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Playing Roulette Online 

A large part of casino entertainment is playing games of chance. There are dice games, card games and slots. But none more popular than Roulette. This game features a wheel flat on the table with a tiled track, this is where the roulette ball bounces between hitting the pockets of the track, until it settles on a final number. The Roulette dealer or croupier always sends the ball spinning in the opposite direction of the spinning wheel.  

Roulette online can be played in the casino on table games, digital versions, often having a 3D representation of the Roulette wheel or you can play on a real Roulette wheel at a Live Casino, here an actual dealer is present and the whole thing happens on a live stream from HD or 4K webcam, either from the game providers studio or a land-based Casino.    

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How is Roulette Online played? 

There are many variations on the Roulette game, the main ones being American, French and European Roulette. This is a game of chance, so you need to guess in which pocket the ball will end up in and make your bet accordingly.  

If you want you can simply guess the colour, either red, back or the single green pocket. In both French and European Roulette this is the case. In American Roulette you will find two green pockets, 0 and 00.  

Players can choose to bet on single numbers or a combination, as well as odd or even numbers. On both table games and at the live casino you can see a record of what numbers and colours have won the last rounds, maybe four red numbers in a row makes you want to make a big bet on black? 

Playing Live Roulette, you will be able to see the Roulette wheel on the screen, the dealer will be standing there behind it. Once the bets have been made on the digital table in front of you on your screen, the Live Dealer will send the ball out onto the spinning wheel. There is usually a chat on to one of the sides, here you can write to both the dealer and the other players. The dealer will have a screen next to the camera, so that they can answer the players verbally. Your chat window can be minimized if you don’t want to see or participate in the cat.  

 Once you get the hang of the various bets and see how they pay and what others go for, you will quickly learn where to place your bets. You might learn and go for one of many Roulette strategies out there. Let’s have closer look at the wheel, so you get a better sense of what to bet on.  

The roulette wheel has pockets numbered from 0 to 36. Every other route is black and red, in addition to this you will find a green pocket, it is numbered 0 (zero). American Roulette will have an additional green 00 pocket (double zero). Where the numbers are placed also varies, all depending on which variant of roulette you are playing.  

The green pocket, 0, has 36/1 odds, the same as any other single number on the wheel by themselves. The tricky thing about the green pocket is that if the ball lands there, all bets on both red and black and all numbers but 0, lose. Maybe you have a gut feeling the ball is going to land in the green pocket, you might add a bet on 0.  

Then the dealer will call out “place your bets” This is your last chance to place your bet where you want.   

When playing Live Dealer Roulette at Online Casinos, you must use real money to play. There is no way to try the game in a demo version. It all happens directly Live, with other players. You can practice playing Roulette in the casino section before trying out Live Roulette. Most casinos lets you play table games in demo mode for fun. This way you can learn to know the game better and find out which version of Roulette you want to play once you decide to play Roulette online for real money. 

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Can you Play Roulette online with bonus money?

As a new player you will want to take advantage of the casinos welcome package, this often gives you a match bonus on your deposit. What  table games pay towards the requirements is often different from online casino to online casino. To know what the table games pay towards the wagering requirements, you should read all the terms and conditions carefully before you start playing using the bonus. 

Many online casinos give new players a live casino bonus the first time they play at this section of the casino. Make sure you check the casinos promotions page to find out if they offer this bonus and how to claim it. This way you will be able to play Live Dealer Baccarat with the bonus.  Read more about Live-dealer Roulette here. 

Perhaps the best way to get an oversight over a casino bonuses, is to read the GambleGuys casino reviews, this will let you know if the casino in question has a Live casino bonus to offer you or not.  

We also advise our readers to read all the terms and conditions before you deposit and chose your welcome bonus, the casino might only allow one bonus per player. Some let you have two, or even three bonuses as a new player, if a sport betting bonus is available as well. If you must choose one bonus, the casino bonus might be more valuable, so make sure you make an informed choice.  

Play Roulette online at the Best Casinos

Many of the best casinos to play Roulette online can be found on our list over the best Online casinos. Online casinos operating in 2024 usually have a live casino. If the online casino offers their players games from Evolution Gaming, you know you have landed on one of the better ones. Experience the thrill of playing live, as real Live Roulette Dealers sets off the ball on an actual physical Roulette wheel.

For those who enjoys playing by themselves relying on the digital table games with a RNG (random number generator), many Roulette games can be found in the casinos table games section. See the wheel spin and place your bets today. We have selected a great online casino below, here you can claim an amazing welcome bonus that gives you lots of extra casino entertainment.  

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