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For avid casino players, the casino bonus is a well-known and welcome gift from the casino, this can help them achieve big winnings. If you are new to the world of online casinos, it might not be a familiar concept. You might know bonuses as something you get for doing good work, like more money for reaching your work goals or extra money as your Christmas/summer bonus.  Casino bonuses works a bit differently. Like when you receive an additional item when you buy a certain amount of a product at a store, or when you get a certain percent extra for the same price, as the item in question contains more than usual for the same price.

There are several different casino bonus types. As we continue, we will explain the different casino bonus types for you, let you know how to choose casino bonus and tell you where to find the casino bonuses that gives you the most extra cash and spins. You will be ready for bonus casinos and all the gaming entertainment found there once you have gone through this article.

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Casino Bonus Types

The casino bonus can take many forms, it can present itself in the form of extra money on top of the money you deposit. It can be free spins you get for a number of different reasons. The bonus can give you money back if you lose what you deposited at the online casino. You might get some kind of special spin, like Mega spins, or from a special bonus wheel.  There are also VIP programs that give you special advantages or bonuses at casinos.

We will give you a quick run-down of the casino bonus types, if you wish to learn more we have made articles about each type you can have a look at for a better understanding of the specific type of bonus.

Match Bonus

This is the most common bonus at online casinos in addition to free spins. Just like you might find a bottle of shampoo with 20% more, for the same price as the old smaller bottle, the casino will top up your deposit with additional money to play with. Often this is 100-200% but can get as high as 500%. This is most common for the first deposit though. If the welcome bonus package has several deposits with match bonus it might be lower for the later ones. Other campaigns might give 10-50% extra as a match bonus. An example might be a Friday deposit bonus of 20% extra, that an online casino run every week. You can read more about match bonus in the welcome bonus article.

Free Spins

When you sign up to a new bonus casino, free spins will almost without exception give some free spins. A select few online casinos will only give you a big match bonus or bonus money. However, it is expected for new players to get some free spins as they sign up or make their first deposit. Some will give you 25-40 free spins, but here you could collect hundreds of free spins if you chose the best new bonus casino. When your bonus is loads of free spins, you will get some when you make a deposit and the rest will be available over a period of time. Of course, as a valued returning player you will also get free spins given from time to time, they will often be featured in campaigns. Here you might want to check the campaign page to see if there is a weekend deposit free spin bonus or similar. It varies which slots you can play with your free spins, if you are lucky it can be any slot machine you chose.

No Deposit Bonuses

Simply explained, this is a bonus you get from an online casino, without having to make a deposit. This can be part of the welcome bonus, where you get some money to play for or some free spins, as you sign up, before you make a deposit. As a loyal player you might get this type of bonus by email or waiting for you when you log into the online casino. You could be getting bonus money to play for or free spins. This is always a welcome gift. It shows that the casino cares for their players. When you get a no deposit bonus when you sign up, you get a chance to play for real before you commit, and deposit money. Either way, it is a bonus you don’t have to do anything else than being a member to receive.

Mega Spinn Or Bonus Wheel

This type of bonus is the most coveted of them all. Mega spins give huge winnings, they are completely without wagering requirements at all. As you might understand, these spins are not given lightly, you must earn them. They can be the price in tournaments or campaigns, you can earn them by collecting points, or as a VIP reward. Similarly, a bonus wheel can be activated by using loyalty or VIP points, or when you reach a new level as a player at the casino. You might find some bonus casinos with mega spins as a welcome bonus, but then it will be with wagering requirements, still the odds will be in your favour as mega spins give up to 25 times bigger winnings than regular spins. This is one of the best casino bonuses you will find.

Cashback Bonus

This type of bonus is exactly what it sounds like, it gives you cash back. This might be on a specific deposit, on a weekly or monthly basis. This means that if you have a 20% cashback bonus for a week, you will get 20% of what you deposited back to your player account if you do not win anything. This is also one of the best casino bonuses you can get, as they often work over a period of time, so any week or month you don’t win anything you get some money back to try again. Some bonus casinos will let you sign up for a cashback program, this makes the process easy and automatic.

How Does Casino Bonuses Work?

