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Remember Gulag Slot Review

Nolimit City is no stranger to strange slots. This company started in 2014 and quickly established itself as one of the industry’s best slot machine game developers. Technically, the games Nolimit City produces are incredibly well-done and highly entertaining. However, the brains behind this company also venture into unchartered territory, with impressively well-designed slots but sometimes containing very strange or ominous subject matters. Introduced in April of 2022, the Remember Gulag slot is one of these games. As we’ll see in this Remember Gulag review, it’s a masterpiece and one of the strangest online slots you’ll ever have the chance to play!

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Remember Gulag Theme

The Remember Gulag online game has one of the most bizarre themes of any slot, but strangely, as we’ll see, somehow it all works to provide a fun, exhilarating experience. You’re not alone if you were puzzled by the “Remember Gulag” name. After all, the slot cannot be about a gulag, right? You know, the infamous labor camps of the former Soviet Union that caused the deaths of over one million people?

It turns out that Remember Gulag is precisely about that!

Visually, Remember Gulag is a powerful reminder of this low point in human history. This slot shows many gray, black, and white tones. Prominent figures in this historical period, including Joseph Stalin, are present in this game, and it even substitutes Russian letters for the standard A, K, Q, J, 10 playing card symbols. The most ominous time comes at the beginning. When the slot first loads, it has the infamous quote, “those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Indeed, this slot will make you remember some of humanity’s darker days. In some respects, it’s best not to overthink the slot’s theme because it is truly mind-blowing that any game with Stalin and forced-labor camps in it could be entertaining. However, it is certainly worth noting that the design and detail of the theme are remarkably well-done. And, Nolimit City has pledged to donate a portion of the game’s profits to humanitarian assistance organizations, so, in many respects, the “Remember Gulag” name is worthwhile. It may help introduce younger people to the atrocities of the former Soviet Union and help ensure they never happen again.

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How to Play Remember Gulag

Despite the unique name and theme, Remember Gulag plays like most other slots, including Nolimit City slots and games from different studios. You can set your bet amount and press the spin button (represented as a circular arrow). Once all the symbols fall into place, you’ll know what you’ve won or if you’re advancing to one of the bonus games.

Like some other slots, Remember Gulag has two different modes that are highly beneficial for players: auto-spins and a “buy the feature” option.

Suppose you want to play the Remember Gulag slot but don’t necessarily want to keep clicking on the spin button. In that case, the auto-spin feature automatically places your bets and spins the reels under certain conditions. Click the play icon in the bottom-right corner, and you’ll see a menu. You can stop after a certain number of rounds, when your balance goes above or below a threshold, or when a single win exceeds a certain amount. Some games offer a more advanced selection, but this one should be fine for most players.

You can also buy the feature, and, unlike some games, you not only have the option to purchase a bonus, but you can buy all combinations. You can buy the base Gulag Spins, Gulag Spins All Aboard, Gulag Spins Double Vodka, or a feature that will randomly select one of those bonuses. The cost to purchase the bonus is 78x your base bet amount for the base Gulag Spins, and 486x your bet for the Gulag Spins Double Vodka feature. The other options cost somewhere in the middle.

Please note that in some jurisdictions, buying the bonus is not permissible, so in those, you won’t see these options.

Symbols and Bonus Features

There are a total of 10 different paying symbols that you will encounter in the base game:

  • Joseph Stalin
  • Military Official
  • Mysterious Man
  • Doctor
  • Saluting Bear
  • Ace
  • King
  • Queen
  • Jack
  • 10

There are also wilds, xSplit Wilds, xNudge Wilds, and xWays. These act as wilds or reveal a random symbol that can result in large paydays! Finally, scatter symbols might appear in the reels. Three or more scatters activate the Gulag Spins bonus. Four scatters triggers the “Gulag Spins All Aboard” mode, while five scatters triggers the “Gulag Spins Double Vodka” bonus.

Gulag Spins

As noted above, the primary bonus in Remember Gulag is “Gulag Spins.” The Gulag Spins bonus starts by spinning an initial five reels. Each character symbol has a win multiplier in the bonus game. The first three reels contain the characters, and the character appearing in the reel adds one to the multiplier. The last two reels have numbers, the total of which is the number of spins you’ll receive in the bonus game. If you got the Double Vodka version of the bonus, all character multipliers double – so instead of winning 5x the regular wager, if you get five Joseph Stalins in a row, you’d receive 10x.

