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Hypernova Megaways Slot Review

The Hypernova slot game series has since expanded to include both Hypernova Radial Reels and Hypernova 10k Ways, but the trilogy started right here with Hypernova Megaways. If you have not yet sampled the original game in the series, then you may be curious as to exactly what form Hypernova took when it made its debut. But just how well does it stand up in a world that has since given it so many competitors? Well, our review is here to give you an in-depth tour of Hypernova Megaways…

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Although the title of the Hypernova slot series suggests a science fiction theme, this is not entirely accurate. Hypernova Megaways does have a space-themed backdrop, with colored nebulae glowing against a black void, but the overall motif is rooted instead in traditional slot machine iconography. So, the main symbols are playing cards and gemstones (gemstones being surely second only to fruit in terms of slot machine symbol choices) while the jackpots are represented by prize cups. The only symbols that reflect the space theme are the Wild and Scatter icons, which depict glowing celestial bodies. The pseudo-orchestral background music has a pleasingly sweeping quality to it, making it easy to feel as though you are floating off into space to join the spinning gemstones; and the music is also designed to change tone when necessary to raise the tension of the game. All in all, Hypernova Megaways offers a pleasant and polished variation on the more traditional end of the slot gaming market.

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How to Play Hypernova

The Hypernova slot game uses six reels; as it is a Megaways title, the number of rows varies from wheel to wheel. The minimum accepted bet per spin is $0.20; the maximum is $25. Because of the Megaways system, there are a total of 117,649 different ways to win. Surrounding the main area of the playing field are the following options and information:

  • Current Balance
  • Current Bet
  • Spin Button
  • Current Jackpots (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum).
  • Options Menu

Symbols and Bonus Features

When it comes to symbols and bonus features, Hypernova Megaways turns out to be fairly basic. It has the standard line-up of regular symbols with a range of different values, plus the special symbols of Wild and Scatter that should by now be familiar to anyone who is an active player of slot games. There is also a bonus feature, the Jackpot Respins round, but this is likewise not so far outside the ordinary. All that being said, you might like to have a more thorough understanding of the game’s mechanics before you start placing your bets, so our Hypernova Megaways review is here to help.

Playing Card Symbols

A lot of the most played slots casino games use symbols themed around playing cards for their lower-paying icons, and Hypernova does not buck this trend. It has six of these symbols in all: 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A. For the most part, these will be worth only a fraction of your bet. With 9, for example, landing three on the grid is worth 0.1x; four will get you 0.2x; five will be valued at 0.4x and the maximum of six on the grid will get you 0.5x of your bet. The only playing card symbols that deal in whole numbers are K (six in a spin will get you 1x your bet) and A (where six will be worth 1.2x).

Gemstone Symbols

The four highest-paying symbols in the Hypernova slot are themed around gemstones, Of these, the lowest in value is the triangular blue gem, which is worth 0.25x your bet for three in a spin, 0.5x for four, 1x for five and 2x for six. Just above this is the square green gem, which is worth a maximum of 2.5x for the full six in a spin. The red heart-shaped gem is, in most respects, worth twice as much as the green gem. Finally, we have the most valuable gemstone of all: the purple-tinted diamond. This is worth 2x your bet for two in a spin (making it the only symbol that will score if you land two), 5x for three, 10x for four, 30x for five, and an impressive 100x for the complete six.

Wild Symbol

The Wild symbol is a glowing blue ball with the word “WILD” written across it, so it should be hard to miss. As is conventional among the most played slots casino games, it will substitute for all symbols on the grid except for the Scatter. However, in a variation on the standard, Hypernova’s Wilds appear only in the top row; this will have a significant impact on gameplay compared to slot titles in which the Wild symbol can appear anywhere on the grid.

Scatter Symbol

The Scatter symbol in the Hypernova slot is a glowing purple ball with a number in front of it that indicates the relevant cash prize; this can change in value during a single spin. If you are lucky enough to land six or more Scatters on the playing field, then you will be taken to the Jackpot Respins round. (Note that, in this round, some of the Scatter symbols have jackpot prize cups over them instead of score value).

Jackpot Respins

If you succeed in entering the Jackpot Respins round by landing six or more Scatter symbols, then the Scatters will remain stuck onto the playing field while the regular symbols fade into darkness. The object of the round is to land further Scatter symbols that will add to your final win once the respins session has ended. Hypernova Megaways has four jackpots in all — Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum — each of which plays a part in the respins round. If you are particularly lucky you will land the Gold or Platinum jackpots, which are worth 250x and 2000x your stake respectively. The Bronze and Silver jackpots, meanwhile, are worth 10x and 50x your bet.

Odds and Payouts

Our Hypernova slot review can confirm that the Megaways version of this title has 117 pay lines. The maximum that you can win is 8,640 times your stake, and the overall jackpot is capped at $250,000. This may seem promising to an outsider, but it will be a good idea to take into account the game’s RTP and volatility (discussed below) and compare it to its rivals among the best slots casino games before you rush in to place your bet.

RTP and Volatility

The Megaways version of the Hypernova slot game has an RTP of 96.1%. This places it in the medium-to-high zone where many of the best slots casino games are concerned. The volatility level, meanwhile, is in the medium-low range. Taken together, these two factors position Hypernova Megaways somewhere around the middle of the road in terms of volatility and RTP.

Who Made the Game?

Hypernova Megaways is the work of Relax Gaming, a provider that active online casino patrons will likely have come across. The many popular Relax Gaming slots include…

  • Space Miners
  • Cluster Tumble
  • Spirit of the Beast
  • Let’s Get Ready to Rumble
  • Ignite the Night
  • Atilla the Hun
  • Erik the Red
  • Marching Legions
  • Money Train 2
  • Emerald’s Infinity Reels

Can the Hypernova be Played on Mobile?

Hypernova Megaways may be the oldest version of the Hyperways slot series, but it still stands up on modern mobile devices. The visual style of the game, with its emphasis on a large, clear playing field and chunky, easily-distinguished symbols, also makes it a good fit for the small screen. It seems safe to say that the mobile-friendly nature of Hypernova Megaways played a role in its overall popularity.

Play Hypernova At The Best Casinos

While the Hypernova Radial Reels and Hypernova 10k Ways variations both have their merits, the original Hypernova Megaways will remain, for many players, the definitive version of this slot game. Compared to its counterparts in the catalog of Relax Gaming slots, the theme may be admittedly a little basic. There is no attempt to conjure up a fantasy world here; no fun-filled cartoon graphics or a narrative built to run through the game. But for players who appreciate the traditions of slot machines, this will not be a weakness but a major part of the game’s appeal. Hypernova Megaways is an example of slot gaming in its purest form: while incorporating all of the enhancements that come with the Megaways format, it uses straightforward and accessible mechanics and visuals. This will be particularly desirable if you are playing the game on a mobile device, as described above. Any player who feels like stepping into a world where slot games are open and upfront about being slot games, rather than pretending to be something else, will find themselves right at home among the colored gemstones of Hypernova Megaways.

RTP: 96.1%.
Game Type
Game Type: Casino Slots
Provider: RelaxGaming
Popularity: Medium

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