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Nitropolis 2 Slot Review

Released in early 2021, Nitropolis 2 was the second slot in what is now the Nitropolis series (there’s a Nitropolis 3 out by the same developers). Situated in a futuristic city, the original Nitropolis captivated audiences with a fantastic storyline, incredible artwork, and fun gameplay mechanics. As such, the developers behind the game have decided to see if they can re-create the magic and come up with a fitting sequel. Is the Nitropolis 2 slot a game you want to play? Let’s find out in our Nitropolis 2 review!

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Nitropolis 2 Slot Theme

Nitropolis 2 takes place in a futuristic city called, well, Nitropolis. It’s a bit of a dystopian future where gang violence is rampant as nitro gas becomes increasingly rare. In Nitropolis, this gas is a scarce commodity, yet it seems necessary for daily life. Due to the increased violence, Sargeant Nitro Wolf has come in to regain control of the city and restore peace for its residents. So far, he’s managed to capture the Rouge Rats, but three other gangs, Gritty Kitties, Pug Thugs, and Dirty Dawgs, still roam free. In this slot, you’ll follow the Sargeant and his quest to restore order to Nitropolis and make it feel safe for everyone. While the storyline is a little complex, the developers have executed this theme particularly well. The graphics convey the sense of a futuristic city. And the symbols themselves all feel very futuristic and detailed. They’re straightforward to read, stand out, and are pretty colourful. One of the aspects of this theme that illustrates just how much detail the developers have put into this slot is that the booster pipe, leading out of the main reels, moves a little bit every once in a while. Additionally, the lights in the city background occasionally flicker, as you’d expect from an actual city. These little touches make Nitropolis 2 feel alive and help engross players in the game. It is truly a riveting world and fitting addition to any most-played slots casino!

nitropolis 2 screenshot

How to Play Nitropolis 2

Playing Nitropolis 2 is remarkably straightforward. Set the amount you want to bet per game by clicking on the coin icon in the bottom-left corner. When you’re ready to spin the reels, click on the spin button in the lower-right corner of the game window. Nitropolis 2 has an autoplay feature, but, sadly, unlike most other competing games, the feature is underwhelming. While other games can stop if you lose a certain amount of money or stop if you hit the bonus game, Nitropolis 2 has none of that. Instead, the autoplay feature for Nitropolis 2 merely lets you spin for 10, 25, 50, or 100 spins. And that’s it. There’s no ability to set any thresholds or other criteria that will stop the spinning. You can activate the autoplay feature by holding down on the spin button or clicking the “auto” button in the upper-right corner of the slot.

Nitropolis 2 Symbols and Bonus Features

Nitropolis 2 features many different boosters and options that are challenging to list out in their entirety. However, with that said, there are twelve core symbols that you’ll see as the reels spin:

  • Sargeant Nitro Wolf
  • Dirty Dawg
  • Gritty Kitty
  • Pug Thug
  • Pest Control Sign
  • Dirty Dawgs Wanted Sign
  • Gritty Kitty Wanted Sign
  • Pug Thugs Wanted Sign
  • Ace
  • King
  • Queen
  • Jack

There are also multiple bonus features of this slot, so let’s dive into those!

Nitro Reels

The slot can randomly add additional pay lines to your game! Called Nitro Reels, this symbol always covers two positions on the reel, and you’ll see a number above it (4, 6, 8, 10, or 12). That number indicates how many symbols are in the Nitro Reel. For example, if there are four symbols, then instead of any winning combo going through two positions, it now goes through four, doubling your win.

Winning Respin

If you win, all participating symbols in that win automatically get a respin. This respin includes Nitro Reels!

Nitro Boosters

A spot above each reel can hold a Nitro Booster that randomly appears there. These Boosters can enhance your winnings significantly. Eight total boosters exist. They are Respin, Both Ways, Nitro Wild, All Wild, Nitro Match, All Match, Nitro Upgrade, and All Premium. Each one will enhance your winnings, so long as that reel participates in a winning combination.

