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Money Train 2 Slot Review: A new Adventure you need to try!

Many times, studios create slot machines that wind up being a huge success. The original Money Train was that online slot for Relax Gaming, a company founded in 2010. It featured an intriguing Western theme and plenty of ways to win. Released in 2019, the original Money Train quickly became a favourite of online gamers globally. In 2020, they released Money Train 2, a sequel to the original fan favourite. The question is, of course, is this game as good or better than the first? Yes, it is. As we’ll see in this Money Train 2 slot review, there’s a lot to love about this sequel!

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Money Train 2 Slot Theme

The theme of Money Train 2 appears to be a Western one the first time you load the slot. However, the actual theme is slightly more nuanced. Unlike the original Money Train, which was clearly in the past, this new slot appears to be a Western from the future. The colours and tones invoke images of the Wild West, but the train itself is futuristic. It’s a fascinating theme that you need to see to understand fully. But, it all works to form a beautiful-looking slot game. Some slots are barebones in terms of graphics and sound, but this one is most definitely not. The graphics are fluid and intriguing. Even the reel animations seem particularly well done!

money train 2 slot screenshot

How To Play Money Train 2

As with any slot, there isn’t much of a trick to playing Money Train 2. You merely need to set a bet amount (this typically ranges from $0.10 per spin up to $20 per spin) and hit the spin button. The reels will then show a spinning animation and, if you win, the game will credit your account for that amount. With that said, though, there are a few unique features that Money Train 2 has that will make your slot playing experience much more enjoyable!

First, Money Train 2 offers a “buy a bonus” feature. In essence, you can pay a pre-defined amount to trigger a bonus on your next spin, guaranteed. The amount you’ll pay is 100x your wager – so if you’re doing $0.10 per spin, it costs $10 to buy the bonus. If you’re someone that loves bonuses, this presents an exciting way to play the slot. You could, in theory, skip all the regular spins and play the bonus rounds. Or, if it’s been a long drought in between bonuses, you can trigger one to try your luck.

Second, you can set the autoplay feature so that you don’t need to keep pressing the spin button. This mode enables you to execute strategies like “spin until I lose $50 or win $50” or “spin 100 spins no matter what happens.” The autoplay feature makes playing this slot significantly less tedious!

Symbols and Bonus Features

For the traditional, non-bonus spins, Money Train 2 has ten symbols that you may encounter. There’s the necromancer (red), collector (orange), sniper (green), and the payer (blue). You’ll also see the standard card suits with spades, hearts, clubs, and diamonds. Finally, you’ll see a wild symbol and, if you’re lucky, a bonus symbol. There are two bonuses that you can trigger: the Respin Feature and the Money Cart Bonus Round.

Respin Feature

If you see two bonus symbols land on the reels, you’ll get the respin feature. The respin feature is quite simple. The bonus symbols each reveal a multiplier, and the game then adds those two together. Once that happens, the game will then keep spinning until a winning spin occurs. Each non-winning spin boosts the multiplier by one. Once the reels reveal a winning spin, the slot multiplies it by the multiplier and pays the amount out.

As a quick example, let’s say you’re betting $1 per spin. You see the two bonus symbols. The first symbol reveals 2x, and the second shows 3x. Your total multiplier is 5x. Next, you respin, and that isn’t a winner. So now the multiplier is 6x. The next spin pays out $2. The respin feature is over, and the game pays 6 x $2 = $12. Depending on what you hit on the reels and the multiplier, this bonus can pay quite a bit!

Money Cart Bonus Round

The Money Cart Bonus Round occurs when you have three bonus symbols in any given game. This mini-game is also what the “buy a bonus” feature gives you. In this game, you’ll have empty reels and three spins. The spins will reveal one of eleven symbols. In essence, each of these symbols increases your multiplier by a certain amount. The bonus symbol and golden bonus symbol increase your multiplier by 1x and 10x your bet and 20x and 200x your bet, respectively. You can also get other symbols that will increase all the individual multipliers or double your overall multiplier.

