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Tombstone RIP Slot Review

Slot machines, both online versions, and ones in land-based casinos tend to have bright colors and shiny bells and whistles to attract gamblers. Historically, this has meant coming up with games with positive connotations, like roaming buffaloes, candy, or movies that people enjoy. Recently, Nolimit City has decided to buck that trend by creating darker games that appeal to people’s emotions and have done so with great success. They take people back to times and places that weren’t happy – where people were more on their own, fighting for survival. Tombstone RIP, as readers can likely guess from the name, is one of those slots. Does it live up to the acclaim of its predecessors? Let’s find out in our Tombstone RIP slot review!

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Tombstone RIP Slot Theme

Never one to shy away from controversial topics, Nolimit City has once again created an exceptionally well-done theme from a macabre matter. Tombstone RIP’s setting is in the old Western times where violence reigned supreme. From the moment you load this game, you’ll notice its uniqueness. It will ask you a question that foreshadows the game you’re about to play. That question might be something like, “how do you want to die in Tombstone RIP?” And you’ll have one of two options: shoes on or off. Either answer lets you into the game. However, the mood it sets and the tone it conveys let people know not to expect candies and rainbows in this game – if they didn’t glean it from the title, that question will let them know they’re in for a brutal ride!

Once you get into the game, it’s hard not to appreciate the masterful detail Nolimit City has put into this game. Mesmerizing and detailed symbols, backgrounds, and rich textures make this game feel authentic. When the reels spin, it’s hard not to feel the palpable excitement over what symbol you’ll see next – whether that’s one of the wanted men or the hang ’em symbols. This game is for you if you like slots with a dark, mature theme! Nolimit City is arguably the only provider making games of this caliber that are also this dark.

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How to Play Tombstone RIP

Playing Tombstone RIP is pretty much like playing any other slot. Set the amount you want to wager and hit the spin button to spin the reels! If your game is a winner, you’ll see what you won. Sometimes, the reels won’t win anything; other times, you’ll go to the bonus round. Either way, the game will guide you through what you need to do.

Tombstone RIP has two unique features you will want to use while playing.

The first is a lightning mode, marked by the lightning icon in the bottom-right corner. Click on that, and many animations that take extra time won’t happen. As a result, you’ll get a much faster playing experience. If you like fast-paced slots, selecting that mode is right for you! Lastly, Tombstone RIP comes with an auto-spin feature. Unfortunately, it’s not as advanced as some other games, but it will do the trick. You can stop when a single win exceeds a certain amount, stop when your balance is higher or lower than some percentage of your starting balance, and stop after a fixed number of rounds. These options should be enough for most players to enjoy the spins repeatedly without clicking the button! Still, it would have been nice to see more auto-spin options, and, as we’ll see in this Tombstone RIP review, this is a rare miss for this game!

Symbols and Bonus Features

There are a total of twelve symbols that players may encounter during the game:

1 El Gordo Cowboy 2 Edda Star Cowboy 3 Skinny Joe Cowboy 4 Woman Cowboy 5 Male Cowboy 6 Ace 7 King 8 Queen 9 Jack 10 Ten 11 Bonus/Scatter 12 Wild

Two primary bonus games in Tombstone RIP are Hang’em High and Boothill. The Hang’em High free spins trigger with three scatters in the game. The Boothill triggers when you get those three scatters plus a Boothill scatter symbol.

Hang’em High Free Spins

Triggering once every 194 spins, this bonus comes with a win multiplier, increasing as wilds hit. Multipliers remain throughout the bonus game and don’t reset, which, as you can imagine, can lead to some very impressive wins. And, if a Boothill scatter lands during this feature, the game upgrades to the Boothill Free Spins (as noted below).

Boothill Free Spins

The Boothill free spin game is rare. So rare, in fact, that it only hits once every 85,000 spins. They use the same multipliers as the Hang’em High game; however, this game has two distinct differences. First, a cowboy symbol on the last reel turns all instances of that symbol type wild. And the game chooses a random multiplier between five and 999 and attaches that to a random cowboy. This multiplier affects the selected symbol and adds to the overall multiplier before the game evaluates the win. These two additions make the Boothill-free spins very powerful. While this bonus may be quite the challenge to trigger, thanks to its low probability, if you do hit it, there’s a decent chance for a good payout!

