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Twisted Sister Slot Review

Do you love classic hard-rock music from the legendary band Twisted Sister? Then you have found the right slot to enjoy.

The only problem is that an angry dad does not like such noisy music; he shouts and screams; What do you think you’re doing? You can’t you do better than that? You’re worthless and weak! Do you hear what I’m telling you?

Luckily you don’t have to listen to him.

You can enjoy rock music because when he lands on the playing field, he is wild, although he doesn’t like the music you listen to, he can help you win big!

If you win with the Angry Dad symbol, you will fill the Angry Meter. When you have won four Angry Dad symbols, and the meter has been filled up, you also trigger the “We’re not gonna take it” feature

Now there will be living in the joint! This rock slot machine gives you great music to enjoy while hunting for the “We’re not gonna take it” feature.

The big prizes are waiting for you when playing the Twisted Sister slot machine at an online casino. On this new slot, you can win up to 4500x your stake; that is rocking hard!

Twisted Sister Slot Theme

I wanna rock!

This is one of many new slots that address a well-known rock band. Many other famous bands have their own slot machines like Kiss, Testament, Motorhead, etc.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is lovely, but are you really a genuinely legendary rock band until you have your own slot machine at online casinos all over the world? 

The slot machine deals with the rock band Twisted Sister. The band members have been their symbol. Although the song plays in the background when playing, it is the “We’re not gonna take it” music video, that gives us the Angry Dad wild symbol. When you hit Angry Dad, he will fall out of the playing field, just like when he gets thrown out the window of the music video.   

Grey speakers play thumping rock music off the playing field. You’ll find the Twisted Sister guitar that fills up to give the bonus feature to the left of the playing field. Above the guitar, you will find Angry Dad and the Angry Meter. On the right, you will find the Twisted Sister logo hanging at the top, and then a win overview.

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How is Twisted Sister Played?

In this Twisted Sister Slot Review, we are also giving you the breakdown of how to play this slot successfully. The grid on the Twisted Sister slot machine is a 6×6. The symbols fall into the grid and have cascading functions. Wins are won by getting clusters of five or more symbols, where the symbols are matching horizontally or vertically. You can choose to wager from CAD 2 to CAD 1000 max. 

You choose bets below the playing field. You will find a green spin button and next to it a pink auto spin button on the left. If you win, the win-rewarding symbols disappear, symbols above them will fall down, and new symbols will fall down on the top.  This gives new chances for wins. Filling up the Guitar with enough charges will trigger Band Member bonus features that will provide new opportunities for winning. If you are unsure if this is your type of slot, you can try it out first, in demo mode for free at online casinos. Or you can go to play Twisted Sister for real money.  

Angry Dad Wild

On the Twisted Sister slot machine, it is Angry Dad that gives you the wild symbol. This also needs to be collected on the Angry Meter to trigger the “We’re not gonna take it” free spins. By filling up the guitar and activating the GO WILD bonus feature, you get regular wild symbols on the playing screen. These do not fill up the Angry Meter. 

Bonus Features

To the left of the playing area, you will find the Twisted Sister easily recognizable guitar. It can be charged with up to 15 charges. You get a charge for each symbol with a band member you win with. The guitar is always active, even during the Free Spins feature.  When your spin is done and the winnings counted, the Band Member Bonus Feature is released. You’ll need five charges for a feature, and they’ll be randomly selected. Three of the band members have their own bonus feature. 

SCREAM! Bonus Feature

When the band member with sunglasses screams out the lyrics, all symbols without band members are destroyed around all the symbols with the band member wearing sunglasses. When these disappear, the other symbols fall. The chances are now there to win a prize with band members and replenish the guitar. 

GO WILD Bonus Feature

This bonus feature turns selected symbols into Wilds. If this provides a win, the game continues. You can possibly win more band member symbols or get Angry Dad symbols descending, this will help fill up the Angry Meter.  

UNITE Bonus Feature

This bonus feature unites the symbols. That is, a good number of symbols are randomly selected and turned into the same symbol. Since the Twisted Sister guitar is always active, you can win and fill it back up as charges are used. You can, if you’re lucky, end up with a ton of band member features in a row, which can help you fill up your Angry Meter and give you the coveted “We’re not gonna take it” free spin feature. 

We’re not gonna take it – Free Spins.

To win the free spins feature on Twisted Sister Slot, you need to fill up the Angry Meter. This happens when you win with the Angry Dad symbol. As the symbols that contribute to winning are crushed and replaced with new symbols, you have a chance of filling up the meter as long as you keep winning. This is because Angry Dad symbols can fall at any time.  You’ll need four Angry Dads to trigger the “We’re not gonna take it” free spin. Every extra Angry Dad you get beyond this, will blast the meter and provide a 1x multiplier for each Angry Dad beyond the first four.  If you don’t win on a spin during the “We’re not gonna take it”, you’ll have two random Angry Dad symbols randomly placed on the playing field. 

