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Gigantoonz Slot Review

In 2017, Play’n GO released one of the best online slots ever: Reactoonz. This game featured everything an online slots player could ask for – fun gameplay, impressive artwork, and truly immersive sound. Plus, everyone loved the little aliens and going on an adventure with them to try to win some money! A few years later, Play’n GO has tried to cash in on this success by creating various sequel slots that feature the same characters and “toonz” branding. Gigantoonz, released in 2022, attempts to capitalize on the success of Reactoonz with a few twists to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. Does it succeed? Find out in our Gigantoonz slot review!

Gigantoonz Slot Theme

If you are familiar with Play’n GO’s famous Reactoonz or Reactoonz 2 slots, you’ll feel right at home with Gigantoonz, as the slot features all the same artwork and characters. Unlike some other slots, there’s no backstory for Gigantoonz. Like the other slots in the ‘toonz series, you’re rounding up energetic aliens. The game does not explain why the player is doing this, but that’s the premise. Of course, to round up the aliens, you must get them in bunches. You’ll capture any cluster of six or more together. Two things that make Gigantoonz unique are the detailed artwork and the game’s sound. Very few games create an immersive experience like Gigantoonz, and the way Play’n GO does it is fascinating. It’s not through intricate detail, flashy lights, or a captivating story – it’s through making the characters come alive through subtle movements and phrases. Leave the game idle, and you’ll see each alien character occasionally do something. One alien might be sticking its tongue out. Another might be rolling its eyes or smiling. Still, another might be making some babbling/robotic/alien-like noise. It genuinely feels like each character has a distinct personality. Making each character feel unique with an 8×8 grid (64 characters in all) is an impressive feat! Another thing to consider if you are familiar with the series is how clean the layout in Gigantoonz looks. The developers clearly aimed to create a clean, inviting interface when they designed the Gigantoonz slot! This clean interface makes it easier to understand what’s going on and makes the slot much more accessible for people new to this series!

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How to Play Gigantoonz

Playing Gigantoonz is remarkably straightforward and intuitive. First, select how much you want to wager per spin. After picking that, you need to hit the green button in the bottom-right corner. That’s the spin button. The board will clear, and a new set of aliens will fall. If there are groups of six or more, those aliens will disappear, and the existing ones will drop into their spaces, with new ones falling to replace those. Once all the spaces are full and there are no more winning combinations, the game ends, and you’ll receive the win amount for the round!

If you don’t want to keep pressing the spin button, Gigantoonz does have an autoplay feature. You can specify many parameters with this feature, including the number of spins, and set stop points if a single win exceeds an amount, your balance increases by a specified amount, or your balance goes down by an amount you choose. Fascinatingly, you can even tell autoplay to stop on any win.

Unlike some games, there are no interactive bonuses or other in-game choices in Gigantoonz. You merely hit the spin button and watch the new aliens appear in your play area!

Symbols and Bonus Features

There are ten different alien characters that you can encounter in the game:

  • Red alien
  • Purple round alien
  • Green square alien
  • Orange alien
  • Blue square alien
  • Blue round alien
  • Purple diamond alien
  • Brown alien
  • Green alien
  • Yellow alien

You may also encounter quantum wilds and Garagantoon wilds. Quantum wilds can appear on any non-winning round, with 5-to-10 added randomly by the game. Garagantoon wilds only appear in the bonus feature.

As the symbols disappear, you will fill up the Quantumeter. Each level does something different on the board, as detailed below.

gigantoonz screenshot

Disintegration (level 25)

If you clear off 25 symbols, you’ll get the disintegration “bonus.” This short feature will remove various symbols from the play area, allowing new ones to drop and hopefully extend your winning streak (to reach the next bonus level!).

Metamorphosis (level 50)

At level 50, metamorphosis activates. This feature will change various symbols in the game to be the same. So, for example, it might pick ten characters that are all different and transform them into the same green alien. Hopefully, after the metamorphosis, you will have a winning combination and gameplay resumes!

Radiation (level 75)

When you reach level 75, the game will do radiation that randomly adds 0-4 mega symbols and 2-5 quantum wilds. The hope, of course, is that between the wilds and the mega symbols, you’ll have a nice win!

Gargantoonz (level 100)

Lastly, at level 100, you will trigger Gargantoonz. This bonus feature is the ultimate one in the game and plays out in two steps. First, all mega symbols transform into Gargantoonz, which are wild. At least three of these symbols appear. Additionally, 2-4 1×1 Gargantoonz also appear. These symbols do not go away with wins.

