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Safe Transactions at Interac Casino Canada

As Canadians, we’re privileged in many ways to have access to some of the best online gaming available. If you look through GambleGuys Canada, you’ll see numerous fantastic casinos to try, including ones with phenomenal bonuses and the hottest and best games. We’re privileged in another way. Canadians have one of the fastest and simplest payment methods – Interac. Indeed, gambling at an Interac casino is a breeze for Canadians.

Are you interested in learning how to make deposits and withdrawals to your favourite online casino in mere seconds? Read on to discover the wonderful world of Interac!

Best Interac Casinos Canada – June 2024

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Nº1 Wazamba
Welcome Bonus 100% Up To $750 + 200 Free Spins 18+ / T&C Apply
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Top Jackpot City
Welcome Bonus Bonus 100% Up To C$1600 18+ / T&C Apply
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19+| Bonus not available for Ontario players
Hot Nomini
Welcome Bonus 4 Welcome Packages Pick Yours ! 18+ / T&C Apply
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4 Lucky Days
Welcome Bonus $1500 Bonus +100 Free Spins 18+ / T&C Apply
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19+| Bonus not available for Ontario players
5 ComeOn
Welcome Bonus 150% Up to $1500 18+ / T&C Apply
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19+| Bonus not available for Ontario players
6 Ruby Fortune
Welcome Bonus C$ 750 Registration Bonus 18+ / T&C Apply
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19+| Bonus not available for Ontario players
7 Days
Welcome Bonus Up to $1000 + 100 Free Spins 18+ / T&C Apply
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Offers and Promotions are not Available for Plyers from Ontario
8 JustSpin
Welcome Bonus Welcome bonus C500 + Free Spins 18+ / T&C Apply
9 Wildz
Welcome Bonus Up to $2000 + 200 Free Spins 18+ / T&C Apply
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18+ | Bonus not Offered for Ontario Players
10 Leo Vegas
Welcome Bonus Up to $1,000 & 200 Free Spins! 18+ / T&C Apply
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19+| Bonus not available for Ontario players
11 PlayAmo
Welcome Bonus Up To С$ 1500 + 150 Free Spins 18+ / T&C Apply
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12 Slot Hunter
Welcome Bonus 2000 CAD + 200 Free Spins 18+ / T&C Apply
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13 Casinoly
Welcome Bonus 100% Up To $750 + 200 Free Spins 18+ / T&C Apply
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14 Golden Star
Welcome Bonus 100% Up to CAD1500 or 100mBTC + 100 Free Spin 18+ / T&C Apply
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15 N1
Welcome Bonus Up To 6000 CAD + 200 Free Spins 18+ / T&C Apply
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Nº1 Top Hot %row_index%
%bonus_type% %bonus_main_text% %bonus_small_text% 18+ / T&C Apply

Interac Casino: What Is Interac?

Naturally, before getting into some of the benefits of using an online casino with Interac, it’s vital to understand what, exactly, this payment method is.

Interac is one of Canada’s most common payment systems, primarily known for its electronic fund transfer (EFT) capabilities that allow for real-time money transfers between individual bank accounts. Canadians can also use Interac for commercial payments, and Interac e-transfers are frequently the way to deposit and withdraw money from online casinos. With how easy it is to use Interac, it truly revolutionized how Canadians handle their money, and this system also laid the foundation for various e-payment solutions globally.

Today, almost every bank in Canada can send and receive Interac e-transfers, making it one of the best methods for gambling online. If you have a bank account or credit union account in Canada, there’s an excellent chance you can make deposits from and receive withdrawals to your account via Interac.

interac casino payment

A Brief History of Interac

For those curious, the Interac system dates back to the 1980s. Back then, technology was much more primitive than it is now. For example, Bill Gates allegedly said in 1981 that “640K of RAM ought to be enough for anybody” (and now we have cell phones with 8GB or even 16GB of RAM!).

However, it was also during that decade that electronic banking became a little more popular – at least at the institutional level. Five Canadian financial institutions saw an opportunity to make the banking backbone more efficient. Recognizing the need for a unified nationwide system, they collaborated in 1984 to create a single network for automated teller machines (ATMs) and point-of-sale (POS) terminals. That desire for a unified system led to the birth of the Interac Association in 1984.

