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Hell’s Kitchen Slot Review: The Perfect Slot for Fans of the Show

Many online gaming providers are producing high-quality games. It’s now commonplace to see games with fantastic graphics, excellent sounds, and enjoyable gameplay. One of the leaders in this space is NetEnt, a company with its headquarters in Sweden. Founded over 25 years ago in 1996, this company still produces excellent online games. Therefore, when looking at NetEnt slots, we expect to have a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Does the Hell’s Kitchen slot live up to that expectation? As we’ll see in our Hell’s Kitchen slot review, it does, for the most part! This online game is one you’ll want to play at your favourite new slots casino.

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Hell’s Kitchen Slot Theme

The theme for this slot is relatively straightforward. The game derives all its graphics and sounds from the Hell’s Kitchen TV show. Fans of the show will immediately recognize Gordon Ramsay’s face from the moment they load up the slot machine!

The symbols are food-related, and the reels appear to be underneath a warming lamp – a subtle but nice touch that helps make this slot feel pretty immersive. The standard J, Q, K, and A symbols are a little out of place, considering everything else is food-related. Still, when taken together, the slot presents itself well, and those looking for in-depth, quality graphics will not be disappointed. Of course, all the bonuses feel very much in line with this theme. There’s the team challenge bonus and Gordon’s bonus. Both of these are equally immersive and fun!

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How To Play the Hell’s Kitchen Slot

As you can likely tell from this Hell’s Kitchen slot review, playing this game is a joy. Like most slots, it’s pretty simple. All you need to do is select your bet amount and press the spin button.

Like many slots now, there is an auto-spin feature. This button will automatically spin the reels, so you don’t need to keep clicking. However, unlike many modern slots, the auto-spin on this machine is rudimentary. The only choice you have is the number of spins you want it to do. There’s no ability to set a loss or win limit. While this capability isn’t necessary, it does have its uses. Indeed, setting something like “spin the slot 100 times, but stop if I lose $20” has its advantages. Regardless, people won’t have a tough time playing Hell’s Kitchen. If you have played any slot machines before, this one will feel quite intuitive to you.

Hell’s Kitchen Slot Symbols and Bonus Features

There are nine symbols that you will find in the base game:

  • Ham
  • Burger
  • Drink
  • Dessert
  • Ace
  • King
  • Queen
  • Jack
  • Wild

The most valuable symbol in this list is the ham, and the least valuable is the Jack. In addition to these nine base symbols, there are three primary bonus games that you will find on this slot.

Ramsay’s Wilds

This mini-event is the most straightforward bonus on the slot. This bonus can randomly happen on any spin. In it, Gordon will throw knives or plates at your game. These will stick to the reels, adding anywhere between five and seven wilds. Naturally, these will likely increase your chances of getting a winning combination!

Team Challenge Free Spins and the Order Up Feature

The Team Challenge feature is perhaps the most “authentic” in terms of the show. In this bonus game, you’ll have two teams, each with its set of reels. You’ll need to pick one team to start – either the red team or the blue team.

On each of the spins, between one and three Order Up features randomly occur. There is three possible Order Up features that you may encounter:

  • 2x Multiplier: this feature doubles the win
  • 3x Multiplier: like the one above, this feature triples the win
  • Team Wilds: this feature adds between three and eight wilds to the reels

Each of these features has a blue or red colour coding, so you’ll know which reels they affect. This bonus occurs when you get three or four Gordon Ramsey scatters. Getting three scatters will give you ten free spins while earning four will provide you with 15 spins.

Gordon’s Bonus Game

The last bonus this slot offers is Gordon’s Bonus Game. Like all the other bonuses, this one is equally straightforward and intuitive. The only way to activate this feature is to pick the winning team from the game above (recall that you need to select the red or blue team). This feature is essentially a card-picking game. You’ll see fifteen cards (technically, menus) from which you can select. Each menu will uncover one of the following:

  • Random cash prizes (between 2-5x your total stake)
  • 2x Multiplier
  • 3x Multiplier

The multipliers are cumulative, so if you pick two 3x multiplier menus, you’ll then win 6x your bet. You keep picking until you uncover three “X” symbols. As you can imagine, if you pick the winning team and you get all these multipliers, you can have a significant win with this slot!