The game then spins the reels the set amount of times you won at the beginning. Each symbol also has a reel up top that has the chance to add a multiplier. So if Stalin is 10x and the top Stalin reel lands on 2x, the total multiplier will be 12x. If you get the Double Vodka bonus and quite a few spins (e.g., ten or eleven), getting characters with 14x, 16x, or even 20x+ multipliers is pretty standard. As you might imagine, these can pay some huge wins! Once all the free spins conclude, you’ll win the amount you accumulated in them. As the counter with your winnings increases, you’ll see numerous communist-themed symbols representing the Gulag era. They don’t call it Remember Gulag for anything!

Odds and Payouts

The payouts for each of the symbols are as follows (we list the lowest three-symbol payout and the highest six-symbol payout for reference – four and five symbols pay somewhere between these two amounts):

  • Joseph Stalin: 6x your bet for six symbols in a row, 0.75x your wager for three.
  • Military Official: 5x your wager for all six, 0.5x your bet for just three.
  • Mysterious Man: 5x your bet for six of these characters in a row, 0.45x your bet for three.
  • Doctor: You’ll receive 4x your bet for six in a row and just 0.4x your bet for three.
  • Saluting Bear: 4x your wager for six, 0.35x your bet for three.
  • Ace: 3x your bet for six and 0.25x your bet for three.
  • King: 2.75x your wager for all six and 0.25x your bet for just three Kings.
  • Queen: 2x your bet for six in a row and 0.2x your wager for three.
  • Jack and 10: Both symbols pay 2x your wager for six in a row but a minuscule 0.15x your wager for just three.

Of course, the lower-paying symbols are more probable, while the higher-paying ones, like Stalin, come on the board much less frequently.

RTP and Volatility

RTP stands for return-to-player, and unfortunately for players, Remember Gulag comes in two versions. One version has a very respectable 96.08% RTP. While not the highest rate for online slots, it’s in the ballpark of what you will get with most online games. Some may offer 97%, while others may provide closer to 95%. However, another version of the game has a poor 94.37% RTP. That percentage puts it closer to what you will find with a land-based casino and not what you’ll find online. If you see this slot version, consider signing up for one of the many Nolimit City casinos with the 96.08% version. It might not sound like a significant difference (1.71%). However, these minor percentage differences accumulate over thousands of spins, making it harder for players to come out ahead! Remember Gulag has the highest volatility rating that Nolimit City can give – 10/10. Therefore, if you are looking for an “extreme” volatility slot, Remember Gulag is your best bet!

Who Makes the Remember Gulag Slot?

The development company behind Remember Gulag is Nolimit City, one of the more unique and fascinating studios from Malta, Sweden, and India. Nolimit City has a significant number of industry professionals working for it, so it should be no surprise that this studio has produced some memorable hits, including Misery Mining, Bushido Ways Xnudge, East Coast vs. West Coast, and San Quentin, and Folsom Prison. Indeed, if there is a slot with a socially questionable theme, there’s a fantastic chance it comes from Nolimit City (this is even true with their new slots and old ones)!

Can You Play Remember Gulag on Mobile?

As is the case with most new slots these days, you can play Remember Gulag on any mobile device. Whether you want to game on your iPad, iPhone, Android phone or tablet, or even your PC/Mac, you can play Remember Gulag on it! And, since Nolimit City built this game with HTML5 technology, you can have total confidence that you will be able to enjoy this game in any browser for years to come!

Remember Gulag Slot Review : Another Winner from Nolimit City!

Is the Remember Gulag slot unorthodox? Absolutely. Is there any way you’ll ever find this at a land-based casino? Not in a million years. Is it fun? Yes! As bizarre as that might sound, it’s an entertaining, well-designed slot with solid game mechanics and a dark, ominous theme. The gameplay is superb, and the Gulag Spins are incredibly fun. You will invariably find yourself on the edge of your seat, waiting for the reels to stop spinning to see how much you’ve won.

Nolimit City slots always push the boundaries. Indeed, if you’re sick of spinning the Buffaloes or seeing some brightly-colored candy pieces fall for a win and want something completely different, as you can see from this Remember Gulag review, this is the game you want to try!

RTP: 96.08%
Game Type
Game Type: Casino Slots
Provider: NolimitCity
Popularity: Very High

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