As you might imagine, in 1984, the focus was simply on how to withdraw and deposit money. Interac evolved, though, adapting to the changing needs and technologies. In the 1990s and 2000s, as online shopping and digital transactions gained momentum, Interac was quick to innovate. In 2002, Interac launched Interac Online, enabling customers to pay for online purchases directly from their bank accounts. The introduction of Interac e-Transfer happened in 2002. This service allowed users to send money to others via email or mobile phone.

Today, online gamers can use Interac e-transfers to deposit and receive money from online casinos. It is the easiest, safest, and most secure way to gamble online.

How Does Interac Work?

Understanding how something works is imperative to being able to trust it. In this section, we’ll take a quick look at how Interac works from a consumer perspective and also how it works behind the scenes. That way, when you gamble at an Interac casino, you can feel confident that your deposits and withdrawals will be safe, secure, and fast.

From the gambler’s perspective, Interac works seamlessly.

Effectively, you must send money from your bank account to the casino’s email address. That’s it. You’ll log in to your bank’s website and send money to the casino’s email address (more on this topic later). Within seconds, the casino’s automated system will see that you’ve sent this money and will credit your account for the deposit.

Behind the scenes, banks use an automated clearing system, much like when you send a cheque, to settle the account balances. Upon the casino accepting the e-transfer, the Interac system initiates a clearing process where banks tally up amounts owed and resolve the differences. In Canada, these transfers are settled through the Large Value Transfer System (LVTS), managed by Payments Canada.

Every step has significant encryption and numerous checks and balances to ensure the process is safe and that the intended recipient (in this case, the casino) receives the funds you sent.

How to Use Interac at Casinos?

Interac is one of the simplest methods for depositing and withdrawing money at an online casino. Here’s how easy it is to get started at an Interac casino!

Casino Deposits with Interac

There are usually two different ways Interac Casino Canada will accept deposits. No matter which method the casino uses, the process is pretty straightforward.

Deposit Sending an Interac E-Transfer

First, you’ll log in to the online casino, navigate to casino banking options, and request to make a deposit. As the payment method, you’ll select “Interac e-transfer.”

Next, you’ll typically receive details on how to transfer. In particular, you’ll get the email address to which the transfer must happen, the amount (i.e., the amount you selected to deposit), and typically, there will be a secret string that you’ll need to include in the memo section of the transfer.

You’ll then log in to your bank account, find the Interac e-transfer section, and request a new Interac e-transfer. You’ll add the provided email address as the recipient, enter the details, including the amount and the memo, and then hit the send button. Usually, your bank will ask you to confirm everything, so please take that opportunity to verify that everything looks the same as the casino provided you.

After verification, send the e-transfer! The casino will typically have an automated system to check to see that they’ve received the transfer. Once that system verifies it, the money will be available in your account. This verification process typically takes mere seconds to complete.

Deposit Responding to an Interac E-Transfer Request

The other way to deposit is to respond to an e-transfer request. In this case, the casino will send an Interac e-transfer request to your email. You’ll need to go to the casino methods of payment to initiate the deposit first, and then you’ll get this email.

Once you receive this request, you can respond by clicking on the link in the email. You’ll then log in to your bank and select which account you want to use to fund the request. After confirming all the details, you’ll hit send, which will send the money to the casino.

Like the process above, the casino will likely have an automated system on the backend that will check to see when you accept the request. Once it verifies you’ve got it and sent the money, the funds will be available in your account. Also, like above, this process typically only takes a few seconds to complete.

Casino Withdrawals with Interac

The process effectively reverses when you withdraw money from a casino using Interac. The Interac online casino will use the email address you have on file to send you an Interac e-transfer. You’ll then click on the link in the email and log in to your bank account. Typically, there will also be a security question and answer that the casino will set to protect the transfer and ensure that only the rightful recipient (you) accepts it.

After clicking the email link, your bank will display all the transfer details, ask you the security question and answer, and then ask if you want to accept it. Once you press the acceptance button, the money will be in your account instantaneously.

Interac Casino: Is Interac Safe to Use?

Yes, Interac is very safe to use. Interac has never had a significant security breach, unlike many payment providers and companies. Since 1984, Interac has kept customer data and transactions completely secure, and there’s no reason to believe that will ever change.

That said, it is essential to be vigilant about possible email phishing scams that try to use an Interac e-transfer email template to fool you into providing your bank credentials. Ensure you’re logging into your bank’s URL, and never respond to an unknown e-transfer request. Always be vigilant and mindful of where and when you enter your banking information.

Given Interac’s impressive security history, it truly is one of the best methods of payment at online casinos for Canadians!

