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Cashback Bonus Casino Guide & Top Picks

When you are playing at online casinos, you are gambling, sometimes you will lose, that’s just how gambling works. This is of course how Casinos makes a living, that is no secret. Online casinos are in this respect often a bit nicer than land-based casinos. We are now talking about Cashback Bonus Casino, which offers their players some of the money they lost, back on their account. 


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How does a Cashback Bonus work? 

As mentioned above, the cashback bonus is when the casino returns some of the money you have played for, if you do not win. If you have been offered a cashback bonus but end up winning, making a withdrawal of your winnings will void any cashback bonus.  

The cashback bonus can be for a single deposit or give you cashback for money played over a period of time.  This will often be on a weekly or monthly basis. If you sign up to the cashback program, where you get a 10% cashback bonus, depositing 100 dollars each week will give you 40 dollars back, end of the month or on a set date the next month. 

Cashback Bonus Casino Types 

As a loyal player at online casinos, you might get a special offer that applies to one deposit by email or waiting for you in your profile inbox. Some casinos offer all their players a chance to enrol in their cashback program. You will often have to look at their promotions page to find information on this, there might be a sing up link, or you might have to contact customer support by chat or email to join the program. 

The cashback bonus is also a popular advantage in loyalty and VIP programs. Once you reach a certain level, you might be entitled to weekly or monthly cashback bonuses, the percentage might rise as well as you gain a new level.  You might encounter other cashback bonuses as part of a casinos gimmick, some will offer cashback on every bet, while some might offer cashback on your wins instead of losses. 

Wagering requirements 

Not many bonuses come without a wagering requirement. Most of the time this will be the case with a cashback bonus as well. the wagering requirement must be fulfilled before your cashback bonus is turned into real money you can withdraw or continue playing with, without any restrictions.  

The wagering requirements will vary from casino to casino and depends on the type of cashback bonus you get. If your cashback bonus is given as you have reached a high level in the loyalty program or VIP program, they might be low or non-existent.  

Usually the cashback bonus will not be offered as part of the welcome package for new players, this bonus is mainly for regular players. If the casino offers a cashback program you might be able to sign up as a new player, but the deposits you make with a match bonus as part of the welcome package will not count in these instances 

We urge all our readers to read through all the terms and conditions that accompany your cashback bonus. This ensures that you don’t come across any surprises, you know the requirements, time you have to complete them and any restrictions that might apply to the bonus.  

One such restriction might be how long you have to fulfill the wagering requirement, you might automatically get your cashback bonus on your balance the first of the month, and only have 7 days to play-through. If you forget to log in and play, your bonus will be voided.  

Cashback Bonus Casino Redemption 

Once you have signed onto a cashback bonus program or a specific cashback bonus, you do not have to do much to redeem the bonus, once the cashback period is over, the bonus will be made available on your balance on the time or date named in the terms and conditions. Once on your balance you can start playing, fulfilling your wagering requirements or if the bonus comes without, start playing to win real money right away.  

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