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Playing Baccarat Online 

Sometimes you want to play an fast and easy card game, one that does not require much thinking or strategy, a game of chance. This is when card enthusiasts turn to Baccarat.  You can play the popular card game online at all the best online casinos. You will find it in the casino section as a table game, as well as at the Live casino.  In most Baccarat versions the player simply makes a bet on one out of tree possible options and waits to see if they won or not. It’s a game of chance where instead of spinning a wheel to see if the number you bet on wins, you chose a side, and see what cards are dealt. Baccarat is a fun and exciting game, often played by super spy James Bond in movies and the original books. 

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How is Baccarat Online played? 

The game is quite simple, the goal is to get as close to 9 as possible. You make your bet before the cards are dealt,  

You have 3 choices on what you want to bet on. These are: 

Your hand 

Dealer’s hand 


Baccarat card values: 

Aces always count as 1.  

The numerical cards from 2-9 will always equal their face value.  

The King, Queen, Jacks as well as tens, all count as 0. 

The cards suits have no relevance regarding the card value. 

Double digits have 10 removed from the count, so in the case of getting a 5 and a 7,  adding up to 12 makes the total 2.  

The banker hand will always stand at the total of 7,8 or 9. If the banker hand is 0,1 or 2 it will always hit again. 

The drawing rules might be a bit complicated, but all the counting and work is done by the dealer, all you need to do it make your bet.  

Once you have placed your bet the dealer will give two cards to the player and two cards to the bank. The payer’s cards are turned first.  

If they player cards total 5 or less, they will receive one final cards. 

When all the cards have been dealt and the final count is ready you find out if you guessed correctly. If you did, you win, real money. You don’t even have to bet on your own cards if you don’t want to. It`s all up to chance. What does your gut feeling tell you about where the cards tallying the closes to nine will be? Could it be both player and bank will end up with the same number? Better bet on a tie then. 

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Table layout 

A half-circle made up of slices for each player face you. If you are playing alone at a table game, you will only find once section for yourself on the table. They are numbers outlined around the edge of the table indicates the number of players. 

A regular Baccarat table will have 14 numbers marked 1-15, This is due to skipping the unlucky number 13. That seat would be empty most of the time anyways due to gamer`s superstitions. Above the player number, you will see three boxes marked on the table. 

The box closest to the player number is the players, next is the banker bet box, and the last box is the is bet box. You choose one of the three boxes to place your betting chips, you may not bet one more than one, like tie and payer. If you want to bet tie, that will be your only bet that round, it will pay 8-1 if the tally ends up even on both sides.  

Play Live Baccarat in Demo mode or with Real Money 

If you would like to try playing Baccarat to see how it plays out before you bet real money playing, you can try out Baccarat online in demo mode at most online casinos. Once you got the hang of it, switch to real money to add excitement. Excellent Baccarat games are waiting for you at the best online Casinos section once you are ready for a great Baccarat online experience. 

Baccarat Variants 

There are several variations on the Baccarat card game you can play online.  

Mini Baccarat only has one dealer and seats seven players. This version usually has lower stake bets than the original Baccarat game.  

Chemin de Fer, where the game cards are dealt face down, and the players take turns as the banker. This version also has more player interaction, as you chose if you want a third card or not.  

Punto Bunco, here the players do not get any say in the matter of the third card. It is dealt anyway, and the winner is announced by the dealer. This version is the one that seats up to 14 players at one table. 

Baccarat Banque, here one of the players have the role of the dealer for the whole game. A lesser number of card decks is used in this version of the game. This is a European version of Baccarat, and offers higher bets for the players.  

Can I get casino bonus and play Baccarat Online? 

The digital table games can be found in the casino section, where all online casinos will offer their new players a bonus. If this bonus consists of bonus money, it can often be used playing Baccarat. The drawback is that it will usually only pay 2,5 or maybe 10% towards the wagering requirements. It might in many cases pay 0%, so you are better of fulfilling the bonus requirements on slots.  

As table games might not or pay little towards the wagering requirements, you should read all the terms and conditions carefully before you start playing using the bonus. 

The best online casinos offer their new players the chance to get a live casino bonus the first time they play there. Make sure you check the casinos promotions page to find out if they offer this bonus and how to claim it. This way you will be able to play Live Dealer Baccarat with the bonus.   

The best Casinos with Baccarat table games

Baccarat casinos are featured on our list over the best casinos in 2024. The number of baccarat table games available might vary from casino to casino. NetEnt has made some of the best Baccarat table games you find online. 

If you wish to play Live dealer Baccarat, Evolution Gaming provide good-quality Live Baccarat games with professional dealers. There are many other Live casino game providers that will provide you with live Baccarat games as well, we might mention Ezugi, Lucky streak, Vivo gaming, Asia Gaming, Gameplay, Portomaso and Casino Virginia as good examples. Some of these broadcasts from their very own Land-based Casino.  

Play Baccarat Online today  

If you would like to have a go at playing baccarat online at the best baccarat online casinos, you can start out by clicking on the link below. This will take you to a great online casino with baccarat games . You could be playing baccarat and other popular casino games a few minutes from now. 

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