Best Online Canadian Casinos Accepting Interac

At Gamble Guys, our job is to review the best online casinos and provide you with the ones you absolutely must try. If you want to find a casino that accepts Interac, you’re in luck! Numerous highly-rated casinos accept Interac in the Canadian market. Here are three traits of the best online Canadian casinos that accept Interac.

The Best Casinos Process Payments Quickly

Speed is one of the most significant advantages of making deposits and withdrawals with Interac. However, deposits and withdrawals are only as fast as their slowest parts. While sending and receiving money is fast with Interac, it will not be quick if the casino takes significant time to process the withdrawal.

Fortunately, the top casinos that accept Interac have lightning-fast transactions and utilize the technological benefits of Interac to create a seamless, speedy experience. In all our reviews, we highlight payment methods and discuss transaction speed so you can find the top online casinos ( Wazamba, Nomini, ComeOn).

The Best Interac Casinos Have Stellar Customer Support

If you gamble enough online, you’ll eventually have a question. Maybe a withdrawal takes slightly longer than expected, or you’ll need to ask why a particular game doesn’t count toward your bonus. In these cases, you’ll want a casino with superb customer support. The top casinos in Canada that allow Interac payments and withdrawals have top-notch customer support, so you’ll never feel alone. Most of the best Interac casinos have at least email and live chat support, and some of the best casinos also have a phone number you can call if you want to speak with a live customer service representative.

The Best Casinos Have a Wide Variety of Games

Last but not least, the best online casinos have a massive selection of games. After all, what’s the point of an online casino if they don’t have all the hottest slots, table games, and more? Many of the best casinos have a massive library of games, ranging from traditional three-reel slots to five-reel games with immersive worlds and delightful bonuses. They also tend to have games from numerous developers, so you’ll always have something to play!

Pros and Cons of Interac

As with any payment method, it has benefits and negatives. Even though Interac is one of the easiest payment methods, Interac still has a couple of minor downsides. Here are three advantages and two drawbacks of using Interac over other Casinos Canada banking options.

Pro: An Interac Casino is Secure

Security is one of the most significant advantages of using Interac as a payment method. All transactions have numerous layers of encryption and have the backing of major financial institutions and regulatory bodies. It’s a little like making a purchase using a MasterCard or VISA – it’s secure because the MasterCard and VISA networks are secure.

Fascinatingly, Interac has never had a significant breach since its formation in 1984. That alone should tell you how much this institution values security and how secure your money will be if you gamble at Interac casinos.

Pro: Speed

Interac is fast. You can have the casino issue you an e-transfer request, and then you can pay that on your bank and have the money into the casino within seconds. The entire process might take at most 1-2 minutes, including logging into your bank and responding to the e-transfer request. Except for credit cards, very few payment methods are as quick as Interac.

Pro: It’s Easy and Familiar

Most Canadians are pretty familiar with Interac. You’ve probably seen the Interac logo if you’ve ever had a Canadian debit card. You may have even used it to make purchases at your favourite stores. And, you may have used it to send friends money, perhaps to pay for your share of a dinner or a concert. The Canadian financial system has had Interac for decades, so there’s a good chance you have some familiarity with Interac, even if you have not used it at an Interac casino yet.

Con: Potential Fees

Of course, while Interac has numerous benefits, it’s not 100% perfect. There are some issues with it. One problem is that banks sometimes charge fees for sending Interac e-transfers. Most of the time, these fees are not substantial. One prominent Canadian bank, for example, charges $1 to send an e-transfer. For other accounts, it might be free, or it might be a couple of bucks. Still, it is something to consider.

Some other e-wallet payment methods have no fees. Most, if not all, credit cards will have higher costs (both fees and interest charges) than Interac. Banks seldom charge significant amounts on Interac transactions, but it is something to remember.

Con: Interac Casinos Are Geographically Limited

One thing to remember is that Interac is only available for Canadian banks. For example, if you are a university student studying temporarily in Canada and you don’t have a Canadian bank account, Interac would not be an option. Similarly, this payment method would not be an option if you don’t have a bank or credit union account with Interac capabilities.

This downside is not a problem for most Canadians. Still, anyone without a Canadian financial account cannot use this method, even if they are physically in Canada.

An Interac Casino is The Easiest Option for Canadians

If you live in Canada and want to gamble online, there is no easier option than going with an Interac casino. It’s fast, easy, and (usually) free to deposit and withdraw money using this payment method. Interac works with most Canadian financial institutions, so no matter where you bank within Canada, Interac is likely an option you can use.

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