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Sword of Ares Slot Review

There is no shortage of new slots that take inspiration from mythology, and now we have another added to this always-popular genre with the Sword of Ares slot. This is a game that positively exudes brashness and confidence, its sword-waving mascot ready to welcome players into his ancient world, where they will try their luck in the hopes of winning.

Fans of classic sword and sandal iconography will feel right at home, but what is it that Sword of Ares has to offer slot players? How are the odds and the potential payouts, what special symbols can you expect to turn up when you take the game for a spin and are there any special features to enhance the gameplay? Our review shall explain all…

Sword of Ares Slot Theme

Those familiar enough with Greek mythology to know that Ares is the god of war will have already guessed the theme of the Sword of Ares slot game. The game has a Grecian setting, with a background of temples, an appropriately-themed set of symbols, and Ares himself serving as a mascot.

The deity stands at the right of the screen, brandishing his sword when you win big and offering the occasional voice sample: he makes quite an impression, and you should not be too surprised if, sometime in the future, the developers begin re-using this character for a string of sequels, giving Ares a few encore appearances with souped-up animation.

The rousing music is appropriate to the mood, feeling like the soundtrack to a film set in the Trojan War. While the game does scrimp on a few of the elements that tend to turn up in fantasy-themed titles like this — for example, it lacks character-based symbols, which are generally used to add to the appeal of games with mythological settings — it is nonetheless a handsome slot that has plenty of animated bells and whistles to add to the enjoyment, particularly when your score prompts the God of War to fling fireballs into the playing field.

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How to Play Sword of Ares

While the theme might be what attracts players, what really keeps them coming back is the gameplay. How does the Sword of Ares slot game stack up in this area?

Symbols and Bonus Features

Any game that wants to stand out among the new slots 2022 has to offer will need to include its fair share of symbols and bonus features. In this section of our Sword of Ares review, we shall take a close look at what separates the gameplay mechanics of Sword of Ares from its many rivals.

To start with, here are the symbols to be found within the game:

  • Low-paying symbols: There are five of these, each depicting a colored gemstone. The lowest-paying of these is the purple diamond, which is worth a quarter of your total bet if you land eight or nine, although landing more will boost the value a little (you get 1x your bet if you land 12 or more). It is followed by the blue pentagon, the green triangle, the red-purple hexagon, and — most valuable of all — the blue-green octagon. The last of these is worth at least 1x your bet, and at most 3x your bet if you land 12 or more.
  • High-paying symbols: There are four of these, and they depict Grecian weapons and armor. The lowest-paying is the sword, which is worth between 1.5x and 5x your bet depending on how many you land. Following it are the shield, the chariot, and finally the helmet. The helmet is the most valuable of the regular symbols, earning you between 4x and 20x your bet.
  • Scatter: This symbol depicts the face of Ares and the caption “SCATTER.” It pays on any position and is worth 3x your bet if you land four, 10.5x if you land five, and 100x if you land six. The symbols can also grant access to the Free Spins round, covered later in our Sword of Ares review.
  • Bombs: When a bomb symbol appears, it will remain until all tumbles in the present spin are completed. It will then explode, destroying adjacent symbols (If there are no tumbles in the current spin, it will remain unexploded). Depending on which type of bomb it is (there are four types in all) it will wipe out either its row; its column; its row and column; or the four diagonal paths connecting to it in an X formation. Note that the Scatter symbol is immune to the bomb’s explosion.

Meanwhile, here are the special features to be found in the Sword of Ares slot:

  • Tumble: Like many new slots nowadays, Sword of Ares has a Tumble feature. This means that winning symbols are destroyed, allowing new symbols to fall into place. A result of this is that you might win multiple times within a single spin.
  • Multiplier Collection: Running along the top of the screen is a meter with three locked multiplier values. Explode 20 symbols, and the first multiplier will be unlocked. Explode 50 to unlock the second multiplier, and explode 100 symbols for the third and final multiplier. The size of each multiplier is random within a certain range. So, the first could be anywhere between 2x to 4x; the second will be between 5x and 8x; and the third will be between 9x and 16x.
  • Free Spins Round: Land four or more Scatter symbols anywhere on the screen and you will enter the Free Spins round. The mechanics change a little within this round: there will be six multipliers rather than three, and bombs will explode even without a tumble. If you unlock all six multipliers (which will require you to explode 225x symbols) then your winnings will be multiplied by 150x, 200x, 300x or even 500x, depending on random selection. You can also enter the Free Spins round by buying access for 100x your current bet.
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Sword of Ares Odds and Payouts

The betting range in the Sword of Ares slot game runs from 0.20 to 100, and your maximum win is 10,000x your bet. This may sound tantalizing, but bear in mind that — as with even the best slot games — the odds are against any player hitting the jackpot. Since Sword of Ares is a high-volatility game, get ready for some high points and some very low points when you play.

Sword of Ares RTP and Volatility

The Sword of Ares slot has high volatility and a base RTP of 96.40%, although if you choose the Buy Free Spins feature, the RTP will be set at the fractionally lower level of 96.39%. Either way, the game’s RTP is marginally above the average for a slot game. For some players, average RTP makes the best slots, while others prefer high volatility — Sword of Ares has something to offer both groups.

Who Made the Game?

Sword of Ares is another release from Pragmatic Play, a provider that has developed something of a sideline in games dealing with Greek mythology: see also Gates of Olympus (slot review), The Hand of Midas, Greek Gods, Hercules & Pegasus, and still more besides.

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Can Sword of Ares be Played on Mobile?

Our Sword of Ares review can confirm that, as should be expected from any of the new slots 2024 has to offer, this game is fully playable on a mobile device. There is one minor quibble in that some of the low-value shapes look a little similar to one another when viewed at a reduced resolution, but this is a small issue indeed and not something that most players will allow to detract from their enjoyment. The figure of Ares, meanwhile, is sufficiently Titanic to stand out even when you see him in action on a small screen.

Play Sword of Ares at the Best Online Casinos

Sword of Ares is a solid addition to the ranks of Pragmatic Play slots. The game’s selection of special symbols, but the novel concept of the bomb symbol more than makes up for this shortcoming, adding a pleasing touch of chaos to the proceedings: which will be the next column to get blasted to bits? Meanwhile, the various special features all add to the appeal: there is an undeniable pleasure in seeing the multiples racked up (if you are lucky) and the added thrill of the free spins round certainly does nothing to hurt matters.

For fans of games set in the world of Greek Mythology, Sword of Ares is well worth a look, milking the subject matter for all it is worthwhile simultaneously offering a slot game with a lot to recommend in terms of mechanics.

RTP: 96.39%
Game Type
Game Type: Casino Slots
Provider: Pragmatic Play
Popularity: High

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