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Mega Fortune Slot Review

If you dream of living the high-life then our Mega Fortune slot Review is for you. Created in 2008, the NetEnt game sweeps you off to Monte Carlo where you can experience all of life’s little luxuries including drinking champagne on a fancy yacht. With not one, but three jackpots to be won in the Mega Jackpot Reel game, who knows, you may even be sipping champers for real!

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Mega Fortune Theme and Symbols

NetEnt are well known in the online casino game industry for embracing a theme with everything they’ve got. Mega Fortune Slot is no exception. This exciting luxury slot brings all the glamour of a wealthy lifestyle without ever having to leave your home. The symbols used in the slot are iconic images of wealth – you’ve got golden rings with the Jack, Queen, King and Ace cameos inset into them. The next symbol is a glass of brandy and a cigar. A jewel-encrusted watch, a bling money clip and a Rolls Royce make up the basic symbols.

Even the special symbols are given the high life treatment. The Wild icon is a luxury yacht, whereas the scatter symbol is a bottle of bubbly and two glasses. If you spin two or more of the scatter symbols on the reels you’ll win cash. Three or more triggers a free spins round with potential for additional free spins. Lastly is the bonus icon looking like a red and gold roulette wheel. Spin three or more of these in succession from left to right on the same payline and you’ll be transported to the Mega Jackpot Reel for a chance of big money bonuses!

mega fortune slot review

Mega Fortune… A Feast for the Senses

It’s not often we drift away while writing a review, but the music which accompanies the game is very relaxing and blends with the online slot theme seamlessly. We couldn’t help but take a moment away from the Mega Fortune slot Review to savour it. NetEnt has thought carefully about the overall presentation to the player. This is also clear in their use of sound effects, which add urgency to spins that have bonus or scatter icons present.

One of our favourite elements of the Mega Fortune Online Slot is the layout of the game. It is simple in its approach, yet unobtrusively shows you all the information you need to know. At the top of the screen is a constant reminder of the jackpots at stake, ranging from largest to smallest. The pay lines are numbered at the side of the reels so you can easily keep track of them, and again, they reinforce the theme with their diamond shape.

To the bottom of the reels is an area where you can adjust your bet, add autoplay and see at a glance how many coins you have remaining. An information button completes the lineup.

How to play Mega Fortune

Next up, decide upon your wager value. You can pay anything from 0.25 and 50 coins per spin. The idea is to get three or more of the same symbol along a pay line for a winning combination. The maximum standard win in the game is 2162x your initial stake, which compares favourably to Arabian Nights, another of NetEnt’s slot games.

Jackpots Galore at Mega Fortune

Of course, the real reason we’re all here is to hit the jackpot. Online Slots are rife with them. With Mega Fortune Slot, there’s not just one, but three jackpots that you can win. Be warned – these are NOT easy to obtain. Sadly we are not millionaires after our Mega Fortune slot Review session. Although we didn’t play the Mega Fortune Real Money game, so that may explain it.

The game is set up so that players who wager higher bets per spin are more likely to win jackpots. With this said, every player has a chance to win the jackpot and the odds between those who play with the highest and lowest spin values are very similar.

There are lots of NetEnt’s Online Slots casino players can enjoy. Their games have produced some of the world’s largest jackpot winners. Mega Fortune, for example, gave a Swedish player the surprise of a lifetime when they won a staggering CAD 5.8m after spending just over $7 on the game!

Mega Fortune RTP

A game’s RTP is just one of the ways we judge its fairness and a players’ ability to succeed. Mega Moolah Online Slot yields a reasonable RTP of around 96.0% on average. We judge anything above 96.0% as a ‘loose’ slot, giving players a reasonable chance of success. It is worth noting, however, that a game’s RTP does not guarantee that funds will be returned to every player, only that over an average number of players and an average number of spins the RTP will be achieved.

Mega Fortune Volatility

Another element of an Online Slot’s gameplay to consider is its volatility. Volatility relates to the number of times a game pays out and whether it pays out larger or smaller sums when it does so. Games with lower volatility pay out more often but tend to pay out smaller amounts when they do so. High volatility slots offer less wins, but they tend to pay out more when they do payout.

