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Playing Poker Online 

Poker is one of the most popular casino games, most of us have played poker with friends at home or perhaps at school in our younger days. Perhaps having some drinks and playing a popular poker version not involving money, but where the stakes are very high indeed. Well, this aside, poker is one of the most popular games found at the best online casinos.  

GambleGuys will give you a great tip on how to get the most from playing poker online. Understand the great entertainment gained from playing Poker Online, taking down the house on a HD or 4K live-stream. If you have the possibility, connecting your laptop or tablet to your flat screen TV in your living room will give you a great gaming experience, crank up the volume on your sound system and make an event of it. This will be great even if you are playing by yourself on table games but made better by playing poker at the live casino or against other players at poker stars. 

The best thing about playing Poker Online is that you can play on your mobile or tablet too, wherever you are. If you want to play Poker online there are some many types and arenas to do it, everyone can find the perfect game, place and device to play it on, with ease.  

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Poker rules 

The rules for what wins are the same in all poker games, they might be played differently, but in the end, the main poker rule is that the highest hand wins. 

Let’s just have a look at what card combinations you need to get the upper hand when playing Poker Online. 

Royal Flush – this is what we call a hand that is A-K-Q-J-10 in that order and in the same colour. This is the best hand you can get when playing poker online. 

Straight Flush – this is what we call a hand that has 5 cards in sequence and of the same colour. If another player has a straight flush, the one with the highest card wins. All symbols are equal, so two hands with the same high card will split the win. 

Four of a kind – this is what we call a hand where you have 4 cards of the same value. Here the colour has nothing to say, and it is the one with the highest value that will win if there is more than 1 player that has this combination 

Full house – 3 of a kind and a pair of whatever value. Here, too, the player with the highest value card who wins if more than 1 player has this combination 

Flush – this is what we call a hand where you have 5 cards of the same colour. It doesn’t matter what value the cards have. If more than 1 player has this combination, the highest card decides who has won 

Straight – this is what we call a hand of 5 cards in succession in the correct order. It has nothing to say what colour the cards have something to say. It will be the highest card that is crucial here 

Three of a kind – this is what we call a hand with 3 equal cards. As with the others, the cards with the highest combination win 

Two pairs – this is what we call a hand with two and two equal cards. The highest combination wins 

One pair – this is a hand with two equal cards. It will be the highest combination that will win 

If you are playing Jacks or Better Poker Online, you do not win anything unless you have a pair of jacks or better, as the name of the game clearly explains. As online casinos continue to create new variants and games types based on the old classic casino games, new rules might apply to the games. Always read the rules of the game before playing Poker online for real money to make sure you know what you are getting into.  

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Play Poker Demo or Real Money  

If you are new to playing poker, we suggest you try playing some poker games in demo version for free, to get the gist of it before playing Poker online for real money. Most Video poker games can be played in demo mode. If you want to try playing against other players at poker stars you need to use real money, the same goes for playing at the live casino section of online casinos.  

The Best Poker Online Casinos in 2024 

You will find many of the best online poker casinos on our list over the best casinos. Alternatively you can head over to poker stars, there you can play all kinds of tournaments, big and small and play at tables with a minimum 1 cent stake, or visit the high-roller tables and play for bigger sums. If table games are your preference, most online casinos offer at least 10 or more of these in their casino section, several being Video Poker variants. We have selected a prime poker online casino. Here you can play several Video poker games as well as many live dealer poker games. Claim your bonus and get your cards on hand now.  

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