Bonus Game

The bonus game triggers when you land three or more scatters anywhere on the reels. Depending on how many scatters you landed, you will receive a number of free spins. Three scatters provide you with ten free spins, four give 15, five provide 20, and six scatters on the board will provide an impressively high 25 free spins! The free spins are essentially the same as the base game with one crucial difference – any Nitro Reels that land is sticky during the remaining spins. If you get quite a few Nitro Reels early on in the bonus game, you can boost your overall winnings significantly! Indeed, the bonus game is one of the most fun aspects of the Nitropolis 2 slot!

Nitropolis 2 Odds and Payouts

For each of the core symbols, the payout table is as follows:

  • Sargeant Nitro Wolf will pay 3x the bet for six in a row and 1x the wager for three.
  • The Dirty Dawg pays 0.9x the total bet for six in a row and 0.6x the stake for three.
  • Getting six Gritty Kitties in a row pays 0.8x the wager while three only pay 0.5x.
  • The Pug Thug symbol will pay 0.7x for six in a row, while three of these symbols only pay 0.4x.
  • The Pest Control and Dirty Dawgs Wanted symbols both pay 0.5x for six in a row and 0.25x for three.
  • The Gritty Kitty Wanted and Pug Thugs Wanted symbols each pay 0.5x for six in a row and 0.2x the total wager for three.
  • Ace and King both pay 0.4x for six symbols in a row while only paying 0.15x your wager for three.
  • Lastly, Queen and Jack both pay 0.4x your wager for six in a row and 0.1x your bet for three.

Unlike some slots, the payouts on each of these symbols are not that high. Instead, much of the money comes from the various boosts and bonus games you can encounter while playing Nitropolis 2!

Nitropolis 2 RTP and Volatility

While Nitropolis 2 is an incredible slot to play, its RTP rate is a bit of a weak spot. Unfortunately, it’s only 95%. That rate is excellent compared to what you’ll find in many land-based casinos; however, compared with most online slots, the rate is lower than the 96%-97% average you’ll usually come across. So, while you’ll probably do better at this slot than if you head out to your local casino, other games online provide you with better odds, statistically. It is worth noting that the original Nitropolis featured an RTP rate of 96.1%, meaning that, statistically, you’re better off playing the first instalment of the series than the sequel!

According to the developer, the Nitropolis 2 slot has a volatility rating of eight out of ten. This rating makes Nitropolis 2 a high-volatility slot, but not as much as others you might play. Due to this rating, expect bigger wins that happen less frequently. Many people like these higher volatility slots and choose them at their favourite most played slots casino because they can be remarkably exciting when they pay out!

Who Makes the Nitropolis 2 Slot?

The studio behind Nitropolis 2 is a somewhat lesser-known company called ELK Studios. They have been around since 2013 and produce phenomenal games for many of the best online casinos. The Nitropolis series is one of their most popular ones, but players may have seen previous ELK Studio slots such as Platooners, Route 777, Sam on the Beach, Wild Toro, and Taco Brothers Derailed. Indeed, ELK is well-known for producing high-quality games to entertain slot enthusiasts worldwide, and you’ll undoubtedly find them in your favourite best slots casino.

Can the Nitropolis 2 Slot Be Played on Mobile?

Absolutely! Players can enjoy Nitropolis 2 on their mobile device, whether they have an Android or an iPhone. Additionally, Nitropolis 2 looks fantastic on other device types, including laptops, desktops, and tablets (again, both Android ones and iPads). Players using mobile devices should expect an experience equal to what you get if you play the game on a larger screen, as with most ELK Studio slots.

Our Verdict : Nitropolis 2 Is A Great Game with One Big Flaw

Nitropolis 2 is a fun slot to play. That is self-evident from our Nitropolis 2 review. It has a wonderful storyline that is remarkably engaging and makes players genuinely interested in playing the slot. The artwork is fantastic, the bonus spins and features are fun, and the actual gameplay mechanics are solid. However, it is a little hard to overlook the comparatively low RTP of this slot. The fact is that many other games have higher statistical returns. Most games have RTP rates of 96%+, and many online ones will even get above 97%. Some games even reach 99% if you play them a certain way. If you’re not super worried about the statistical odds and can set that aside for a fun slot, Nitropolis 2 is a fantastic game to play. However, if you want to also have the math on your side when you play online, there are other better “bang-for-your-buck” slots at your favourite best slots casino!

RTP: 95%
Game Type
Game Type: Casino Slots
Provider: ELK
Popularity: High

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