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Betsafe Sports Review 2024

Betting on sports is fun and exhilarating. The thrill of watching the game knowing that every goal, celebration, and penalty could bring you one step closer to victory is like none other in gambling. That’s why sports gambling is so popular and continues to be a growing market. Canadians have many choices for sportsbooks. One of the older sportsbooks is Betsafe. Acquired by Betsson, a publicly-traded company in Sweden, in 2011, Betsafe has long been a favourite of Canadians. However, is it still worth signing up for an account for Betsafe in 2024? Or, are there other alternatives that are now better? Let’s find out in our Betsafe sports review!

What Sports Are Available At Betsafe?

The best sportsbooks have every event in every sport imaginable available for betting. Even if you may not be a fan of a particular sport now, you might become one in the future, or perhaps you’ll join a group of people who share tips on betting for a specific sport and want to try it out. No matter what happens, you don’t want to switch sportsbooks because they don’t have the sport you want to bet on available!

Fortunately, Betsafe has practically every sport you could ever want available for betting. There are all the big-market sports in Canada, like the NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL, soccer, UFC, and NCAA. However, you can also bet on sports like volleyball, table tennis, darts, golf, and cricket. Indeed, even within each sport type, like hockey, you can access multiple leagues globally. You’ll be able to bet on hockey from Sweden, Slovakia, Latvia, Kazakhstan, and more. You can bet on basketball from Indonesia or China. Betsafe sports are never just North American – instead, the whole world of sports is available to you. That’s awesome, especially if you follow less conventional sports and want to bet on those!

Betsafe Sports Bonus, Promotions, and Free Bets

The best online sportsbooks know how important it is to encourage players to sign up for an account and keep them coming back once they do register. Betsafe clearly understands this as they offer some of the most generous bonuses and promotions of any online sportsbook. If you want a substantial welcome bonus for sports betting, Betsafe has it. They are offering new players a 100% match on their first deposit for up to $500. However, that’s not all. You’ll get 100 free spins and a $5 live casino bonus. This bonus is about as good as you’ll find for a sportsbook! The promotions don’t stop there, though. For example, for March Madness, they have promotions where you can win up to $125 for a live free bet or take part in a $5,000 prize pool. They have other promotions, mainly leaderboard prize pools, that will reward players who correctly bet on certain sports (or across all sports). There is also a VIP program to which Betsafe invites the most dedicated players. These players will receive a personal VIP manager, exclusive events, fast-tracked withdrawals, personalized offers, and private tournaments. Being a Betsafe sports betting VIP is a rewarding experience!

Betsafe Sportsbook Bonus

  • Welcome Bonus 100%
  • Match up to$500
  • VIP Program


How Do I Bet on Betsafe?

Betsafe has a relatively standard and easy way of betting. You’ll see multiple tabs on the top when you load up the site. Click on the sportsbook tab to bring up the sports betting part of the site. You can see all the popular in-play (live) games, or you can click on “Upcoming” to see all the soon-to-start games. You will also have the option to select your preferred sport up on the top bar or search for your favourite sport using the search box.

Once you find the sport and match you want to make a wager on, you can click on the wager listed in the row, or you can click on the arrow to the right to see all betting options. Typically, the site shows the most common wagering options in the row (like the money line bet). When you click on the arrow, you’ll see the less common options (like betting on the total goals or who will win the first period). When you select your bet, you’ll add your wager to the bet slip located on the right side. If you choose one wager, you’ll have the option of making a single bet. If you select more than one wager, you can bet an amount on each event individually, or you can do a parlay or round-robin bet.

Multiple Ways to Bet on Betsafe Sports

A parlay means that you take the winnings of your first bet and put that all on your second, then on your third, etc. The upside is that you can win a significant amount of money. The downside is that you must win all your Betsafe sports selections to win the bet. Not many sportsbooks offer round-robin wagering. The idea behind this is that you can bet an amount on each combination of games. So, for three games, say A, B, and C, you could make the following wagers:

  • A, B, and C, individually
  • A and B parlayed, B and C parlayed, and A and C parlayed
  • A and B and C parlayed

The round-robin interface provides you with an easy way to make those bets. It’s a blend between the parlay and the single-game betting. You get extra if you get multiple games correct, but you won’t lose everything if you don’t get all games right!

Betsafe Betting Odds

Betsafe sports betting offers excellent odds overall. Games tend to have relatively tight spreads, so each game’s house margin isn’t too significant. Smaller market sports have the biggest spreads – especially during the live events – but bigger sports like the NHL, NBA, MLB, NFL, and others have excellent odds overall.

Betsafe App and Mobile Betting

Betsafe sports betting patrons can choose how they want to place their bets on a mobile device, as they offer both a native app and a well-designed mobile site. The native app is available for download on both Android and iOS. Due to restrictions on sports betting apps in the Google Play store, Android users will need to download the app directly from the Betsafe site. Apple users can download the app directly from the App Store.

For both Android and iOS users, the app experience is probably the best way to bet with Betsafe. You can quickly and easily see all available matches for betting, including live games. And, if you’re interested in online gambling (casino, live casino, or poker), the app makes it easy to play those games. One nice perk of the app is that it takes full advantage of the device’s capabilities. For example, you can access live streams and follow your favourite sports teams, so you’ll never miss an opportunity to bet on their upcoming games!