As you now have an oversight over the different casino bonus types it might be time to explain how they work. That is to say, what is the catch? Bonus casinos don’t give away money for free. That would not benefit them. It is very possible to use your bonus to win big money prizes. However, there are conditions to be fulfilled before you can transform your bonus into real money.

If the bonus you receive depends on a deposit, that money will be used first, before you play with bonus money. This means that if you win using the deposit and make a withdrawal, you forfeit the bonus. If you deposit 20 dollars, and get 100 dollars to play for, that means that if you win 20 dollars, withdrawing 40 dollars will lose you the 80 dollars' worth of bonus money. This is your choice of course. The purpose of the match bonus is to give you an extra chance to win, if you play the whole deposit away, you get the bonus 80 dollars to try again with.

Get To Know the Terms And Conditions

At GambleGuys we want you to be able to enjoy playing on online casinos without worrying about potential problems once you have winnings you want to have paid out. We therefore always advise that you read all the terms and conditions attached to any casino bonuses you might consider accepting. In addition to this we highly recommend carefully reading trough the general terms and conditions while signing up, to avoid unpleasant surprises. Better to make sure you play by the book, this way you can enjoy your winning moments without worry.

Your bonus free spins will often be tied to a specific slot machine, a select few slots or slots from one game developer. This will be explained in detail in the terms and conditions.

Two other important details stipulated in the terms and conditions are the wagering requirements and what games count towards them. Let's find out what this means.

Wagering Requirements

Most casino bonuses come with wagering requirements to be fulfilled before the winnings made from the bonus can be paid out to your account as real money. There are some bonuses without wagering requirements, they are precious and few. Obviously, these are the very best casino bonuses out there.

Wagering requirements on a match bonus are usually 30-50 times the amount given. That means that if you are given 20 dollars in bonus and the requirement is 30 times, you must play for 600 dollars using that money before you can take out winnings from what you have on your player account.

Wagering requirements on free spins will apply to the winnings made. The wagering requirements here are often 30-50 times the amount, often 50-50 times if they are no deposit bonus spins. This means that if you get 25 free spins and win 10 dollars, with a requirement of x30 you have to play for 300 dollars with the 10 euro you won, before you can extract any winnings.

It might sound like a lot, but when you take the RTP percentage on slots into account it, it is very doable. The RTP stands for: return to player. This is the amount of money given back, over time to the player in winnings from 100 dollars. The RTP percentage is usually over 95% for most slots, some 97-98%.

Casinos are all about chance. You might win big on your first spin, or you might play for hours before you win the big bonus or an amazing free spin feature. You can be given 10 free spins with wagering requirements of x40, you might only win one dollar on the spins. Then as you make your next spin using the whole dollar, you win the free spins feature, maybe it is re-triggered during free spins and gives a bunch of wilds on several of the spins. When it is over you have 65 dollars on your player account and have already fulfilled the wagering requirements of 40 dollars.

What Games Pays Towards The Wagering Requirements?

Another important thing to take into consideration is what casino games pays towards the wagering requirements. There will often be a list of slots that will not count towards it, the best casino bonuses will notify you when you try to play on a slot that does not count. If the slot it not on the list of games that does not count towards the wagering requirement it will usually pay 100% towards it.

Table games will pay towards the requirements, but usually only 10-30% This means that if you use bonus money or free spins winnings to play, a prize of 20 dollars might only count towards the requirement with 2 dollars. If you like to play table games and video poker it might be wise to wait until you have fulfilled your wagering requirement. The money you have at the end is real money you can withdraw or use to place bets where all you win is yours, now without conditions.

Live casino games will usually count 0% towards the requirements, this is unless you are using a Live casino bonus. It is important that you make sure your bonus is active for the right section of the casino. Often a match bonus on a deposit will automatically apply to the casino, and not Live Casino section. Make sure you chose the right code, click the right bonus choice or contact customer service if you want a Live Casino bonus.

Where to find the Best Casino Bonuses?

All online casinos will offer a welcome bonus of some sort, more bonuses are found on the campaign page. If you want to read more about the individual types of bonuses, you can click on one of the articles below.  Feel ready to claim your bonus now? Let`s not delay then, we give you a list of the best online casinos right here!

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