Tombstone RIP Odds and Payouts

Tombstone RIP features the following payouts for each of the 10 paying symbols:

  • El Gordo Cowboy: 4x your wager for five in a row, 0.8x for four, and 0.5x for three.
  • Edda Star Cowboy: 3x your bet for five symbols in a row, 0.6x your bet for four, and 0.4x your wager for three.
  • Skinny Joe Cowboy: 2.5x your stake for five in a row, 0.5x for four, and 0.4x for three.
  • Woman Cowboy: 1.5x your wager for five in a row, 0.4x for four, and 0.3 for three.
  • Man Cowboy: 1x your bet for five symbols in a row, 0.4x your bet for four, and 0.3x your wager for three.
  • Ace: 0.9x your stake for five in a row, 0.3x for four, and 0.2x for three.
  • King: 0.8x your wager for five in a row, 0.3x for four, 0.2x for three.
  • Queen: 0.7x your bet for five symbols in a row, 0.2x your bet for four, 0.1x you wager for three.
  • Jack: 0.6x your stake for five in a row, 0.2x for four, 0.1x for three.
  • Ten: 0.5x your wager for five in a row, 0.2x for four, 0.1x for three.

Naturally, the higher-paying symbols have a lower probability of hitting than the lower-paying ones. Put another way, you’ll have more wins with tens on the reels than you will of El Gordo Cowboys!

Tombstone RIP Slot RTP and Volatility

Land-based casinos can change any machine’s RTP (return-to-player) with a button press. There are some rules around these changes like the slot has to close for a specific time and display a notice that its RTP is changing. However, each machine has a configurable RTP range, usually between 85% and 95%. Historically, online casino games have had one fixed RTP. You could look that up and know what to expect. However, in recent years, that has changed. Some developers have begun creating games with multiple RTP levels, and online casinos can choose which rate to offer players. Unfortunately, that’s the case with Tombstone RIP. There are two versions of this slot: one that pays 96.08% and one that delivers 94.08% back to the player, on average. To know which one you are playing, go to the help section and scroll to the bottom where the Game Rules section is. You’ll find the RTP there. Naturally, you’ll want to play the higher RTP (96.08%) option, which you can find at any best slot casino! And fortunately, thanks to this Tombstone RIP review, you know to look for the higher-paying version!

Nolimit City classifies this slot as “insane” regarding volatility. On a scale of 1-10, they claim, this slot ranks 11. Therefore, expect fewer but bigger wins! Many players love these online games with high volatility because of the massive wins they can have!

Who Makes the Tombstone RIP Slot?

The developer behind Tombstone RIP is none other than Nolimit City – a studio based out of Malta. Nolimit City is infamous for producing some of the world’s best slots with some of the most controversial subject matters. Indeed, NoLimit City slots tackle topics such as the Gulag camps (Remember Gulag), prisons (Folsom Prison and San Quentin XWays), road rage (Road Rage), and gangs (East Coast vs. West Coast). As we’ve already seen in this Tombstone RIP slot review, this game is no exception to that rule (and continues to make NoLimit City slots desired by gamblers globally)!

Is Tombstone RIP Playable on Mobile?

Yes! Tombstone RIP is available for all mobile devices, including iPhones, Androids, and tablets. With that said, the developers have optimized this slot to play on a screen size of at least 1280×720. Most modern phones and tablets have a screen resolution of at least that size. However, some older phones and lower-end devices may run with fewer pixels. If you’re on one of those, you may find the experience less optimal. It’s also worth noting that Tombstone RIP runs perfectly on desktops and laptops, so no matter where you enjoy playing slots on your favourite most played slots casino, you’ll be able to load up Tombstone RIP!

Tombstone RIP Slot Review: A Unique Game That Is Worth Trying!

There is something uniquely powerful about Nolimit City’s games – especially those in their Western genre. When a game says it will “kill you like a dog” (Nolimit’s words), hitting a big bonus becomes particularly satisfying. You feel like you’re in an old Western, scoring the loot and making a getaway. It feels like you have beaten the slot. Lining up three watermelons, three sevens, or three bars on a brightly-coloured reel doesn’t carry the same weight and gravitas. Indeed, there’s a reason you’ll find these games at any best slots casino. And that feeling – the feeling of the game’s brutality – is what makes this slot such a unique and fun experience.

As you can probably tell from this Tombstone RIP review, this is the one to try if you’re looking for a new slot to play at your favourite most played slots casino. It’s an exhilarating journey from the moment you load the game to the moment you close it!

RTP: 96.08%
Game Type
Game Type: Casino Slots
Provider: NolimitCity
Popularity: High

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