The mobile site delivers mostly the same experience as the app. Load it up, and you’ll see all the popular in-play sports with available betting options. You can also switch to the “Upcoming” tab to see all the games you can bet on that are starting soon. It’s sleek, fast, and gorgeous, especially with the lovely dark theme! If you like to bet on the go, you’ll find that Betsafe is the perfect sportsbook for you!

Live Betting on Betsafe Sports

Live betting on Betsafe sports is straightforward and enjoyable. Once you load up the sportsbook, you will see that the “in-play” section loads by default. You can select the live sport you want to bet on and either choose one of the quick bets in the row or click the arrow to the right to see all the betting options. There are numerous live betting options per game. Some sportsbooks only offer a few choices, but Betsafe seems to have multiple options, even for more obscure games. Everyone expects the Super Bowl to have thousands of different bets, for example, but even minor basketball leagues will have at least 6-10 betting options per game, all with odds that update live as the game progresses! Live betting on Betsafe sports works, and it works well. There isn’t anything super fancy about it, but sometimes simple is better – and in this case, it most certainly is!

Deposits and Withdrawals at Betsafe

Having the ability to deposit or withdraw money easily is vital for any sportsbook. Indeed, when you want to bet on a big game or cash out your winnings from that big underdog bet you won on, you’ll want to be able to transact as quickly as possible with your sportsbook. Fortunately for players, Betsafe makes depositing and withdrawing money easy.


The Betsafe sportsbook offers many standard deposit methods that Canadians know about and have come to expect from their online sportsbooks. It’s possible to deposit with Interac, VISA, MasterCard, instant banking (EFT), ecoPayz, Paysafecard, and MuchBetter. There are no cryptocurrency deposit options which is somewhat disappointing. Hopefully, crypto support is something that BetSafe will add on later. Each deposit method has a minimum of $10 or $15, so you won’t need to deposit much to get started with this sportsbook. Some methods have service fees associated with them, but you can usually find ways to avoid paying that cost. Finally, most of these methods are instantaneous or near-instantaneous. You won’t find yourself waiting for a deposit to clear very much. With fast, easy deposits, it’s not hard to see why BetSafe is one of the top online sportsbooks!


Surprisingly, although Betsafe offers many different deposit options, they only offer four withdrawal choices: Interac, VISA, ecoPayz, and bank transfer. However, the good news is that each method is fast, and there are no service fees for any withdrawal. Interac, VISA, and bank transfers will receive an approval within eight hours but have 2-5 banking days of processing time after that (although many Canadian banks will make the money available in the account sooner). The minimum amount you can withdraw is $20, except Interac, which sits at $10. Interestingly, this makes Betsafe one of the rare casinos where you can deposit $10 and withdraw that same $10 via Interac. In most online sportsbooks, the withdrawal minimums are slightly higher than the deposit ones, forcing people who deposited the minimum amount to win something before withdrawing. That’s not the case here at Betsafe.

Betsafe Customer Support

Betsafe has an excellent customer support team that can answer almost any player’s question. There are three ways you can contact Betsafe: email, chat, and phone. Email is the quickest and easiest way to contact Betsafe. Send a message to support-ca [at], and you’ll receive a response within an hour (that’s far quicker than many other online sportsbooks). Live chat is another fantastic way to get in touch with Betsafe. Go to their home page, click the help icon (located next to the login button), and select “Live Chat.” Within a minute (usually), an agent will come on and help you with whatever issue you may be having. Overall, they seem to be pretty quick at resolving issues and answering questions – there might be some issues that will take longer to investigate. Still, they have all the tools available to answer common questions like “what is the status of my withdrawal?” Finally, unlike many online casinos these days, the Betsafe sportsbook actually has a phone number that you can contact! If you contact the number on the website, you will be able to speak with someone directly and have them look into your question. Having a phone number is a rarity, but it’s reassuring to have the ability to pick up the phone and talk with someone at Betsafe.

Given how easy it is to contact Betsafe and how knowledgeable their staff is, it should come as no surprise that Betsafe has won EGR awards for customer service throughout the past eight years! Indeed, if you have any questions or are just wondering what the status of your deposit is, you can count on the fast, friendly team at Betsafe to address any issues.

Betsafe Sports Review: Yes, Canadians Should Try This Sportsbook

Ultimately, as has been evident throughout this Betsafe sports review, the Betsafe sportsbook is an excellent choice for Canadians. There aren’t any areas where this sportsbook comes up short. It has an excellent user interface, fast monetary transactions, a stunning set of promotions, and all the sports you could ever want for betting. The fact that this place also includes a casino, live casino, and poker place is the cherry on top. If you are looking for a new sportsbook, it would be hard to find one better than Betsafe. So, give this one a shot – even if you just sign up to take advantage of the 100% match up to $500. That’s quite a bit of extra money that could very possibly be yours (assuming you meet the rollover requirements)!

Betsafe Sports Highlights

  • App Available
  • Wide Variety of Sports
  • Easy Way of Betting


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