Once those wins conclude, the mega Gargantoonz all become 1×1 Gargantoonz (in a block that’s the original size), and those leave the play area normally, as they become part of wins. Once those wins conclude, the Gargantoonz bonus is over!

Gigantoonz Odds and Payouts

Since the paytable has ten symbols with payouts between having 30 in a cluster and having six in a group, listing out every single combination is too long. However, here’s the gist of what you can expect from each character:

  • Red alien: 1250x your bet for 30+, 1x your bet for six.
  • Purple round alien: 400x your bet for 30+, 0.5x your wager for six.
  • Green square alien: 200x for 30+, 0.4x for six.
  • Orange alien: 100x for 30+ symbols, 0.4x for six.
  • Blue square alien: 50x for 30+ symbols, 0.3x for six symbols.
  • Blue round alien: 20x your wager for 30+ symbols, 0.3x for six symbols.
  • Purple diamond alien and brown alien: 10x for 30+, 0.2x for six.
  • Green alien and yellow alien: 5x for 30+, 0.1x for six symbols.

These are the only symbols in the game that can pay out. Naturally, getting a group of red aliens together is much less common than getting a group of yellow ones since the red ones pay quite a bit more.

Gigantoonz RTP and Volatility

Like its predecessors Reactoonz 1 and 2, Gigantoonz is a very high-volatility slot. The maximum win is not super high at 4,000 your wager, but this game can get on a roll and pay large sums of money if you are lucky!

The RTP of Gigantoonz has increased a little bit, too, over its immediate predecessor, but it’s still not as much as the original Reactoonz. The original Reactoonz had an RTP of 96.51%, while its sequel, Reactoonz 2, lowered that to 96.2%. Gigantoonz, which comes after both, sits at 96.25%. However, it is worth noting that casinos can configure that RTP downward. Depending on where you play, you might be playing a version with an RTP between 84.25% and 94.25%.

Therefore, after reading this Gigantoonz review, please remember to verify the RTP of the game you are currently playing to ensure it is the 96.25% version. Any best slots casino will tell you what the RTP of the game is somewhere on the site!

Who Makes the Gigantoonz Slot?

Play’n GO is the development company behind Gigantoonz. Headquartered in Sweden, Play’n GO is one of the world’s leaders in producing fun, entertaining, high-quality online casino games. Most of the games they make are clever, exciting, and thrilling. Play’n GO’s other masterpieces include Reactoonz, Reactoonz 2, Wild Trigger, Alice Cooper and the Tome of Madness, Leprechaun Goes Wild, Legacy of Dead, Hotel Yeti-Way, and more. Play’n GO has also produced some table games, including Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, and Casino Hold’em. All in all, Play’n GO slots are incredibly diverse in content and playing style!

Can You Play Gigantoonz on Mobile?

Yes! As with many modern online games, you can play Gigantoonz on practically any device. The game works well on all phone models, including those created by Apple, Samsung, Google, and more. It’s also worth noting that Gigantoonz plays particularly well on a tablet, laptop, or desktop. Therefore, no matter what device you are using to access your favorite most played slots casino, you should be able to play and enjoy Gigantoonz!

Gigantoonz Slot Review: An Amazing Sequel to One of the Best Slots of All Time

As you can tell from this Gigantoonz review, this slot feels like a fitting sequel to one of the best slots. Reactoonz was indeed a game-changer for online games as it was exciting, detailed, and enjoyable. As with any intelligent company, Play’n GO decided to take a successful concept and run with it. They’ve created multiple sequels, of which Gigantoonz is one. Sometimes sequels can be a little disappointing, but, thankfully, in this case, it isn’t. Gigantoonz is just as fun as the other games, and it is also lovely to see how Play’n GO has improved the overall visuals by making them more straightforward to follow. Indeed, it’s a high-quality game from start to finish!

If you get a chance, play Gigantoonz! Load up your best slots casino and give it a spin. If you’re looking for a new most played slots casino to call home, check out the ones on this site! We review all the latest and greatest gaming sites, so you can sign up and enjoy all Play’n GO slots, including the masterpiece that is Gigantoonz!

RTP: 94.25%
Game Type
Game Type: Casino Slots
Provider: Play ‘n Go
Popularity: High

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