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Dinopolis Slot Review

Developed by the well-known studio, Push Gaming, Dinopolis slot was released in April 2021. It didn’t take long for it to gain popularity and become a fan-favourite game. Fans love the slot machine for its premium artwork and immersive graphics. Based on the 90’s show called Dinosaurs, this game offers a remarkable gaming experience to players. They get to enjoy a parallel universe where everything is the same, except dinosaurs, are still around and live a similar life to that of humans. This includes having fun in Las Vegas, where they can take part in different casinos while dressed in fashionable attire. So what can players find in the Dinopolis slot and what makes it so much fun? Continue reading to find out more.

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How To Play Dinopolis?

This game is filled with all sorts of amazing features such as potential maximum wins accompanied by amazing rock music that will keep players hooked to the game for a long period. Dinopolis consists of five reels with a 3-4-4-4-3 reel setup. Players have the option to choose from a minimum bet of $0.10 and a maximum bet of $100. The game contains 576 different ways through which a player can potentially win. This includes having three or more of the same symbol type in one row, starting from the reel that’s on the far left side. Moreover, this game comes with an RTP of 96.40%. Hence, similar to another slot machine from Push Gaming, this one also has high volatility, meaning it might take a long time for a player to win something big. However, a player could potentially win up to 50,000X the bet.

Even though Dinopolis slot’s base game is quite entertaining, the real fun begins in the Bonus section of the game. There are different features that the players can take advantage of to have a fun and successful gaming experience. This includes features like Dino Coins, Wild Symbol, Dino Bonus, and Wild Multipliers. With the bonus round, players can make decisions that result in more sticky wilds and free spins. 

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Dinopolis Theme

Push Gaming used the best and most innovative technology when it comes to the graphics of this game. The game design is made up of extremely detailed symbols. The theme of the game consists of an amalgamation of dinosaurs and Las Vegas. Within the base game, there are numerous buildings located in the background. Players can see a triceratops statue that resembles the Statue of Liberty. After a player activates their Dino Bonus, they will be taken to the casino. In the casino, there will be several dinosaurs that can be seen sitting intensively and playing different slots in the background.

Furthermore, in the Dinopolis slot machine, there are numerous types of symbols that a player can get, whereas the lower-paying symbols are made up of chips, dices, a bundle of dollars, and playing cards. On the other hand, the medium paying symbols are made up of four different dinosaurs, where one dinosaur is singing, another one is smoking while wearing a wig, the third one has a smirky smile, and the fourth one is similar to Raoul Duke from the movie ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.’ When it comes to the highest paying symbols, they consist of two different triceratopses, where one is holding a bunch of dollars while the second one is smoking a cigar. If a player lands five symbols in a row in the case of the highest paying symbols, then it will give them 10X the bet. However, if the player gets five symbols in a row from the lower-paying symbols then they will get 0.5X the bet.

Moreover, the wild symbol of the game is made up of a large ‘W,’ which is surrounded by a golden jaw. When a player gets three scatter symbols in a row, they get to participate in the Dino Bonus part of the game. Also, this scatters symbol has talons that carry four purple cards. Last but not the least, players can also get different Dino coins, which are available in three variations: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. These Dino coins can greatly help a player when it comes to the Dino Bonus. In addition to the gameplay, the rocking music in the background plays a major role in keeping the player entertained and motivated to keep going, even though some of the uneventful spins come by now and then.

Symbols and Bonus Features 

As mentioned earlier, there are different features in Dinopolis pokie through which players can win a maximum of 50,000X bet. These great features in the game are explained in more detail below.

Wild Symbol

With this symbol, players have more chances of creating winning combinations. This symbol helps in substituting for other symbols, except the scatter symbol. Also, this symbol can land with a multiplier of either 2X or 3X. 

Dino Coins

To add a festive flair to the spins, players can take part in different types of Dino Coins. These coins come with random values such as 1000X, 500X, 100X, 50X, 25X, 10X, 5X, 2X, or 1X the bet. Moreover, the Dino Coins can potentially land on reels one and five, hence a player should at least have two Wild symbols connected so they can take part in its value. 

Dino Bonus

When a player spins the reels and gets three scatter symbols, that is when the Dino Bonus gets activated. Before it starts, the player has to pick from four downward-facing cards, which consist of different Feature Picks Prizes. After that, the player gets to pick from four new downward-facing cards, which consist of free spins. A player can get more spins, if they are lucky, throughout the game by picking from the new card. For them to do that, they would have to level up.  

Similar to the base game, players can participate in Dino Coins when they have two wild symbols linked to them. Once that is done, the Dino Coins will get gathered to create a win. Also, if a player gets Dino Coins with dots, then these will begin to fill up a meter that’s located on the right. When a player fills this meter with five coins, they will reach the second level. To reach the next couple of levels, five coins are needed each time. The fifth level is the highest one. Every time a player reaches a new level, they will have to pick from one card from four of the downward-facing cards. These cards offer Feature Picks Prizes. There’s also one card in the four down-facing cards that offer additional free spins. 

Dinopolis Odds and Payouts 

Dinopolis slot comes with high variance, which means that even though a player might win less frequently, the prizes they win will be a lot bigger. Moreover, there is a maximum win of 50,000X bet in a single spin, where a player can try their luck to win tons of rewards. This is quite an appealing offer as compared to other jackpot slots. 

Dinopolis RTP and Volatility

The RTP of this game is 96.40%, making it a bit higher than the average percentage, which is 96%. Moreover, Dinopolis comes with high volatility, which means the payout is going to be great. However, this requires the player to come into the game with a good financial plan and a high patience level, if they plan on landing the big win. 

Who Made the Game? 

Dinopolis slot is the product of Push Gaming, which is a well-known company that has established itself as a developer of slot games. They are known for their mobile-friendly slots that are loved by many players who have tried them. Another one of their popular slot games that are slightly new is ‘Land of Zenith,’ which can deliver players wins that go as high as 21,000x their bet. Push Gaming fans have played their highly-popular slot game called ‘Jammin’ Jars’, which is a colourful game that offers huge prizes. Last but not the least, ‘Wheel of Wonders’ is another game by Push Gaming where players can win up to 47,000x the stake prizes. 

Can Dinopolis be Played on Mobile?

Push Gaming made sure that players can enjoy Dinopolis slot on all compatible devices. Hence, this game can be played on both Android and iOS mobile devices. Moreover, this game is also HTML5 supported, which means no download is needed for players to play this game online.  

Should You Give Dinopolis a Try?

With remarkable features and fun yet nostalgic concept made up of dinosaurs, Dinopolis slot offers its players much more than just its interesting gameplay. Players can win big by betting up to 50,000X the bet. Push Gaming has yet again released a slot machine that fully captivates the attention of whoever plays it.

RTP: 96.40%
Game Type
Game Type: Casino Slots
Provider: Push Gaming
Popularity: High

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