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Age of the Gods Slot Review

This is where it all started. Before Age of the Gods: Goddess of Wisdom, Age of the Gods: Furious 4, Age of the Gods: King of Olympus and Age of the Gods: Prince of Olympus, not to mention Age of the Gods Roulette, there was a slot game entitled simply Age of the Gods. It may have been successful enough to spawn a crop of sequels, but how does this title stand up today? Read our Age of the Gods review, and you shall find out…

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Like the rest of the Age of the Gods slot series, the game takes place in the world of Greek mythology. The main characters are the Greek gods — Zeus, Aphrodite, and so on – who appear on the symbols and also make animated appearances in the free spins rounds. Greek coins, Spartan helmets, laurel wreaths, and other such motifs complete the mood. The backgrounds are appropriately lush, showing Greek temples and other such traditional locations, while the music is dramatic and straight out of a Hollywood production. The aim of the game is to make the player feel as though they have stepped into a mythological film like Clash of the Titans, and it achieves this aim.

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How to Play Age of the Gods

The main playing field of the Age of the Gods slot game has 5 reels and 20 pay lines, while the game’s mechanics are progressive. Besides the reels, the surrounding screen contains all of the relevant information that you need:

  • Current Win
  • Total Bet
  • Line Bet
  • Paylines
  • Controls (spin, autoplay, turbo mode)
  • Jackpots: Power, Extra Power, Super Power, Ultimate Power

Symbols and Bonus Features

Let’s go through the symbols and features of the Age of the god’s slot, knowing them can help in planning a strategy and maybe improve the chance of winning. So let’s see what this slot has to offer!

Playing Card Symbols

As with so many of the most played slots casino games, the lowest-value symbols in Age of the Gods are themed around playing cards and comprise the letters K, Q, and A (there is no J). All three are of equal value. You will get 12x your bet for three in a row; 50x for four in a row and 150x for five.

Golden Helmet

The next step up in terms of value is the Spartan-style warrior’s helmet. There is no special feature attached to these; they are simply worth more than the playing card symbols. You can score up to 250x your bet if you get five helmets in a row.

God Symbols

The highest-paying regular symbols are the six icons that show lushly-rendered portraits of the Greek gods. These have a range of different values and are conveniently color-coded, meaning that even somebody unfamiliar with mythology will be able to remember which is which when playing the Age of the Gods slot. The two lowest-paying god symbols are Hades (the white-haired man with a purple background) and Aphrodite (the goddess with a pink background and prominent cleavage); these are each worth 25x your bet for three in a row, 100x for four, and 300x for five. Next, we have the yellow icon showing Hercules in his lion skin, which is worth up to 400x for five in a row. The second most valuable god icons are those showing Poseidon (green background and trident) and Zeus (blue background and toga): you can earn 500x your bet if you are lucky enough to land five of these. Finally, there is the most valuable god icon of all, the one depicting Athena (a goddess with staff and red background). With Athena, you will win 50x your bet if you land three, 250x if you land four, and 1000x your bet if you land the full five. Landing a set of god symbols will trigger a brief animation for each one.

Wild Symbol

The Wild symbol is a golden wreath with the word “WILD” floating in front of it, and it can substitute for any symbol in the game except for Scatter. If you manage to land more than one Wild in a row, then you are in luck. Just two adjacent Wilds will earn you 50x of your bet (in contrast to the regular symbols, where you need to land at least 3 in a row to score) while more Wilds will win bigger prizes. The maximum of 5 Wilds will earn you a truly enormous sum: 10000x your bet.


The Scatter symbol is simply the title of the Age of the Gods slot game. It does have value in terms of your bet, albeit less than the playing card symbols (the most you can earn is 100x your bet for five in a row) so its real value lies in taking you to the bonus game: this will happen if you land three or more Scatters. The game has a cunning trick to build tension in this respect: if you land two Scatters, the reels will actually slow down in anticipation of a possible third. The best slots casino games understand showmanship!

Bonus Game

The Age of the Gods bonus game takes place on a four-by-five grid of coins. When you select a coin, it will flip to reveal the face of a god. The aim is to keep on flipping coins until you have revealed three of the same god. Unless you reveal Hades, who will end the bonus round, you will be taken to free games round, the mechanics of which are different depending on which god you revealed.

Free Games

As well as free spins, your reward for passing the bonus game is to have an animated god appear onscreen and interact with the spinning slots. Zeus will place a Wild in the very middle of the three-by-five grid and throw lightning bolts to increase your multiplier. Poseidon uses his trident to turn regular symbols into Wilds. Athena gives you free spins and multipliers. Hercules, meanwhile, enters the grid as a stacked Wild, taking up the whole of the third reel.


Age of the Gods has four progressive jackpots — dubbed Power, Super Power, Extra Power, and Ultimate Power — that gradually grow in size over the course of the game. The randomly-triggered jackpot feature will take you to a new screen containing a four-by-five grid of coins, framed in a glistening white palace. This works in a similar manner to the main bonus game: you will be asked to flip the coins, each of which has the name of a jackpot attached to it. Once you have flipped three coins for a particular jackpot, you will win big.

Odds and Payouts

The minimum bet amount at Age of the Gods is 0.20 credits, while the maximum is 200. This means that, if you land the most valuable regular symbol set (five Athenas) you will win 200,000 credits. Be warned, however, that the odds are against you winning such a victory, particularly given that there are only 20 pay lines (by way of comparison, many of the most played slots casino games have 25 pay lines).

RTP and Volatility

Age of the Gods has an RTP of 95.02%, putting it a little below the medium range. The game’s volatility, meanwhile, is medium-high. All in all, this places Age of the Gods somewhere in the middle compared to many of the best slots casino games.

Who Made the Game?

Age of the Gods is one of many titles to come from the prolific provider Playtech. Other Playtech slots include…

  • Miss Fortune
  • Wings of Gold
  • Nostradamus
  • The Matrix
  • Green Lantern
  • Buffalo Blitz
  • Wild Gambler
  • Zhao Cai Jin Bao

Can the Age of the Gods be Played on Mobile?

While some titles of this vintage may run into problems when played on mobile devices, our Age of the Gods review can confirm that this is a game that remains mobile-friendly. The bold graphics lose little when transferred to the small screen.

Play Age of the Gods Slot At The Best Casinos

While the subsequent Playtech slots in the Age of the Gods series add more bells and whistles to the basic gameplay, the original game in the line still stands up. The main draw is the range of bonus material: players will be able to take part in the main bonus game of coin-matching, plus the four free spin rounds with their own godly gimmicks, and finally the random jackpots. These really do add a new dimension to what is otherwise a solid but routine slot game. The theme will also do much to attract players: the graphics are top-notch, with gorgeous depictions of the Greek gods and their Olympian surroundings (although, admittedly, the character animation in the free spins rounds is somewhat limited). The fact that the Age of the Gods slot game works equally well in both desktop and mobile forms will add to its appeal. Once you have tried your luck at it, you can take a look at the sequels.

RTP: 95.02%
Game Type
Game Type: Casino Slots
Provider: PlayTech
Popularity: High

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