The free spins begin with a spin where you get the Mega Band symbol. This symbol covers four fields, all band members are on the symbol and act as a band member wild symbol. The Mega Band symbol will move towards the angry dad symbols that exist. When it is in direct contact with one, this will disappear. The Mega Band symbol disappears when the last angry dad symbol has been discarded from the Twisted Sister Slot.

twisted sister slot screenshot

Twisted Sister Slot Symbols and Payouts

The premium symbols that payout the most significant wins belong to the band members of Twisted Sister. Mostly you get the vocalist with curly hair and pink, black stripes in the background. Then the band member with brown hair, sunglasses and orange and red stripes; the one with black hair, red and pink stripes; the one with curly brown hair, green and dark green stripes and finally the one with curls and blue and light blue stripes.  

The lower-paying symbols are represented by Twisted Sister pickers. You win a set amount from 5-9 symbols, and further for 10+, 15+, 20+, and 25+ symbols.

Twisted Sister Slot RTP – 96.2%

Online slots should have an RTP of at least 95% to be worth playing. RTP is how much a game gives back to the player over time. An RTP of 95% gives CAD 95 back in winnings for every one hundred dollars wagered. This does not mean that you cannot play several hundred dollars and only win a few dollars, because you can also play a few dollars and win thousands. This is the payback average and refers to the odds.

At GambleGuys we are happy with an RTP of 96.2% on the Twisted Sister slot, so we can recommend this casino slot based on its RPT. The Twisted Sister slot machine has medium volatility. That is, you will quite regularly be able to experience suitable wins.   

Twisted Sister Tips and Strategies

Our experience with the Twisted Sister slot machine is that it may take some time before you win. “We’re not gonna take it” free spins: On this one, it will also come down to how lucky you are when it comes to Angry Dad symbols. The slot has a high RTP and medium volatility, so it’s all about persevering until you get an excellent free spin feature.  

Who created Twisted Sister?

It is the renowned and award-winning game developer Play’n Go that has created the Twisted Sister Slot. In recent years, this game developer has really invested in slots about famous bands and is behind other bands’ slots such as Annihilator, Testament, Black Mamba, and Demon. 

Can Twisted Sister be played on Mobile?

Play’n Go ensures that all their games can be played on mobile devices of all kinds; it doesn’t matter if you use a mobile or tablet with Apple or Android. You can play Twisted Sister Slot on all of them at an online slot casino. 

Play Twisted Sister at the Best Online Casinos

This GambleGuys Twisted Sister Review is concluding that this is an online slot that really rocks. You’re getting good music and vibe while hunting for large clusters of symbols. The more angry Dad is, the greater chance of a getting really good “We’re not gonna take it” free spin is. 

Even if you are not a fan of the band, you can enjoy this entertaining slot at online casinos that offers excellent Play’n Go games. As part of this Twisted Sister Slot Review, we’ve found the perfect ones for you. Just click on one of the links above to rock the Twisted Sister slot now! Of course, you will get an excellent welcome bonus when signing up! 


Twisted Sister slot is an energetic, music-themed video slot game developed by Play’n GO, inspired by the iconic American hard rock band of the same name. It combines engaging gameplay with the band’s classic hits, offering a unique gaming experience.

The game is played on a 6×6 grid, using a cluster pays system. To win, you need to form clusters of 5 or more matching symbols. The game features cascading reels, meaning winning symbols are cleared from the grid and new symbols drop down, potentially creating more wins.

Key features include Band Features, which are triggered randomly and offer various enhancements like symbol transformations and added wilds. The Angry Dad Wild Scatter triggers the We’re Not Gonna Take It feature, leading to potential high wins

Yes, many online casinos and gaming platforms offer a demo version of Twisted Sister slot. Playing for free allows you to experience the game’s features without risking real money.

The RTP (Return to Player) for Twisted Sister slot is approximately 96.2%, which is within the average range for online slots, indicating the theoretical percentage of total player bets that will be paid back over time.

The maximum win in the Twisted Sister slot can go up to 4,500 times your bet, offering the potential for substantial payouts, especially during the bonus features.

Instead of traditional free spins, Twisted Sister slot focuses on unique band features and the We’re Not Gonna Take It bonus round, which can lead to large wins without the need for a conventional free spins feature.

This feature is triggered by collecting a certain number of Angry Dad Wild Scatters. It starts a round where a mega band symbol moves across the grid, removing symbols and creating wins, with the potential for significant payouts.

Yes, Twisted Sister slot is designed to be fully compatible with mobile devices. Its interface and graphics are optimized for smooth gameplay on smartphones and tablets, allowing players to enjoy the game anywhere.

Twisted Sister slot is available at online casinos that host Play’n GO games. Always choose a reputable casino with valid licenses and fair play certification to ensure a safe and enjoyable gaming experience.

RTP: 96.2%
Game Type
Game Type: Casino Slots
Provider: Play ‘n Go
Popularity: High

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