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Aztec Gold Megaways Slot Review

The online slot market is competitive, with hundreds of games providers vying to create the best possible slots for prospective players. It takes quite a bit to stand out in today’s online gaming market. However, that’s precisely what the Aztec Gold Megaways slot makers did. Indeed, when you load the game and start spinning the reels, you’ll immediately feel you’ll be in for a treat! Here’s everything you need to know about this incredible online slot from iSoftBet in our Aztec Gold Megaways review (and why you should try it the next time you’re playing at your favourite online casino!).

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Aztec Gold Megaways Slot Theme

The theme of Aztec Gold Megaways is one of the big reasons this slot is so powerful and such a fun experience. Known for their impressive temples and other displays of wealth, the Aztecs were a remarkable civilization. The Spanish conquistadors came to what is modern-day Mexico looking for gold. The Aztecs had abundant gold and other treasures, which the Spanish sought. That basic premise and storyline have become the foundation of many slots. The reason? It works well! You, too, are after treasures when you’re playing a slot!

When you load up the slot, you’ll immediately feel like the developers have transported you back in time. There’s a pyramid, and in it are gold-coloured symbols. You’ll see the sun god, the cheetah, and the eagle – all marks of Aztecan culture. Even the background works well with this slot. You’ll notice how the reels spin fluidly and seamlessly as you play. And, it’s the attention to the little details that make this game stand out. You’ll see a firefly in the bottom-left corner occasionally fluttering about, causing the leaf to move softly with the breeze. These might not sound like much – after all, you’ll be staring at the reels most of the time – but these little touches help the game come alive. Indeed, there’s a lot to love about the Aztec Gold Megaways slot theme. Few games match its visual and auditory detail!

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How to Play Aztec Gold Megaways

You’ll play Aztec Gold Megaways much like any other online slot machine. Load it up, set your bet amount (using the coin button in the bottom bar), and then hit the green spin button in the bottom center of the play area. The reels will start spinning, and the game will let you know how much you’ve won! Most newer online slots also have an auto-spin feature to spin the reels without the player clicking repeatedly. Aztec Gold Megaways does have this, but it is a little more basic than other games.

You can set the number of times you want the slot to spin automatically, and you can also set a loss limit (e.g., keep spinning until you lose $20). You can also set a max win, so if you win $100, the auto-spin feature will stop. Essentially, these options let you tell the auto-spin feature to spin as many times as you define unless you win or lose above the thresholds you also define. It’s basic, but it’ll probably be enough for most players!

Symbols and Bonus Features

There are twelve symbols in total that can show up on the reels:

  • Sun Disc
  • Wild
  • Aztec God
  • Jaguar
  • Green Snake
  • Yellow Eagle
  • Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, and 9

This game has one bonus feature that players can encounter – Aztec Gold Cash Respins. When five or more Sun Discs appear anywhere in the game, you’ll trigger the Aztec Gold Cash Respins feature. In this little mini-game, you’ll start with three respins. If you land another Sun Disc symbol, the game will reset to three respins. Each Sun Disc has a multiplier on it. At the end of the game, the machine will add up all the multipliers you’ve received and times that amount by your total bet. That will be your bonus win!

You may encounter the mini, major, and mega Sun Discs. These will boost your wins significantly, and you can see how much by referring to the top of the slot machine play area. You’ll see what the mini, major, and minor Sun Discs pay there! It’s a simple bonus game, but it’s most definitely a fun one!

Aztec Gold Megaways Odds and Payouts

While there are 12 symbols that you can encounter when playing Aztec Gold Megaways, only 10 of them will pay in the base game. The complete list of paying symbols is as follows:

  • Aztec God: Pays 1,000x the coin value if you get six in a row and 10x if you get two in a row, with gradually increasing amounts for three, four, and five consecutive symbols.
  • Jaguar: Pays 200x your coin value for six in a row and 10x for three. Five in a row gives 80x your coin value, and four will provide 30x.
  • Green Snake: Pays out 50x your coin value for six in a row and 5x for three. Five and four symbols pay 20x and 10x, respectively.
  • Yellow Eagle: Gives 50x your coin value if you get six in a row and 5x for three. You’ll get 10x and 20x your coin value for four and five in a row, respectively.
  • Ace, King: Each of these symbols provides 35x your coin value for six in a row and 4x for three. If you get four and five of the same symbol in a row, you’ll earn 8x and 16x your coin value.
  • Queen: This symbol will pay 20x your coin value if you get six in a row, but only 3x your bet for three. Five and four symbols in a row pay 12x and 5x, respectively.
  • Jack: Pays 20x for six in a row, 10x for five, 5x for four, and 3x for three symbols.
  • 10: This symbol will pay 18x for six in a row and 3x for three. You’ll get 10x and 5x your coin value for five and four symbols in a row.
  • 9: Lastly, getting six “9” symbols in a row will pay out 16x your bet, 8x your bet for five in a row, 4x your bet for four, and only 2x your coin value for three in a row.

The only other symbols you can get are the Sun Disc and wild symbols; however, those have no intrinsic value. Overall, the paytable is pretty good. If you get six Aztec Gods in a row, getting 1000x your coin value would be a significant win!

RTP and Volatility

RTP stands for “return-to-player.” This number is essential for online slots players because it represents the game’s house edge. The higher the RTP value, the better, statistically speaking, a player will likely fare in the slot. The RTP for Aztec Gold Megaways sits at a relatively impressive 95.99%. While some online games will have a higher RTP, ~96% is about in the middle of what you’ll find, and that number is quite a bit higher than what you’ll find at your average land-based casino! The volatility of this online slot is high. Many people love the high volatility slots because of their potential to unleash some mega-wins (like the max 19,200x payout that Aztec Gold Megaways has!). In other words, expect to see big wins but spread further apart. High volatility slots are usually the most popular at any most played slots casino.

Who Makes Aztec Gold Megaways?

Aztec Gold Megaways comes to players from iSoftBet. iSoftBet slots include popular favourites like Euphoria, Gold Digger, Royale with Cheese Megaways, and Wild Hammer Megaways. Indeed, iSoftBet is well-known for producing high-quality games that delight player globally. Any of the best slots casino sites will have iSoftBet games!

Is Aztec Gold Megaways Playable on Mobile?

Yes, you can play this slot on your mobile device. You can play the Aztec Gold Megaways slot on an iPhone, Android, iPad, Android tablet, laptop, or desktop. Indeed, no matter what you prefer to use for gaming, you’ll be able to play Aztec Gold Megaways on it! It’s worth noting that, unlike many slots, the symbols in Aztec Gold Megaways are often relatively large. Most online gamblers will find this one of the more accessible slots to play on their mobile devices because it’s effortless to see what is happening on the screen! Some slots have complicated pay lines, small symbols, and cumbersome mini-games – but not this one! This game is one of the best mobile slots to play at your favourite most played slots casino!

Aztec Gold Megaways Slot Review : This Is a Game to Try!

As should be relatively self-evident from this Aztec Gold Megways review, there’s a lot to love about this game. The theme is remarkably well-done. The game itself is fun, and even though there’s only one bonus game, it’s an exciting one. There’s nothing quite like watching the golden Sun Discs fall to give you an impressive win! All in all, this is a slot that almost any online gamer can enjoy. It’s accessible, fun, and has a fantastic theme. If you have the opportunity to play it at your favourite online casino, you should most definitely try it. And, if your current online casino doesn’t support iSoftBet slots, please check out our site to find the best slots casino!

RTP: 95.99%
Game Type
Game Type: Casino Slots
Provider: iSoftBet
Popularity: High

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