is, just to find the newest casinos, see what features, games, bonuses, banking and slots they can offer you. So, to make this process as easy on you as possible, the GambleGuys casino guide will give you an easy-to-read graphic chart with all this info. The same goes for slots and bonuses. If you want to know absolutely everything about a casino or slot, you can click on the link to read the accompanying article covering the slot or the online casino in question, otherwise, you will have all vital information right there in the casino guide.

GambleGuys Casino Guide : Online Gaming Made Easy

As a full-service casino blog, GambleGuys now provide you with easy to quick and easy to read casino guides for all aspects of the online casino world. We will continue to also provide in-depth articles covering everything from new casinos reviews, slots articles and the latest news. Check out our casino guides now to find exactly what you are looking for in a casino or slot with great ease.

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