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1Bet Sports Review

1Bet should perhaps be called “All in One Bet” as it is one of the increasing numbers of outlets that attempt to place all of your gambling needs in a single location by operating both a casino and a sportsbook. The online casino has plenty to offer, from slots and live dealer games to a wealth of promotions, but the focal point of this review shall be the 1Bet sports betting service.

At first glance, it appears to have everything you could need from a sportsbook: the site is easy to navigate, all of the games have their own distinct icons so that you are unlikely to confuse one with another, and the general design aesthetic is easy on the eye. But the same can be said of so many online sports betting services, of course; by now, the owners of such sites will have come to realize that they need to look as polished as possible before they can hope to attract new players. What really matters is how the site operates below the surface. Does it cover the niche sports as well as the big-name games like basketball and football? How user-friendly is the betting process? What payment methods can you use to deposit your money and withdraw your winnings? How does its live-betting feature function? Does it have customer support? Once you have read our review of 1Bet Sports, you shall know the answer to each and every one of these questions, along with the biggest question of all: is the site worth your time?

What Sports Are Available At 1Bet?

All of the major sports, and a good number of niche ones, are covered under the umbrella of 1Bet sports betting. The games that you can place bets on include football (both soccer and American), tennis, basketball, cricket, baseball, rugby (both League and Union), snooker, volleyball, darts, handball, ice hockey, kabaddi and table tennis. Multiple forms of racing (cycling, horse racing, greyhounds, speedway and motorsports) as well as two combat sports (boxing and mixed martial arts). Winter sports, from ski jumping to biathlon, have their own dedicated category on the site.

Next, there is a “specials” category that allows you to bet on miscellaneous events. These include political elections, entertainment contests like Eurovision, and certain gaming events such as the Chess World Championship. Finally, the site offers an esports section with a comparatively broad range of games covered: you can place bets on games of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, League of Legends, King of Glory, Rainbow Six and Valiant. Notably, 1Bet Sports outdoes a number of its competitors in this area, as many online sports betting services offer nothing in the way of esports beyond Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and Dota 2. All of the sections can be accessed from a scrolling menu on the main page of the website; the one downside is that the menu is a little bit fiddly to use, as it has the habit of scrolling along by itself. On the plus side, the left-hand menu (accessible by clicking the upper-left icon in mobile view) does not have this problem.

1Bet Sports Bonus, Promotions and Free Bets

1Bet Sports had an entire section on its site devoted to promotions. The first of these is, of course, something that you will have come to expect from any self-respecting online gaming hub: that is, the welcome bonus. At 1Bet, the welcome bonus offers a 100% match of up to $100. After this come the weekly offers: you will be entitled to a $5 free bet each week simply by depositing $50 or more, and you can also claim 20% cashback (with a maximum of $500) on pre-match soccer bets between Friday and Sunday every week. Another promotion is the reload bonus which gets you 50% up to $50; to earn it, you need to make a deposit of $20 or more and reach a rollover of three times your deposit amount. 1Bet also offers a range of promotions for its casino section, including a separate welcome bonus, regular tournaments and a weekly bonus, but these are outside the scope of our present 1Bet review.

1Bet Sportsbet Bonus

  • $100 Welcome Bonus
  • Weekly Cashback
  • Reload Bonus


How Do I Bet On 1Bet?

Once you have chosen a sport to bet on, you will be taken to a list of specific events, each one accompanied by a list of potential outcomes (accompanied in turn by the odds). Clicking on one of the results will create a betting slip for you. Note that the betting slip contains an “if bet” option, which allows you to make certain bets conditional. For example, you can arrange to have your second bet placed only if your first wager pays off; if your first wager does not pay off, then your second bet will not be placed. This is a useful way of hedging your bets that many players will appreciate. Once you have chosen all of the wagers that you intend to make, all you need to do is press the big yellow “place bet” button at the bottom of the slip and follow the instructions from there. On the whole, the site is well-designed and you should have little trouble as you place bets; the only issues that you are likely to run into are a few minor flaws in the design of the mobile site, discussed later in this review.