Once the bonus round finishes, you’ll have a final multiplier amount. The game will then take your wager amount and multiply that to give you the payout. It is worth noting that if you use the “buy a bonus” feature, you’ll need to get a multiplier of at least 100x on the bonus game to break even or make money off of that bonus buy!

Money Train 2 Slot Odds and Payouts

Assuming you bet $1 per spin, Money Train 2 pays out the following:

  • Necromancer: $20 for five in a row and $0.80 for three in a row.
  • Collector: You’ll get $10 for five and $0.60 for three.
  • Sniper: This pays slightly less as you’ll get $9 for five and $0.50 for three in a row.
  • Payer: $8 for five in a row and $0.50 for three in a row.
  • Spade $5 for five in a row but only $0.20 for three in a row.
  • Heart: You’ll get $4 for five in a row and only $0.20 for three in a row.
  • Spade: This symbol pays $3.50 for five and $0.20 for three.
  • Diamond: You’ll get $3 for five and $0.20 for three.

Please note that each of these payouts scales with the bet amount. Therefore, you can multiply the numbers above by 10x if you’re betting $10 per spin, or divide by 10x if you’re betting $0.10.

Money Train 2 RTP and Volatility

The return-to-player (RTP, for short) percentage is a metric that indicates how much, on any given spin, the player will get back. In essence, the RTP is the house edge. For every dollar you put into a slot, it might only pay $0.95 back, on average. Of course, people can (and do) win big on slots, but RTP represents the statistical average over long, extended periods of play. The best slots have higher RTP percentages.

Many land-based casinos average 93% or below. Online slots can often do better, with 95%-96% being around the average. For Money Train 2, the RTP is an impressive 96.4%. That metric means that the slot will pay out $0.964 on average for every dollar you bet. Like many other aspects of our Money Train 2 slot review, this game excels here too! The volatility of this slot depends on what mode you’re playing. If you are doing the regular spins, the volatility of this online slot is somewhere between medium and high. However, once you enter the bonus round, it’s a very high volatility slot. In essence, this means you’ll see reasonable wins as you spin the reels, but the bonus can sometimes be a feast or a famine – winning big on some rounds and coming up empty on others.

Who Makes Money Train 2?

Relax Gaming makes Money Train 2. Founded in 2010, Relax Gaming has quickly established itself as a producer of high-quality online slots. They have offices in six European countries, a testament to how much they have grown over the years! If you visit any new slots casino (like Guts) with some regularity, you’ll probably have seen some of Relax Gaming’s other top slots, including the Let’s Get Ready to Rumble slot, TNT Tumble, Tower Tumble, and Zombie Circus. Indeed, online gamers can find Relax Gaming’s creations in many online casinos!

Is Money Train 2 Playable on Mobile?

Like all the best slots today, you can play Money Train 2 on your mobile device! Indeed, whether you have an iOS or Android device, you will be able to enjoy Money Train 2. It’s also worth noting that this slot works on tablets, so even if you’re using an iPad or an Android tablet, you’ll be able to enjoy some spins with this Western slot! Of course, Money Train 2 is also playable on a desktop computer. Therefore, no matter where you are or what device you’re using, you can probably use it to enjoy some spins!

Money Train 2 Slot Review: You Need To Check This One Out!

As you can see from this Money Train 2 slot review, this online slot offers a lot for gamers. It’s got a beautifully designed theme, a nice bonus, lots of play modes, and it’s a fun slot to play. In the world of online slots, this one stands out from the rest! Therefore, the next time you’re in your favourite new slots casino, check if they have slots from Relax Gaming. If they do, take a few spins on Money Train 2, as it’s one of the best slots available! You’ll almost assuredly have an enjoyable time!

RTP: 96.2%
Game Type
Game Type: Casino Slots
Provider: RelaxGaming
Popularity: High

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