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20Bet Sports Review 2024

Sports betting is one of the most exciting ways to gamble. The thrill of watching a game, knowing that every goal, every penalty, and every single minute brings you one step closer to winning your bet, is one of the best experiences. Over the years, there have been numerous sportsbooks for Canadians, some great and some not so good. Founded in 2020, 20Bet is a new site that aims to give Canadians a new way to bet on sports. And, as we will see in this 20Bet sports review, it’s largely successful!

What Sports Are Available at 20Bet?

The best sportsbooks are the ones that have numerous sports available for wagering. Every sportsbook will have odds for the Super Bowl, but what if you want to bet on other sports, like hockey or soccer? Or, what if you want to wager on leagues other than the NHL (like the WHL or OHL in Canada)? A sportsbook should be able to offer you odds for all sports. Fortunately, 20Bet has all patrons covered in this regard. They have practically every type of sport you could ever want. You’ll have access to all the traditional North American sports, like NHL, MLB, NBA, NFL, and MLS. In addition, though, you can bet on most international soccer leagues, like the English Premier League or Bundesliga. You can also bet on racing like NASCAR and F1. However, what’s fascinating about 20Bet is that the selection of sports doesn’t stop there. Here’s a small sample of the unique sports you can wager on within this site:

  • Gaelic Hurling
  • E-sports (Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, Dota 2, League of Legends, StarCraft, and more)
  • Snooker
  • Water Polo
  • Bandy
  • Table Tennis

Indeed, you can even find cycling, handball, and more events. It’s hard to describe just how impressive the selection of sports is until you go to their site and start browsing around. After a while, you’ll realize that you can bet on practically anything sports-related through this site!

20Bet Sports Bonus, Promotions, and Free Bets

Like most online casinos now, 20Bet does offer promotions and bonuses to encourage patrons to sign up and continue to gamble on this site. Currently, there’s a welcome bonus for sports betting that consists of a 100% match up to $150. If you bet in the casino (non-sports), there’s a welcome bonus there, too, with a 100% match of up to $180, plus 120 free spins on Elvis Frog in Vegas. There’s a second deposit bonus with a 50% match up to $150.

20Bet also has a few programs and promotions that will keep people using 20Bet instead of going with a competing platform. There are Friday and Saturday reload bonuses, plus a fun “Forecasts” promotion – if you deposit $30 or more in the past five days, you can predict sporting events (not wagers) to win up to $1,500 in free bets. And there are also tournaments where you’ll compete with other sports bettors for your shot at a prize fund of over $12,500. There are some other promotions, too, but that should give you a good idea of what 20Bet offers. While it is possible to find sportsbooks with bigger welcome bonuses, their promotions, including those after the welcome bonus, are pretty extensive!

20Bet Sportsbook Bonus

  • Welcome Bonus 100%
  • Match up to $150
  • Forecasts” Promotion”


How Do I Bet on 20Bet Sports?

Betting on 20Bet sports is remarkably simple. Indeed, it’s one of the most accessible experiences on any sportsbook. To bet, all you need to do is load up the 20Bet home page. You can either search your event in the upper-left corner or, under that search bar, you can select your event or sport. If you select your sport, you’ll see a grid of upcoming events available for betting. You can either click on one of the betting options in that grid to add it directly to your bet slip or click on the event to see countless additional betting choices. Either way, you’ll add bets to your slip, at which point you’ll need to open the right pane to see your slip. If you added one sport and are ready to wager, put the amount in the text box below and click the button! You can also make a parlay bet (“multi-bet”) by clicking on the appropriate tab on the top of the slip. With this bet, you need all selections to come true to win, but your potential winnings are massive compared to single bets. Making a bet on the 20Bet sportsbook is about as easy as possible. Once you get the hang of the site, you should have no issues finding the sports and bets you want to make!

20Bet Sports Betting Odds

It doesn’t matter how sleek or well-designed the site is if they don’t have good odds. After all, you’re betting to make money, and if the payouts are too low for the bet risk, you’ll have a more challenging time making money in the long run. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about that with 20Bet. Overall, this site has odds on the higher end, meaning that you will get the biggest bang for your buck when betting here. It’s rare to find other sportsbooks that will pay better on any bet. It’s also worth noting that 20Bet seems to provide odds even for unlikely scenarios. For example, let’s say team A and team B are playing, and there are only a few minutes to go and team A will very clearly win the game. Some sportsbooks turn off live betting then, but 20Bet seems to provide odds even in those scenarios, maybe only paying 1.05 for a team A win, but they don’t shut down. That’s awesome to see.

20Bet App and Mobile Betting

20Bet does not have a proper native mobile app. That is, you cannot go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and download a 20Bet app that resides on your phone. However, mobile users are not out of luck because 20Bet has an excellent mobile experience through its standard website. Mobile users can pin that website to their home screens. 20Bet’s developers have made the site remarkably mobile-friendly through clever design. When you load the site on a mobile browser, you’ll see the current promotions on the screen. Below that, you’ll see what sports are currently happening. If you browse late at night, you might see sports happening in Europe or Australia. However, if you log in during the day in Canada, you’ll probably find some current or upcoming North American sports for the day. Making a wager is as simple as tapping what you want to bet on to add it to the ticket. Tap the ticket button in the bottom right corner to bring up your selections and complete the wagering process. Below that, you’ll see the casino section, which, if you feel like betting in between sports, you can check out some of 20Bet’s excellent games! While 20Bet doesn’t have a fully native app, it more than makes up for it with a top-notch mobile website experience! 20Bet sports betting is intuitive, quick, and simple – even on a mobile device.

