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White Rabbit Megaways Slot Review

In the world of online slots, White Rabbit is unique. Most of the time, gaming companies create slot machines intending to license them to multiple casinos. You’ll see this in land-based ones. If you walk into a land-based casino, you’ll see Buffalo machines in almost every single casino. Similarly, this is the way most online casinos go, as well. A company develops the game, and then multiple properties license it. As is a common theme in this White Rabbit Megaways slot review, this game is different.

Back when Big Time Gaming released White Rabbit, it was a LeoVegas exclusive for about a month. We wrote a LeoVegas casino review in the past and found it an excellent casino overall, and you can still play this slot there. Then, once the exclusive period expired, the developers opened it up to other properties. It certainly wasn’t a standard introduction for a slot machine, but White Rabbit aims to be different. Does that difference make it one of the best slots available to online gamblers? Let’s find out!

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White Rabbit Megaways Theme

As you might guess from the name, the theme of White Rabbit is a takeoff on Alice in Wonderland. However, because of some lawsuits regarding the purported marketing of these slot machines to minors, Big Time Gaming markets this as an adult version of the Alice in Wonderland tale. However, one thing becomes apparent as you load up this slot – the attention to detail is fantastic. There are lovely graphics and animations, all set against a backdrop that depicts Wonderland. You’ll see the caterpillar to the left and trees surrounding the pay lines. Even though this game is a little on the older side, its graphics still hold up quite nicely!

white rabbit megaways slot screenshot

How To Play White Rabbit

Playing White Rabbit is quite simple. All you need to do is set the bet amount you want and hit the spin button.

One of the nice things about this game is that there are ample auto-spin options. If you don’t want to keep clicking the spin button, you can set the game to auto-spin for 5, 10, 25, 50, or 100 spins.

What’s also lovely about the auto-spin feature is that you can set a loss limit and a single win limit. So, you could, in theory, set the slot to auto-spin 100 times and bet $1 per spin, but stop spinning if you’re down $50. That way, if the slot is cold, you’ll stop, but if you hit a hot streak, you can accumulate the wins!

White Rabbit Symbols and Bonus Features

This game is one of the more complex ones in terms of all the symbols and features available. For starters, there are 12 symbols that you might encounter: 9, 10, J, Q, K, A, greenstone, bluestone, red stone, and the red queen. The white rabbit acts as the scatter symbol, and there are also wild symbols that you can see. During the free spins, there’s also the cupcake symbol. There are also two bonus features you may encounter.


As we’ll see in this White Rabbit Megaways slot review, many of the concepts in this game are simple but fun. The caterpillar is no exception to this rule. Indeed, the caterpillar appears at random times and will add up to four bonus wilds to your screen. Bonus wilds act like regular wilds, except they have an x2 or x3 multiplier, depending on which go on reels.

Scatter/Free Spins

The other bonus that you might encounter while playing this game is the scatter or free spin bonus. When you see three white rabbits on the pay lines, you’ll receive a hefty 15 free spins! These 15 free spins are very similar to the regular spins. However, there’s one crucial addition that only happens during the free games. When you see a cupcake symbol on any given reel, the reel will extend by one, and the game will replace the cupcake symbol with two new ones. There usually are four symbols per reel. In the bonus game, it’s possible to extend each reel up to 12 symbols!

White Rabbit Odds and Payouts

How much money you’ll receive on each game depends on how many symbols you align on any given pay line. For the nine base symbols, the payouts for a $1 bet are as follows:

  • 9: $0.10 for three symbols, $0.20 for four symbols, and $0.60 for five symbols.
  • 10: This symbol pays $0.10 for three, $0.20 for four, and $0.70 for five.
  • J: $0.10 for three symbols on a pay line, $0.30 for four, $1.30 for five.
  • Q: $0.10 for three, $0.30 for four, and $1.50 for five.
  • K: This one pays $0.20 for three, $0.30 for four, $1.90 for five.
  • A: $0.20 for three, $0.30 for four, and $2.00 for five.
  • Green and blue stones: $0.30 for three, $0.50 for four, and $2.00 for five.
  • Red stone: $0.50 for three, $1.00 for four, and $5.00 for five on any given pay line.
  • Red Queen: $2.00 for two, $5.00 for three, $10.00 for four, and $25.00 for five on any given pay line.

Of course, the odds of hitting a nine are much higher than hitting a red queen. These odds also scale with whatever your stake is. So, if you’re betting $10 per spin, you would multiply all the above payouts by 10. Similarly, if you’re betting $0.10 per spin, you’d divide them by 10.

White Rabbit RTP and Volatility

The return to player (RTP) amount is slightly different depending on whether the casino enabled Feature Drop. If Feature Drop is disabled, the RTP is an impressive 97.24%. That’s higher than most other online slots. However, with Feature Drop enabled, the RTP ranges between 97.24% and a whopping 97.77%! That makes it quite a bit higher than most other online games and certainly higher than most land-based slots! Indeed, when you go to a place like Vegas, those machines have an RTP of about 93%. So, if you love to gamble, you’re better to play a game of White Rabbit at home rather than going to a physical casino.

As for volatility, Big Time Gaming does not publish any official numbers. However, given that the max win is 17,420x the bet amount and there are 248,832 ways to win in the feature and 16,807 ways to win in the base game, it’s clear that this slot is high volatility. That means you’ll have big wins interspersed with periods where you will win very little. 

White Rabbit Megaways Slot Review: Who Makes This Game?

Big Time Gaming makes the White Rabbit slot machine. These are some of the most talented developers in the industry. Nik Robinson founded Big Time Gaming in 2021 and led the company to be a powerhouse in the gaming world, thanks to many innovations. Indeed, if you ever see “Megaways slots,” that technology and idea was the brainchild of the talented folks at Big Time Gaming.

Big Time Gaming also has some other hits, including Wheel of Fortune Megaways, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Mystery Box, Monopoly Megaways, and Survivor Megaways. If you love online slots, there’s an excellent chance that you have seen or played these games before! Any new slots casino will likely have some choices from Big Time Gaming.

Can You Play White Rabbit on Mobile?

Yes, you can play the White Rabbit slot game on mobile. It works well with all the latest phones, including both iPhone and Android devices. Additionally, you can play the game on iPad, Android tablets, and all Windows devices, including tablets and desktops. In short, no matter what device you use, White Rabbit is available on it!

It is worth noting that, depending on the size of your device, the symbols on the reels can start to look small in the bonus game. Recall that the reels can expand up to 12 symbols tall. If you have a phone with a smaller screen, that means each symbol will have a tiny space on the screen and could be challenging to read – especially for people with poorer eyesight. Therefore, this game is probably best enjoyed on a tablet or desktop computer.

White Rabbit Megaways Slot Review: Try This Game Out!

As you can likely tell from this White Rabbit Megaways slot review, it’s a fun game. Getting 15 free spins and having the caterpillar bonus makes for an enjoyable time! The graphics are lovely, and the sound is quite captivating too. No matter how you look at the White Rabbit slot, playing it is almost always a fun and enjoyable experience. Indeed, it’s a well-designed game, through and through. It’s one of the best slots available for online gaming enthusiasts today.

Therefore, next time you’re gaming at your favourite online casino, see if they have the White Rabbit slot (or any of the Megaways slots, for that matter)! It’s one of the better games that you’ll be able to play at any new slots casino – both online and land-based!

RTP: 97.24%
Game Type
Game Type: Casino Slots
Provider: BigTimeGaming
Popularity: Very high

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