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An Internet casino that covers table games and game show-style titles will likely allow users the opportunity to play keno online. This is a lottery game that originated in China and subsequently caught on in the western world, before being transplanted to the web in more recent times to become a fixture of online casinos. To a casual observer, it may appear that all lottery and bingo-style games are essentially the same, and to a certain extent this is true: all of them are ultimately games of chance, and all use the same basic premise in that you choose numbers and hope for the best. However, different lottery games will bring their own individual twists to the basic formula, and keno is no exception.

Keno is a game with its own specific set of rules, its own flavour, its own general feel. Perhaps you are totally new to the field of online lotteries and are looking for a place to start; alternatively, you may be an experienced lottery player and are looking for something a little outside the ordinary. Either way, keno would be a good choice for you. So, if you are interested in getting to know more about this age-old Chinese game of chance, here is a quick guide we have prepared for anybody who hopes to play keno online and perhaps score big…

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Keno Rules

A keno ticket will contain 80 numbers in all, and typically a player will have a degree of flexibility in how many numbers they choose. In most cases, when you play keno online, you will be able to choose up to ten numbers; however, there are also versions that allow you to choose up to fifteen. Once you have made your choice, all you need to do is click the “play” button (or its equivalent) and the casino will choose twenty random numbers from the grid. The odds will, of course, vary depending on how many numbers you have chosen. If you choose just the one number, then there will be a one in four chance of it turning up amongst the numbers picked by the casino. Those odds will multiply if you choose more numbers. Meanwhile, if you are having trouble choosing the numbers that you would like on your ticket, then check to see if the version of keno that you are playing has a “quick pick” option in which the software chooses your numbers for you.

How many numbers should you choose? Well, obviously choosing more numbers will improve your chance of scoring, but bear in mind the issue of prices. If you have decided to play keno for real money, then you will need to pay for each number. This is where the element of gambling comes in: paying more money will raise your chances but also raise the stakes. The more you spend, the more you will lose if your winning numbers are not drawn.

In some versions of keno, it is possible to choose consecutive draws. If you do so, then you will be able to choose the number of draws that you would like to partake in at the same time that you are choosing your numbers and stakes. Once again, be warned that raising the number of draws will also raise the price of your game. Still another feature used by some versions of online keno is the multiplier which will increase the cost of your ticket and, by extension, your potential winnings. If a keno game includes a multiplier option, you will typically be allowed to choose the amount from a list of accepted options. For example, a keno game might allow you to pick from 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x and 10x multipliers before you submit your ticket. In other versions of the game, the number of the multiplier will be chosen at random – all you need to do is put down a token payment to opt into the multiplier, and hope that it is a large one!

Once you have filled in your ticket, all you need to do is submit it and hope that you score. If you are lucky enough to land some winning numbers, then you can collect your winnings (at least, so long as you are playing real money keno and not one of the just-for-fun demo versions that are available at various sites). If not, then better luck next time.

As you can see, the game is extremely straightforward. Although it started out as a physical game using paper slips and numbered balls, it has adapted very to the world of online casinos as it is the sort of simple, accessible game that any player can get their head around.

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Keno Tactics

If you are playing keno, then you will almost certainly be playing keno for real money: as this is a simple game that is entirely down to chance, it is not typically the sort of game that people will play for fun, and the non-paying versions serve more as introductions than as games in their own right. You do not have to leave it all to chance, however: there are a few steps that you can follow to help improve your odds of making money.

The most useful strategy that you can employ is in choosing a larger amount of numbers with a smaller bet in play. This will get you a good balance between the likelihood of scoring something, and minimized losses if you do not score. Try not to go all-out and “splurge” by choosing the maximum amount of numbers; seven or eight numbers will be sufficient, and any more will be an unnecessary expenditure. The opposite strategy – placing larger amounts of money on a smaller range of numbers – will be a very bad idea and is likely to lead to losses.

