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Even though all casino games have RNG, a random number generator, there is something special about playing on real tables, with a real wheel and ball. The thrill you feel as the Roulette ball shots out and bounces from pocket to pocket, cannot be replaced by seeing the pixels of the digital ball move around on a computer animated game.

As going to a land-based casino is a bit of a hassle for most of us, Live Dealer Roulette serves as a great alternative. Here you have and actual dealer sending the ball off live, directly streamed to your screen. You are relying on your luck and the laws of physics to win, not just coding in a game.

This is the reason Live Dealer Roulette has become immensely popular at online casinos now that we have the broadband speed and high definition web cameras to pull this off in a way that lets you experience the excitement and atmosphere of playing in a casino, at home or wherever you choose to play.

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How is Live Dealer Roulette played?

When you play Live Roulette, you will be able to see the Roulette wheel on the screen, the dealer will be standing there behind it. The Live Dealer sends the ball out onto the spinning wheel. You will have a digital table in front of you on your screen, here you select and place your bets. You will usually have a chat on to one of the sides, where you can write to both the dealer and the other players. The dealer will have a screen next to the camera so that he or she can answer the players verbally. Your chat window can be minimized if you don’t want to see or participate in the cat.

That is the usual setup for Live Dealer Roulette. But how does one play the game itself? Let’s look at the rules and how the game itself is played.

The game might look a bit complicated at first glance, with many options to choose from when making a bet. In reality, the game is very simple, and you will quickly learn which choices and stakes you to go for.

The roulette wheel has pockets numbered from 0 to 36. Every other route is black and red, in addition to this, you will find a green pocket, which is numbered 0 (zero). Where the numbers are placed on the wheel varies, all according to which variant of roulette you play. The ball bounces around as the wheel spins, hits pockets and the sloping side of the wheel before it finally lands in a pocket, it is the colour and number that give a winning bet.

You must choose to complete your bet before the wheel starts spinning. You can bet on colours if you like, you then choose to set your bet on black, red or green. Betting on both black and red makes no sense, as the bets will cancel each other out, you can however choose to make a bet on the green if you feel lucky.

The green pocket, 0, has 36/1 odds, the same as any other single number on the wheel by themselves. The tricky thing about the green pocket is that if the ball lands there, all bets on both red and black, where all the other numbers are, lose. Having a small bet on 0 will give you good winnings if that happens, if you have a gut feeling it`s greens turn, you might add a bet on 0.

If you play numbers, you can pick a series of numbers that you think might be one of the numbers the ball will land on, you can choose odd or even numbers, or if you feel brave or lucky, you can put your money on a single number.

Very simple really, all you have to choose is either colour, a number or maybe you choose a predetermined combination of different numbers. Then the dealer will call out “place your bets” This is your last chance to place your bet where you want. The wheel will be spun, and a white ball will be dropped onto the wheel. It is always sent in the opposite direction of that the wheel spinning. Everyone waits in excitement for the wheel to stop, to see in which pocket the ball has landed in.

When playing Live Roulette Canadian Online Casinos, you must use real money to play. There is no way to try the game in a demo version. It all happens directly Live, with other players, so it would be completely wrong for those who are playing for real if bets using pretend money was allowed. Fortunately, you can practice Roulette in the casino section before trying out Live Roulette. There you will find table games that you can use in demo mode and play for pretend money for fun. Then you can learn the game better and find out which version of Roulette you want to play. On our blog you will find lots of reviews of the best Live Roulette Canadian Casinos, so you can find one to try Live Dealer Roulette.

Play Live Roulette at the Best Casinos

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Can I get a Live Dealer Roulette casino bonus?

The short answer is yes. Though some online casinos give priority to players that use the casino section, the cone where you find online slots, instant wins and table games. Some of the best online casinos for Canadian players, either give you an option to choose between Casino or Live Casino bonuses, or lets you have both if you so desire.

Even though a casino might offer their players a Live Casino bonus, it might not be advertised on their main page, sometimes you have to visit the campaign page to learn about this bonus. The best online casinos will not have you look around for the information, or have you insert a code when you make your deposit, they will have the selection of bonuses available to choose from, with descriptions as you make your deposit.

The best way to get a good oversight over a casino’s bonuses is to read our casino reviews, this will give you a heads up and layout the main conditions as well as explain the bonuses in detail.

It will be wise to read all the terms and conditions before you deposit and choose your bonus, it might be that the casino only allows one bonus per player, others let you have two, or even three, as sport betting bonuses might be available as well. If you must choose one bonus, the casino bonus might be more valuable, so make sure you make an informed choice.

But if you visit the Best Live Roulette Canadian Casino, picked for its great live-casino bonus, you can get handsomely rewarded for signing up. If you follow the link below you could be playing Live Dealer Roulette in minutes and get extra money to play with using the live casino bonus when you make your deposit.

The Best Live Roulette Canadian Casino in 2024

Many Live Roulette Canadian Online Casinos can be found on our list of the best live casinos in 2024. Any decent online casino now will have a live casino section for their players. If this section offers games from Evolution Gaming, you have found one of the good ones. We might mention a handful of other live casino game providers that provide high-quality live games, for starters, there is Ezugi, Lucky streak, Vivo Gaming, Asia Gaming, Gameplay Portomaso and Casino Virginia.

The broadcast from both Portomaso and Casino Virginia originates in their respective Land-based Casinos. The Best Live Roulette Canadian Casino will have at least one of these live-casino providers available in addition to games from Evolution Gaming.

The unique experience you get from playing live as real Live Roulette Dealers sets off the ball on an actual physical Roulette wheel, which cannot be gained any other way than by playing at Live Roulette Casinos. To join the live stream and chat with other players as you watch the ball bounce around, find one of the Live Roulette Canadian Online Casinos we recommend, and play today.

Spin Casino with Live Roulette

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