1Bet Betting Odds

As with all responsible sports betting websites, the 1Bet sportsbook system makes the odds clear to you throughout the betting process. When you are choosing your wagers from a list of match outcomes, the odds for each possible result are displayed. if you place multiple bets, then your betting slip will show the combined total of all the odds. This will allow you to make educated estimates as to which bets are safe and which are the long shots. Of course, exactly how you choose to respond to this information is down to you — that is simply part of sports betting.

1Bet App and Mobile Betting

There are a number of differences between the desktop and mobile versions of the 1Bet sportsbook system. The biggest difference is that, if you are using the desktop mode, then your betting slip will automatically appear onscreen when you place a bet. If you are using the mobile site, however, a yellow bar will appear at the bottom of the screen, and you will need to click it to create a pop-up window that shows your complete slip. On the whole, the desktop process is the smoother of the two, while the mobile version is just a little bit clunkier and more fiddly to use. Unlike some of its rivals in the world of online sports betting, 1Bet Sports does not have its own mobile app, which may come as a disappointment as it means that the site has missed out on the chance to fully optimize its mobile component.

1Bet Live Betting

Once you click the “live sports” option from the main page of the website, you will be taken to a comprehensive list of current matches available for 1Bet sports betting. You have three ways of viewing this: the default is a simple overview, where you can choose specific sports from a scrolling menu; the second is an event view, which emphasizes specific contests and events that are going on regardless of sport and is useful if you simply want to place a bet and have no interest in which type of game you are betting on; and finally a calendar view, which allows you to view matches chronologically. Once you have chosen which match to place bets on, the beating process will continue as normal.

Deposit and Withdrawals at 1Bet

When you come to deposit money or withdrawal your winnings from 1Bet Sports, you will have a variety of different options to choose from. If you are a credit card user, you can go with Visa or MasterCard. Alternate methods are Neteller, GiroPay and Skrill. It is also possible to conduct transactions using a direct bank transfer. Admittedly, this is a fairly limited list of payments, and there are rival websites that offer more comprehensive sets of options for when you come to make your transactions. However, in practice, the methods accepted by 1Bet include a lot of prominent options, so there is a good chance that your preferred method is covered here.

1Bet Customer Support

The 1Bet sports website has a fairly modest FAQ section that covers the main problems that you might run into when playing at the site. If you need additional support, however, then you have two means of getting in touch with the customer support team. one of these is via email, which will be useful if you have a long and detailed set of problems to talk about (or else if you simply do not mind waiting a while to hear back). The other method for getting in touch is through the live chat function: this will be the ideal method if you need to hear a response to your problems as soon as possible. Note that payment issues have a separate email address ( from general support questions (

Do We Recommend 1Bet for Sports Betting?

There are precious few real problems to point out at 1Bet Sports. Yes, the mobile layout could perhaps have used some extra polish, and a mobile app might have made the entire process a lot slicker, but these are minor issues that any regular user will soon learn to ignore. Beyond this, the layout is intuitive and all of the important details can be easily recognized at a glance even on a small screen, so all of the key elements are there. The line-up of sports is broad enough to satisfy the majority of betting enthusiasts, and particular credit is due to the site’s coverage of esports: 1Bet is a site that branches out beyond the “big three” of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2 and League of Legends to also cover King of Glory, Rainbow Six and Valiant. The live betting system is also well-constructed, and the fact that the website makes the relevant odds clearly visible is a definite plus point that will make it easier for your to place well-informed bets. Plus, do not forget that the 1Bet Sports site is attached to an adjacent online casino, which will provide ample opportunity for further games if you feel like trying out some gambling outside the field of sports betting. All in all, a recommended website.

1Bet Sports Highlights

  • Variety of Sports
  • Covers esports
  • Displays Odds


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