Best Online Casinos for Keno

There are many different online casinos that allow you to play keno online. Examples include Bizzo Casino, Cat Casino, Jackpot Village, Karamba Casino and many others. There are even sites that allow you to choose from different versions of keno, such as All Slots (which, despite its name, does not scrimp in terms of non-slot games). Another notable distinction is that some casinos will allow you to play a demo version of keno with no stakes, as well as the opportunity to play keno for real money.

The range of different keno versions available across the web’s casinos may be overwhelming at first. Some have specific themes, like IGT’s Cleopatra Keno or Microgaming’s Monkey Keno, but these are in the minority: most are relatively dry on a visual level. Aside from a few exceptions like Keno King, Keno Universe and Superball Keno, an online keno game will typically not even have its own title: variation after variation are entitled simply “Keno”. Yet despite this, there is a surprising amount of variety between games. Some versions of keno will offer you a larger number of numbers to choose from when betting than others do; while some might have additional features, like multipliers or automatic bets, that their rivals have gone without. There is also a wide degree of variation in terms of cosmetic design. Colour schemes and grid sizes will change depending on the developer, while others will incorporate animated elements such as spinning balls or even cartoon hosts and hostesses.

Which one of these will be preferable? Well, that shall boil down to the personal tastes of the player. Some prefer vibrant schemes and lots of animated bells and whistles; others favour simple, easy-on-the-eye layouts with minimal distractions. Another potential factor is whether or not you are playing on a mobile device. If so, you might find the layouts of certain keno versions to be cramped and awkward. If you are playing real money keno, then you will want to leave as little room for errors as possible!

Can I Get a Bonus When I Play Keno Online?

Because keno was never one of the bigger-name games like roulette and blackjack, you are unlikely to find an online casino with a bonus that applies specifically to keno. However, most casinos these days will have a variety of bonuses that can be applied to all games, including keno. The most basic (and common) of these is the welcome bonus; this will give you some bonus funds meaning that you can play keno for real money right out the gate. ongoing promotions used by many casinos, such as cashback offers or “reload” bonuses, may also be applicable to keno. Finally, it is possible that your chosen casino has a points-based loyalty scheme; if so, check to see whether bets made when playing keno can be traded in for points. If they are, then you will certainly be in luck: even a losing bet on your next game of keno may still help you to progress to the next tier of the loyalty scheme and earn a few more perks on the side.


Keno is a lottery-style game that has found a popular home in online casinos. Players choose numbers, typically between 1 and 80, and then a random number generator (RNG) draws winning numbers. The more of your chosen numbers match the drawn numbers, the bigger your winnings. Online versions of Keno offer various betting options, themes, and paytables, making it accessible and entertaining for players of all levels.

Yes, many online casinos offer free or demo versions of Keno, allowing players to get a feel for the game without risking real money. This is a fantastic way to learn the rules, experiment with different strategies, or just play for fun. However, remember that any winnings from free games cannot be withdrawn as real money.

The odds in Keno vary significantly based on how many numbers you choose and the specific game you play. Generally, the house edge is quite high, around 20-30%, making it a game of chance with a significant luck element. However, the potential for high payouts makes it appealing to many players looking for big wins.

While Keno is primarily a game of luck, some players use strategies such as playing with fewer numbers, which can improve the chances of hitting those numbers, or sticking with the same numbers over multiple games in the hope they’ll eventually hit. However, no strategy can guarantee a win, as the numbers are drawn randomly.

Online casinos offer a diverse range of Keno games, including classic Keno, progressive jackpot Keno, and themed variations inspired by popular culture, history, and more. Each version has its unique twist on the traditional game, providing a fresh and exciting experience for players.

Absolutely! Most online casinos offer mobile-compatible versions of their games, including Keno. Whether through a mobile app or a mobile-optimized website, you can enjoy Keno anytime, anywhere, directly from your smartphone or tablet.

The most common mistakes include playing too many numbers in one go, chasing losses with larger bets, and not setting a budget or sticking to it. To enjoy Keno responsibly, manage your bankroll wisely, and remember it’s a game of chance designed for entertainment.

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