Medium volatility slots sit somewhere between the two with a mixture of large and small payouts and at semi-regular intervals. Which type of slot is best is down to personal preference. A risk-averse player may prefer a low volatility slot as it gives them the impression that they are winning often. A high roller on the other hand may favour a high volatility slot for the potentially life-changing sums of cash they could win.

Whatever type of slot you prefer, it’s important to keep your budget in check before embarking on a Mega Fortune Real Money game. Mega Fortune Online is classed as a low volatility slot. Wins are frequent thanks to the payout of three or more matching icons or two or more bonus icons.

While you may think this automatically rules out a high roller because of the smaller wins, it’s worth noting the progressive jackpot formula that Mega Fortune uses. Every penny that goes into a slot game is divided. While some cash goes to the casino for its profit, some of the remaining cash goes directly into the progressive jackpot. Every player that plays on the slot contributes to the balance and the jackpot rises as a result.

Bonus features, Wilds and Free Spins

One of our favourite Mega Fortune features is the free spin round which is triggered when you spin three or more of the champagne scatter symbols. Once triggered you’ll choose one of the champagne scatter symbols to find out how many free spins you’ll receive. The maximum is 10. Each champagne scatter symbol also has a multiplier value between 1x and 5x.

You can also trigger extra free spins or grab bigger multipliers during the free spin round. To do this you’ll need to spin more champagne scatter symbols during your free spins. Two or more scatters on the same spin trigger additional free spins or a multiplier.

Will You Win The Big One?

There is one more bonus round that we need to mention. This is the Wheel of Luck round which is triggered when you spin three or more consecutive roulette wheels during normal spins.

Do this and your game screen will change, leaving you with a giant spinning roulette wheel to your right. This wheel is divided into four smaller wheels which have been segmented into arrows or monetary amounts. Click to stop the wheel. If it lands on a monetary amount you win that amount. If it lands on an arrow you progress to the next wheel. Play continues in the same way, moving towards the centre wheel until you either land on an arrow and move onto the next wheel or you land on a monetary amount. Reach the fourth wheel and you win the Mega Fortune jackpot.

Mega Fortune Strategies, Tips and Tricks

There are no real tricks we can offer you to increase your chances of winning. Every slot game is operated using a Random Number Generator. With Mega Fortunes, the game is made even more random by adding another RNG for the bonus wheel. What we can offer you is a bit of general advice about betting online. With this, we hope your online play remains enjoyable.

Never Bet When Stressed

Think back to all those times you’ve been under pressure and made a bad decision. Now imagine what it would be like to bet while under the same level of stress. Stress impairs a person’s ability to make rational decisions. When money is involved, this can be a recipe for disaster. If you are playing online and you feel yourself becoming stressed, please remove yourself from the situation. Do something else you enjoy and leave the betting until you’ve calmed down. That way you stay in control of your bankroll and in control of any actions you may take to increase it.

Read Online Slot Reviews

We’re not just saying this to toot our own horn, reading online slot reviews helps make you a better online bettor. How? By reading about a game before you play it you already have an understanding of the features of the game. You also know what the RTP and volatility of the slot is and can plan accordingly. Also, sometimes games are just plain duds. By reading honest online reviews you’ll know which games to avoid and which you should spend your time exploring.

Mega Fortune Slot Review – Our Thoughts

Summarising this Mega Fortune slot review is pretty simple. It’s not often we get to review a game that is from a world leader in online gaming and the game is also a classic, too. But with Mega Fortune its reputation is legendary.

It is the game that has created millionaires all over the globe, has three bonuses available to all users and also has a generous free spin round that offers up repeat spins if you’re lucky. It’s no surprise, then, that we rate the game highly. It’s not hung around for the best part of a decade for nothing, so it’s clear others love it too. All that’s left to do is crack open a little bit of the bubbly and celebrate NetEnt’s continued success with this game.

RTP: 96%
Game Type
Game Type: Casino Slots
Provider: NetEnt
Popularity: Very high

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