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Elvis Frog in Vegas Slot Review

When thinking of online slots – or any game for that matter – you probably don’t think of an Elvis-themed frog in Vegas. Yet, that’s precisely what we have with this quirky, exciting new slot from BGaming. Released in the middle of the pandemic on May 7th, 2020, Elvis Frog in Vegas has quickly captured the hearts and minds of gamers. With its unique premise and fun-sounding name, many of the best slots casino providers picked this game up for players. Is it one you should try, though? Let’s find out in our Elvis Frog in Vegas slot review! (Spoiler: This game is a lot of fun to play, and while not perfect, it should be on your shortlist of BGaming slots to try!)

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Elvis Frog in Vegas Theme

The theme for this slot is both fun and… unique… to say the least. To get obvious out of the way, yes, the slot’s title is quite literal. It is about a frog that looks like Elvis in Vegas. It’s unclear how the designers behind this slot ever conceived of this idea, but it works remarkably well.

When you first load this slot, it presents you with all the bonuses and features you can get (more on this later). It’s pretty apparent that there are plenty of exciting ways to win in this game. Upon clicking the button to start the game, you’ll see a relatively basic screen with five reels, three lines, 25 total pay lines. The backdrop looks like a cartoon set of casinos (not Vegas, per se, as no landmarks indicate it is Vegas). You will see some quotes about Vegas besides the spin button when you first load up the slot. The symbol graphics themselves are remarkably detailed. The images and colours all look vibrant, and the game exudes a little bit of a retro vibe to it. It looks like it belongs in Vegas, or, perhaps more precisely, the frogs in the game look like they should be in Vegas.

When you click spin, the reel animations themselves are pretty basic overall. Nothing is exhilarating about the spinning motions, per se, although they look a little more fluid than some older online slots. Remarkably, despite its stranger premise, the theme works. It’s immersive, quirky, and a lot of fun. You’ll want to see the Elvis frog character appear in bonuses and on the reels!

elvis frog in vegas slot screenshot

How to Play Elvis Frog in Vegas

Online slots tend to be quite pick-up-and-play, and this one is no exception. To play the basic game, all you need to do is set your bet amount in the bottom left of the screen and then hit the spin button on the bottom-right of the screen. The reels will spin, and you will learn the game’s result. Super simple! However, Elvis Frog in Vegas has one of the most advanced auto-spin features of any online slot. If you click the A button with the arrow around it in the bottom-right corner, you’ll get a menu that lets you automatically spin the reels. This feature saves you from needing to click spin after every game.

You can select the basic configuration or the advanced one in this menu. The basic configuration option lets you spin for several rounds, ranging from 10 to infinity. If you click on “Advanced,” you’ll see five options for stopping the auto-spin. On any win if you win the bonus game if any single win exceeds an amount you set the cash balance increases by an amount you set the cash balance decreases by an amount you set

You can select one or more of these checkboxes, and, in doing so, you can create some pretty powerful combinations. For example, let’s say you have a $1,000 cash balance and want to wager at most $200 on Elvis Frog in Vegas. You want to play until you’re either up to $200 or down $200. With these auto-spin settings, you can set the number of rounds to infinity and then set it to stop if the cash balance increases by $200 or decreases by $200. Then, all you need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the reels spinning! Having these configuration options is remarkably powerful, and it is a stand-out feature in our Elvis Frog in Vegas slot review!

Symbols and Bonus Features

There are 11 different symbols that you can encounter when playing Elvis Frog in Vegas:

  1. Elvis Frog (wild)
  2. Elvis Frog Star (scatter)
  3. Red Frog Girl
  4. Pink Cadillac
  5. Blue Elvis Guitar
  6. Microphone
  7. Ace
  8. King
  9. Queen
  10. Jack
  11. Coin

There are three potential “features” that you can encounter while playing this game in your favourite Elvis Frog in Vegas slot casino.

Gamble Round

This feature is a lot of fun for people that like “double-or-nothing” games. After every win, no matter how big or small, in the main game, you can choose to gamble your winnings. If you opt to do so, you’ll see a face-down card. You can pick either that card’s colour to double your money or the card’s suit to try and quadruple it. If you get the colour or suit wrong, you will forfeit all your winnings. It is worth noting that this “mini-game” is free of any house edge. It’s a straight 50-50 chance of the card being red or black, and the game pays 2x for the decision. Furthermore, it’s a 1/4 chance you’ll pick the right suit, and the game pays 4x for that choice. The Gamble Round is a fun, innovative concept that can add a little excitement to your winnings in the main round (should you choose to gamble them).