Hell’s Kitchen Slot Odds and Payouts

As noted above, the base game has nine primary symbols. The ham is the most valuable, and the Jack is the least useful for a payout. As you might guess, the Jack is much more prevalent on the reels than the ham is! Assuming a $1 bet, the payouts for getting each set of symbols are as follows:

  • Ham: $10 for five in a row and $2.25 for three.
  • Burger: You’ll receive $4 for five and $2 for three.
  • Drink: $3 for five in a row and only $1.50 for three.
  • Dessert: $2.50 for all five on a pay line and $1.50 for three.
  • Ace: $1.50 for all five and $1.00 for three.
  • King: You’ll receive $1.50 for all five and $1.00 for three.
  • Queen: $1 for five and $0.50 for three.
  • Jack: $0.75 for five and $0.35 for only three of these symbols.

Bonus games can pay quite a bit more, although NetEnt doesn’t publish the maximum win on bonus games.

Hell’s Kitchen Slot RTP and Volatility

RTP stands for “return to player” and represents the average amount you can expect back per spin. For the Hell’s Kitchen online slot, that amount is 96.07%. In other words, for every $1 you put into this slot, you can expect $0.9607 back. The difference represents the house edge. To put this in context, many land-based casinos have RTP amounts of 93% or lower. So, 96.07% is quite good in that respect.

However, it is worth noting that many online slots have much better odds. Some of them have RTP values as high as 97% or 98%. Therefore, if you want the absolute lowest house edge, the Hell’s Kitchen slot is not for you. However, if you want an excellent online game that will beat most land-based casinos in terms of returns, this slot is perfect!

The volatility on this slot is in the low-medium range. The higher the volatility, the bigger the wins when you win, but you’ll win less frequently. If you’re looking for a slot that will give you more frequent (but smaller) wins, this Hell’s Kitchen slot is a good fit for you! It is worth noting that many slots have higher volatility, so this is a little unique in that regard. All in all, the relatively high RTP combined with the low-to-medium volatility make this online slot quite enjoyable.

Who Makes the Hell’s Kitchen Slot?

NetEnt makes the Hell’s Kitchen online slot game. This slot provider makes some of the best slots in the industry. For example, Starburst, Dead or Alive II, Narcos, Gonzo’s Quest, and Jack and the Beanstalk are all NetEnt slots. Like many modern gaming providers, the games that NetEnt creates are among the highest quality. They frequently feature stellar graphics, fantastic bonuses, and exciting gameplay!

Is the Hell’s Kitchen Slot Playable on Mobile?

The short answer to this question is: yes! You can play the Hell’s Kitchen slot on mobile. However, it’s worth noting that you can also play this slot on a tablet, laptop, or desktop. Therefore, no matter how you want to game, you’ll be able to enjoy the Hell’s Kitchen slot!

Hell’s Kitchen Slot Review: An Epic Slot for Fans of the Show!

If you’re a fan of Hell’s Kitchen, this is the slot for you. It’s fun, engaging, and will make you feel a little like you’re in the kitchen with Gordon. Even if you’re not a fan of the show, it’s still an entertaining and engaging slot. As we’ve seen in this Hell’s Kitchen slot review, this one is a winner for a myriad of reasons! While many fantastic slots are vying for your attention these days, this is arguably one of the best slots you’ll find at any online casino.

Therefore, the next time you’re gambling online, consider giving this slot a try! If you haven’t found your preferred new slots casino, please consider one of our top-rated ones. Most, if not all, of these online casinos, feature NetEnt games, so finding this fantastic Hell’s Kitchen slot shouldn’t be much of a challenge!

RTP: 96.07 %
Game Type
Game Type: Casino Slots
Provider: NetEnt
Popularity: High

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