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Piggy Riches Slot Review

Not since we’ve read The Three Little Pigs have we seen such affluent porkers, but NetEnt‘s popular Piggy Riches Slot has not just a lord, but a lady pig, too. Each with purses and vaults stuffed with cash. Will you be rolling in cash or mud in this porcine adventure? Take a read of our Piggy Riches slot review to find out more.

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Piggy Riches Theme and Symbols

As far as themes go, NetEnt is on to a winner here. It’s not every day you find a pair of wealthy pigs, but the theme, while bizarre is very entertaining. NetEnt has also recently added a variant of the Piggy Riches Slot to their NetEnt’s Megaways collection, meaning that not only are the pigs rich, but spin the reels in the right combination and you could be too. We tried the original game out on a free demo, although there are lots of Piggy Riches Real Money games out there if you are willing to spend your cash. Check out our casino reviews to find out which casinos offer Piggy Riches Real Money slot games.

Piggy riches slot review

Sound and Vision

The theme heavily influences the style of gameplay as well as the symbols and music found in the online slot. Symbols include the traditional 10-A cards as well as a piggy bank stuffed with cash, an overflowing purse, the keys to Piggy Mansion, two gold credit cards and sacks of riches. There are also scatter and wild symbols which are Lady Pig and Lord Pig respectively.

Spin two of the Lady Pig scatter symbols and you’ll receive 2x your initial stake. Three awards you 4x your stake and free spins, four scatters pays out 15x your initial stake and awards free spins, but spin the maximum five scatter symbols and you’ll win 100x your initial stake and free spins. The Lord Pig symbol is a Wild symbol which pays 3x your usual pay line win.

The graphics look a little dated now and the music is nothing to write home about, but if you’re after an interesting little game with the potential for large wins, Piggy Riches is a good option.

How to play Piggy Riches

NetEnt’s game is a classic 5 reel slot with 15 pay lines. The coin value varies from 0.01 coin per line up to 2.00 coins per line. There are also 10 pay levels, giving a spin value of between $0.15 and $300 per spin.

Compatibility and Game Features

As with most NetEnt games, the Piggy Riches slot has been designed with the end-user in mind. As such, the game is compatible with Windows and Mac PCs as well as on mobile devices for those that prefer to bet on the go. We tested Piggy Riches Online using a Windows PC and using a mobile phone and found no issues with the game in either format. Players can adjust settings on the game to suit their own needs. As well as an adjustable coin value, an option is also available to opt for auto spins, with the number of them determined by the player. You can also access a game information panel which allows you to see the payouts on each game symbol and also turn off the music if you prefer to use your own soundtrack.

Aim of the Game

The aim of Piggy Riches Online Slot is simple. Spin three or more matching consecutive symbols and the game pays out. The basic game jackpot is set at 2000 coins for 5 treasure symbols on one pay line. Hit them on every pay line and it maxes the jackpot out at 360,000 coins, which given the low volatility of the slot is an impressive payout. Combine this with free spins and you really can be rolling in the money.

Piggy Riches RTP

RTP = Return to Player. This is the percentage of funds that is likely to be returned to a player if they play for an average amount of time. Of course, there are lots of variables to RTP, not least the budget of the player and the amount of time they play on the game. By keeping in control of your bankroll and only betting what you can afford to lose, online gambling can be a fun hobby.

We recommend you choose Online Slots with an RTP of at least 96%. Piggy Riches sits slightly below this at 95.4%. While this is a shame; an RTP is not an indication of how much you will win, just a calculation of a potential return to a player. As such, the calculation can be right or wrong depending on the numerous factors that affect gameplay.

Piggy Riches’ RTP is in line with those found at NetEnt, with similar figures found on Arabian Nights and Mystery Mansion. However, if you are looking for a NetEnt slot with a higher potential RTP we recommend Blood Suckers, which is NetEnts star performer at 98.0% RTP. This game, however, has a minimum spin of 0.25 coins as opposed to Piggy Riches 0.15.

Piggy Riches Volatility

Piggy Riches is medium volatility, meaning it has regular wins of smaller value. As such it is useful for those with smaller budgets who prefer to play more spins for a smaller potential profit rather than a handful of quick spins in the hope of striking rich. This may be a game for high rollers to avoid, but if you’re a general bettor who likes to play for fun, the game can be an enjoyable addition alongside your usual slots.

Bonus features, Wilds and Free Spins

The Free Spins round is a nice little game feature, but it’s not easy to trigger. You’ll be awarded free spins if you spin three or more Lady Pigs on the reels. This awards you 12 free spins initially with the potential to add extra free spins if you spin further Lady Pig symbols during the bonus round. Free spins are capped at 28, which is smaller than those on offer at some of NetEnts competitors, but still a decent offering.

There are no other bonuses in Piggy Riches Online Slot, leaving Piggy Riches wallowing when it comes to promotions. Instead, the game relies heavily on tried-and-true gameplay techniques and decent in-game volatility to keep players coming back for more. Next up in our Piggy Riches slot review… tips and strategies.

Piggy Riches Strategies, Tips and Tricks

While we know there is little we can do as players to influence how the reels fall, we still live in hope of hitting the jackpot. This is the nature of Online Slots players. There are, however, some things that players can do to ensure that online casino games retain their entertainment value and provide fun and excitement, without high risk. Here are a couple of pointers to our players, whatever your level of expertise.

Keep Hold of the Purse Strings

You wouldn’t go out and make a big purchase without making sure the product is right for you. You wouldn’t spend more cash than you can afford to spend. Yet with Online Slots, it is easy to be swept away in the excitement of chasing ‘one more win.’ If this is you, and we hope it isn’t, then we recommend taking some time away from online betting by utilising the timeout services casino websites place in their customer care areas. If, however, you’re coming to online casinos as a new player, or you feel you have good control over your online betting, then please organise a betting budget so you feel comfortable when betting online.

We recommend basing this calculation on a portion of your disposable income and how much you would personally feel comfortable in losing – after all, more people lose money at casinos than win. Stick to this figure, whatever it may be, and enhance it in safe ways where you can. This could be through online winnings or via promotions that offer extra cash or extra spins if you meet the terms and conditions. As always, though, read the small print of any promotions to make sure you understand what you’re getting into.

Never Wager When Stressed

By losing unplanned money online you can cause yourself stress. Betting when stressed is never a good idea. Studies suggest that decision making when stressed can contribute to poor judgment calls, including betting in a hope of recouping lost money. If you find betting stressful we recommend distancing yourself from it temporarily to allow for personal reflection.

Piggy Riches Slot Review – Our Thoughts

The time has come to sum up our Piggy Riches slot review. We like Piggy Riches. It’s nice to find Online Slots, and indeed the rest of the world can chuckle at. It’s a no-nonsense kind of game that lends itself to beginners and those with small budgets thanks to its medium volatility. It can also be played anywhere via mobile casino apps, making it accessible to many. But what we like best about it is its simplicity.

If plug-and-play was a term used for casino games, this game would be the perfect candidate. You add your money and you get going. There are no complicated rules to learn, no fancy game features, just five reels and a free spin option all accumulating in a chance to win it big.

RTP: 96%
Game Type
Game Type: Casino Slots
Provider: NetEnt
Popularity: Very high

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