Coin Respin

You’ll activate the coin respin feature if you receive six or more coins on the reels in a single spin. The start of this game will clear out all the other symbols and “respin” the now empty slots with coins. As long as one new coin fills the open spaces, you’ll get to respin again, eventually winning the dollar value of all the coins once the board fills up or a new coin doesn’t appear in one of the empty spaces. If you fill up all 15 spaces and one of the coins is the mega jackpot, you will win that amount. If you receive a mini or major jackpot coin at any point, you’ll win that jackpot.

Free Spins

Last, and perhaps most exciting, are the free spins. You enter into the free spins round when you have three or more scatters. With each spin, the center three reels will spin as one big symbol (so one big Pink Cadillac, for example). If any of the symbols on reel one and (hopefully) reel five-match that big center symbol, you’ll win on many different pay lines! With the free spins feature, it’s easy to rack up the wins with a bit of luck and some good center symbols.

Odds and Payouts

For the eight paying symbols, the payout table is as follows:

  • Red Frog Girl: 5 symbols win 500x your bet, four symbols get 250x, and three symbols get 25x.
  • Pink Cadillac: 5 of these will win 400x your stake, four symbols receive 150x, and three symbols get 20x.
  • Blue Guitar: 5 symbols win 300x your stake, four symbols get 100x, and three symbols get 15x.
  • Microphone: 5 of these will win 200x your bet, four will receive 50x, and three will receive 10x.
  • Ace: 5 symbols win 50x your bet, four receive 20x, and three will receive 10x.
  • King, Queen, and Jack: Each gives 50x your bet for five, 20x your bet for four, and 5x your bet for three.

Coins and jackpot symbols have varying amounts, depending on how much you are wagering. As you can see, if you hit the right combination of symbols, winning is pretty easy in any most played slots casino that has this online game in it!

RTP and Volatility

The return-to-player (RTP) for this slot is 96%. Unfortunately, this RTP is on the lower end for online slots. It’s not uncommon to find online games with 96.5%+ RTP rates. With that said, the RTP of this slot probably beats most land-based casinos, including the ones you will find in Vegas! The volatility on this slot is relatively high by BGaming slots standards. Therefore, when playing this slot, you should expect periods where you win quite a bit and periods where you go through a bit of a drought. Many people love high volatility slots because they provide an incredible thrill and excitement when they go through a winning spell.

Who Makes This Game?

BGaming is the mastermind behind the Elvis Frog in the Vegas slot. Headquartered in Malta, this brand is a relative newcomer to online gaming, with a founding date of 2018. However, their team has many people who have been in the industry significantly longer. Since they are newer, you may not have seen some of their games in your favourite casino. But, if you have seen or played Ring of Riches, Johnny Cash, Plinko, Clover Bonanza, or SquidPot, you’ve experienced the awesomeness that BGaming has to offer!

Can You Play Elvis Frog in Vegas on Mobile?

Yes, you can play Elvis Frog in Vegas on any mobile device, whether you have an iPhone or an Android. You can even play it on any tablet you may have and on your desktop or laptop computer. Indeed, an Elvis Frog in Vegas slot casino is playable from practically any device you have. It is worth noting that the graphics in this slot are particularly well-suited for a mobile experience, so if you are looking for a slot that you can play on your phone, this is a good one to pick in your favourite best slots casino!

Elvis Frog in Vegas Slot Review: A Fun, Quirky Game!

Elvis Frog in Vegas is undoubtedly one of the more unique slots available today. It’s unclear why anyone would come up with this concept in the first place, but it works and works remarkably well! It’s a fun, engaging, and thoroughly entertaining slot with just the right amount of silliness. And, it’s a slot that you’ll find yourself wanting to play repeatedly, thanks to its theme, graphics, and numerous ways to win! The next time you’re playing at your favourite most played slots casino, see if they have Elvis Frog in Vegas and take it for a spin. You’ll be sure to have a fantastic time!

RTP: 96%
Game Type
Game Type: Casino Slots
Provider: Bgaming
Popularity: High

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