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About Us

About Us: Team of Casino Specialists

The GambleGuys team are specialist in online casino and iGaming entertainment. Our site has been running since 2018, passionately providing essential information and reviews for players in countless global markets. But GambleGuy's story starts far earlier than a few years ago. Our founding members have decades of experience within the industry, working across various online gambling niches to build vital knowledge of what makes the best online casino platforms

Our company directors have known each other since childhood, which has informed a passionate and fun approach to the GambleGuys philosophy. We’re here to help our community learn about the top-rated online casinos and sportsbooks, but we’re also here to have fun. Creating this website is a dream come true for the boyhood friends, and we’re constantly looking to enhance our platform to generate the best experience possible for our readers.

The modern online gambling market is an incredibly crowded niche, with thousands of platforms for players and bettors to enjoy. While this throws up a fantastic number of options, it can also make deciding on an operator extremely hard. That’s where we come in. Our mission at GambleGuys is to give you the tools to find the best site for your own gambling preferences. We’re determined to highlight the best operators in the business, as well as the rogue operators that are better left avoided, and help you navigate the multitude of options.  

Our young and eager team of online gambling and casino professionals is perfectly placed to help you in various ways. Whether you’re looking for information on the best operators in your area or researching new and exciting casino games, we have the tools you need. Want to know more about GambleGuys? Keep reading for our story, values, and overall mission. We’ll see you on the other side! 

Our Story 

Where does the GambleGuys story start? Our roots stretch all the way back to the school playground, where our founders had lofty dreams of becoming successful business owners. Their friendship remained through adolescence and early adulthood, with both achieving success across the business and digital marketing worlds. 

GambleGuys was created out of a childhood dream, but as we all know, it can take time for playground aspirations to come to fruition. Through our founders’ individual adventures during the late 1990s and 2000s, they became more and more convinced that their particular blend of strengths could combine to create a lasting platform aimed at helping budding casino connoisseurs. 

Our Values 

Several core values underpin how we work at GambleGuys. Arguably the most important is to keep our unshakeable passion for online gambling running through everything we do. Whether it’s an online casino review or a sports betting strategy article, we’re determined to write from the player’s perspective. After all, we were born out of a love for iGaming and sports betting, so why not show it? 

Our experts take as much time exploring the fundamental details when writing reviews as they would do themselves when choosing a site to gamble on. Genuinely helping gamblers with up-to-date and unbiased reviews, and highlighting sometimes-problematic areas like wagering requirements, is another essential GambleGuys core value. 

We believe that maintaining our excitement for gambling is key to producing genuinely valuable content that will help players in all aspects of what they do. Hundreds of online gambling platforms spring to life every month. It’s our job to help you understand which ones to avoid and which can deliver a top-notch experience. 

Furthermore, we pride ourselves on a level-headed and impartial approach to reviewing operators. Many sites blindly shower praise on any platform, no matter how good. That’s not us. GambleGuys are here for the players. 

And this informs another one of our core values. We want to help all players, not just ones from a specific niche. Our multifaceted and varied team is made up of individuals from Malta, Spain, Italy, Serbia, Bosnia, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Canada, and France. This enables us to deliver an unbeatable blend of cultures, languages, and individual preferences. A diverse team means diverse content. Another GambleGuys core value.  

Our Mission 

GambleGuys is on a mission to be more than just a review site. We need to be constantly at the top of our game to spread the best online gambling knowledge possible and help our readers navigate the often murky world of operators and games. 

You’ve got to be careful out there nowadays. An essential part of GambleGuy's mission is teaching our readers how to stay vigilant regarding safe payment methods, provably fair casino games, and genuine online gambling bonuses. 

Your safety is our top priority, so we do everything in our power to spot harmful sites as soon as possible and praise the operators that are really looking out for their players.

This is the first step towards our wider mission: to help our community choose the best operators based on various factors. We strongly believe that everybody has their own optimum platform depending on their unique preferences. As a result, we aim to comprehensively cover each online gambling game or website, giving you the most advanced set of tools possible to help your decision. 

And it’s not just casinos. How could we prove our passion for gambling without also including sports betting sites in the equation? At GambleGuys, everything is covered. Our mission to be more than just a review site wouldn’t be complete without the extra content. There are so many additional worlds to explore throughout this ongoing gambling adventure, from strategy articles to updates on the latest news coming from the iGaming sector and beyond. 

Going forward, we remain committed to fulfilling our core values and serving worldwide gambling fans with top-tier content designed to help and engage.

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