20Bet Live Betting

Like most other sportsbooks, 20Bet has a live betting section. To access it on 20Bet, you need to click on the Live Betting tab in the upper bar. Once you do that, you’ll see all the live sports available for betting, including their current scores. One nice touch is that the odds and scores update automatically without you needing to refresh the page. That means you’ll have all the latest information you need to make a bet at your fingertips, and it will avoid unnecessary surprises on your bet slips. The live betting options are remarkably extensive – you can frequently access multiple over/under options and bet on whether or not the match will remain the same score or whether one team will win.

Perhaps the most incredible feature of 20Bet sports is that many (not all) live sports have a broadcast feed. Even more “obscure” sports like Dota tournaments and non-traditional soccer leagues will have live streams. Having the associated feed makes betting very exciting, and it also opens up numerous betting options. Even if you may not know all the players in China’s soccer league, for example, you might put a bet on a game just for fun and watch the match to explore something new. Or perhaps you’re not super familiar with cricket, but after watching a few broadcasts on 20Bet, you learn more about it and begin to place some wagers. The 20Bet live betting experience is as excellent as it can be. There are no shortcomings – 20Bet sports betting is genuinely one of the sleekest, nicest experiences you can have in any sportsbook!

Deposits and Withdrawals at 20Bet

The best sportsbooks have quick and easy deposits and withdrawals. After all, what good is a sportsbook if you can’t get your money in or out of there quickly? Fortunately, 20Bet sports shines in this department as they have straightforward and fast transactions!

Deposit Methods

Canadians can deposit using VISA, MasterCard, Skrill, NETELLER, ecoPayz, Jeton, Interac, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. 20Bet sports also accepts Discover Card and Diners Club (both are in Discover Financial). However, these are strange cards to take in Canada, considering Discover Financial doesn’t issue cards in Canada. Discover is a U.S. financial institution, so this is a curious addition as U.S. financial institutions cannot process gaming transactions.

Deposit minimums are pretty low overall. They vary depending on your payment method but expect the minimums to be around $10. Conversely, deposit maximums are pretty substantial. Some payment methods let you deposit up to $6,000 in a single transaction! Most deposit methods are instantaneous or about as nearly instant as can be. Many Canadians will likely deposit with Interac, and an Interac e-transfer only takes seconds before it shows up in the casino balance. It’s super swift! While it would be possible for 20Bet to support more deposit methods, they have all the major ones that people will use. Additionally, with low minimums, high maximums, and rapid processing, most bettors will have no problem starting with 20Bet!


Much like with deposits, withdrawals with 20Bet are relatively straightforward. They also have numerous options. You can withdraw with Interac, online bank transfer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ecopayz, or Jeton. If you used a credit card to make a deposit, you could also get a refund back to that payment method. Unlike deposits, withdrawals are not instantaneous. They need to go with a manual approval on 20Bet’s side before the company processes them. Typically, though, this all happens rapidly. A withdrawal you make will normally show up in whatever account you select to receive the money in a few days at most. 20Bet says to contact them if you haven’t received the funds in seven days. That timeframe is pretty standard at most sportsbooks.

20Bet Customer Support

When you have questions, you’re going to want answers. Fortunately, 20Bet sportsbook’s customer support is available to give you those answers! You can contact 20Bet in one of three ways: email, online form, or chat. The online form is the fastest way to get in touch with 20Bet’s customer support team. Simply fill out your name, email, and a description of your question, comment, or concern. You can also send your inquiry to customer support (support [at] or, if you have a complaint, you can send it directly to their complaints address (complaints [at] These methods elicit relatively quick responses, and 20Bet promises to get back within 24 hours. However, they tend to be even speedier, and it’s not uncommon to hear back within a few hours. If you prefer a more rapid method of communication, you can use 20Bet’s online chat feature. With this, you can chat with a live agent in minutes. The agents on the other end are knowledgeable and courteous. You’ll find it easy to get your question resolved! One missing contact option is a phone number. It would have been nice if 20Bet had a number Canadians could call, but most online casinos don’t have that nowadays, so it’s not something to hold against this site. All in all, it’s hard to find any faults with 20Bet’s customer service. It’s fast, easy, and the staff tends to be able to resolve any issues you may have!

20Bet Sports Review: Do We Recommend This Sportsbook?

As should be pretty apparent from this 20Bet sports review, this site is a winner. The odds are fantastic, the layout is clean, there are excellent promotions, deposits and withdrawals are fast, and the site has phenomenal customer service. There are almost no downsides to the 20Bet sportsbook. It checks most of the right boxes and then some. If you’re looking for a new sportsbook to call home, please look at 20Bet sports. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with how easy it makes wagering on any sport you like!

Why Sign Up for 20Bet

  • Many Sports Available
  • Simple Betting Process
  • Optimized for Mobile Devices


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