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Live Crazy Time

A Guide to Live Crazy Time

Are you a fan of the games developed by Evolution? Do you already have experience playing their popular platform Dream Catcher? If so, get ready to take the concept of fun to an entirely new level.

Crazy Time is the next in a series of real-time games that place you in the driver’s seat in terms of winnings. However, what really makes Crazy Time unique is that it actually offers a series of games within a single package. Let’s, therefore, take a look at how to play Crazy Time and why many experts consider this to be one of the best live games which Canadians can access at the moment.

live crazy time casino game

How to Play Live Crazy Time

We need to remember that Crazy time is still considered to be a live version of online slots. Therefore, the wheel is the central component. The dealer will first spin the wheel. There are two possible outcomes. Either the wheel lands on a number or a bonus game. Assuming that the wheel lands upon a number, the payout will equal the amount wagered multiplied by this number. However, this is also when things get a bit different.

A slots screen with two reels is located directly above the roulette wheel. The two columns will begin spinning at the same time as the wheel. This is when multipliers come into play. Assuming that both reels fall upon the same horizontal line, the multiplier carries through to the actual value that the wheel displays. This is also when hefty bonuses may appear. These bonuses will be discussed a bit later.

In order to play, the user will first place chips of a specific value (1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40) upon a series of numbers. This is the initial wagering portion of the round and it lasts a total of 15 seconds. Once all bets are in, the dealer will spin the wheel while simultaneously activating the upper slots portion of the game. The amount awarded is thereafter displayed once both the wheel and the slots reels stop rotating.

However, knowing how to play Crazy Time will also involve appreciating what happens if a bonus round appears after the wheel has stopped spinning. This brings us to the main portion of our article.

Play Live Crazy Time at the Best Casinos

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Bonus Games and Features

There are four different bonus games that can be accessed when playing Crazy Time:

  • Cash Hunt
  • Coin Flip
  • Pachinko
  • Crazy Time

These are all displayed upon the wheel at regular intervals. Let’s also keep in mind that the winnings from any of these games will be determined by the upper slots section. With incredible multipliers, this is when the term “big money” is entirely relevant.

Let’s assume that the Cash Hunt bonus round has been activated. In this case, a virtual shooting gallery is displayed. There are 108 targets to choose from and players will need to select where they think the largest multiplier may be hidden. A cannon then reveals what lies behind this multiplier. As many users will be playing at the same time, numerous multipliers are often rewarded.

What happens if you access the Coin Flip feature? As you may have guessed, a coin is presented. One side is blue and the other side is red. Multipliers are calculated for each color. The level of the multiplier will be determined after the result is displayed.

Pachinko is another fun feature. A large virtual wall will be presented alongside a series of pegs. The dealer then drops a puck down from the top row. A series of multipliers are located at the bottom of the screen and the value is determined by where the puck lands. There is a slight chance that the puck could hit the “double” slot. In this case, the value of all of the other multipliers will be doubled and the puck is then dropped again until it hits what will be then a number two times its original value. The maximum multiplier level is 10,000x, so some players can get extremely lucky on occasion.

The Crazy Time bonus round is a final section that needs to be mentioned. A larger money wheel is presented and players can choose either green, red or blue flappers. The dealer will press a large red button in order to spin the wheel. There beside the normal numbers, double and triple multipliers are present. Assuming that a flapper of a specific color lands on such a multiplier, all values within the wheel will be doubled or tripled accordingly. Keep in mind that only players who land on such multipliers can participate in the following round. Up to 20,000x multipliers can theoretically be accessed. We can now begin to appreciate why Crazy Time might be one of the best live games to hit the market in years.

Live Crazy Time Strategies

To break things down, the principle behind Crazy Time is rather straightforward. Players have two main goals:

  • To correctly wager upon the numbers found within the roulette wheel.
  • To access one of the four bonus rounds so that their winnings can be exponentially increased.

Much like any roulette-based game, a fair amount of luck is involved. Still, one of the most effective strategies is to place smaller and more conservative wagers during the standard Crazy Time round. Due to the fact that hefty multipliers can still apply, this is a great way to stretch an existing bankroll.

The real trick is knowing what to wager within a bonus round. There are two schools of thought here. The first is to set aside 30 per cent of the initial bankroll so that it is solely devoted to bonus rounds. This arises from the simple fact that some type of win will always be incurred.

The other main option is to instead focus upon the main wheel. In this case, standard roulette strategies can apply. In other words, select numbers that appear more frequently in order to increase the odds of landing upon a specific target.

Which Provider has developed Live Crazy Time?

Crazy Time has been envisioned and developed by Evolution Gaming, one of the most innovative and well-known software firms in the online casino industry today. As we mentioned previously, Evolution is the same developer responsible for the popular live dealer game Dream Catcher. So, you know that you are in good hands at all times.

Here are some other extremely popular platforms associated with Evolution:

  • Slots games including Divine Fortune, Street Fighter II, Blood Suckers, and Aloha Cluster Pays.
  • Classic casino games such as roulette, blackjack, poker, and craps.
  • Live game shows such as Deal or no Deal, Mega Ball, Monopoly, and pachinko.
  • Super Sic Bo and Dragon Tiger (classic Asian wagering games).
  • Dual-play games including roulette and baccarat.

One important point to mention is these are only a handful of examples of the enticing games offered solely by Evolution. As this firm specializes in live dealer platforms, you can enjoy an entirely new level of excitement whether playing at home or with the help of a mobile device

The Best Casinos with Live Crazy Time

Although it is always possible to employ the search term “Crazy Time best casinos” in order to find a Canadian-based website, we have performed the leg work so that you do not have to. Here are some of the numerous portals which offer Crazy Time as one of their gaming options:

While these are some of the best casinos with Live Crazy Time, remember that this game is extremely popular. It is, therefore, a good idea to bookmark this page, as it will likely be updated from time to time.

Our Opinion About Live Crazy Time

Well, there is no doubt that the number of Crazy Time best casinos is expected to rise and this is no accident. Not only does Crazy Time offer an entirely unique interface, but the inclusion of no fewer than four bonus rounds is a nearly unheard-of feature. When we then remember that players will have the opportunity to interact with live dealers, it is clear to see why Evolution is continuing to redefine the entire industry. Whether you are a serious player or you have been looking for a bit of fun, Crazy Time will offer you just what the title suggests: a truly crazy time.

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  • Roulette Wheel and Slots Reels
  • 4 Different Bonus Rounds
  • Multipliers as High as 10,000x

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