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Spartan King Slot Review

Spartan King is a slot game that aims to captivate players from the start by plunging them into a depiction of history straight out of a Hollywood epic. Looks are not everything, of course, and any player who takes slot games seriously will like to know what is going on beneath the polished helmets and shields of Spartan King. There are a lot of questions that we aim to answer in our Spartan King slot review.

Is it one of the best Pragmatic Play slots, or one of the provider’s lesser efforts? Is it a game you can rely on for fair odds, or is it a title that only dedicated risk-takers should try their luck on? What are its special bonus symbols? Are there any elements that a savvy player can make use of to tip the game in their favour? How do you access the Spartan King free spins round?

Read on, and you will soon know all that you need before you join the Spartan army in a battle against the odds and see if it can compete with the new slots 2024 has to offer…


Anyone who has seen 300 will be at home with Spartan King, as the game is themed around the legendary battles of ancient Sparta. As you play the game, the randomly chosen backdrop will show everything from the gates of Thermopylae to an army of Spartans brandishing their spears, while the reels are surrounded by the facade of a Greek temple.

The reels include generic playing card-inspired “J”, “Q” and “K” symbols, along with images tailored more closely to the overall style: helmets, swords, urns, shields, galleys, warriors, and so forth. The music that plays when the reels are spinning is appropriately dramatic, although when you win big it abruptly switches to something that sounds more like circus music.

If you happen to score, the more elaborate symbols will come to life. The warrior will brandish his sword, the urn will tip from side to side, the galley’s sails will billow in the wind, and so forth.

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How to play Spartan King

Even as far as slot machines go, Spartan King is straightforward and should not take time to learn. Particularly compared to the more elaborate new slots 2021 has seen released. The only details that might confuse at first are some of the special symbols, which will be covered later in our Spartan King slot review. Once the game begins, players will be confronted with a grid with five reels and four rows, plus forty pay lines. Along the bottom of the screen you will see the following tools and information:

  • Your current credit
  • Your current bet
  • The manual spin function
  • Icons for options, sound, and information
  •  The autoplay function

If you choose to make use of the autoplay function, you can set the game to run up to 1000 autoplay. The total number can be easily adjusted by clicking on the plus and minus signs. This is a useful feature for anybody who prefers slot games to be a more passive experience, with the reels spinning in the background as the player sits back and watches. While the accurate customization options ensure that you can regain manual control whenever you feel it necessary

Spartan King Symbols and Bonus Features

The puns write themselves when writing about Spartan King. True to its name, this slot game is somewhat spartan in what it has to offer players. Behind the dramatic theme of Spartans going to battle, the game is a pared-down virtual slot machine that will please gamers who prefer their slots to be traditional, with only a few extra features for additional flavor. Besides the playing card-themed symbols and the premiums of urn, sword, helmet, and galley, there are only three symbols to keep an eye out for.

Shield wild

The feature that you are most likely to notice first when playing Spartan King is the multiplier wild. This is a large shield with arrows sticking out of it, and appears randomly on the screen; it is larger than the other symbols, taking up 2X2 squares, and can stand in for any paying symbols

Leonidas wild

The game has another wild symbol: this depicts a Spartan warrior who is presumably Leonidas, the most famous Spartan king and the one depicted in 300. Although less dramatic than the 2×2 shield wild, Leonidas can still help you to win big by paying up to 20x of your stake. This is accompanied by an elaborate animation of Leonidas springing into battle.


The last special symbol in Spartan King is the bonus symbol, which takes the form of an unfurled banner. This acts as the game’s scatter symbol, which will launch a Spartan King free spins round if landed on any location across the reels. This will grant you a bonus of up to 12 free spins and up to 20x your stake. Your victory will be accompanied by fanfares and celebrations. Like all of the best slots, the game is designed to make you feel triumphant whenever you score a bonus.

spartan king slot review

Spartan King Odds and Payouts

Players who give Spartan King a go stand the chance of winning a jackpot of up to 7,480x (possibly a reference to the famous Battle of Thermopylae of 480 BC, in which the Spartan king Leonidas and his men went up against the Persian army). Be warned, whoever, that you will be up against some substantial odds when you play Spartan King. You will need to be an extremely lucky player indeed to score the full jackpot.

RTP and Volatility

Our Spartan King slot review can report that the RTP of the game is quite high, clocking in at 96.6%. While this will be comforting for some players, be warned that the volatility of Spartan King is very high. You will be running a significant risk every time you spin, making this a game best suited to players who prefer high stakes. Players who prefer low volatility games in which there is less at stake and more chance of winning should probably give Spartan King a miss.

Who Made the Game?

Anybody who plays online slots regularly will recognize the name of Pragmatic Play, the provider behind Spartan King. This is a company that has created a wide variety of popular slot games that can be found across the Internet’s casinos, and are noted for their broad range of themes and visual styles while still staying true to slot machine traditions. Here are some of the best Pragmatic Play slots that you can enjoy alongside Spartan King:

  • Wolf Gold
  • John Hunter and the Tomb of the Scarab Queen
  • Gates of Olympus
  • Power of Thor
  • Floating Dragon
  • Juicy Fruits

Although Pragmatic Play’s slots are varied in aesthetic, it will be easy for any observer to notice that the company has a particular flair for slot games themed around ancient history and mythology. Spartan King continues this trend found amongst so many of Pragmatic’s games.

Can Spartan King be Played on Mobile?

Yes, Spartan King is designed so that it can be played on a mobile device without losing playability. If you choose to play the game on your mobile, then the screen will be adapted to the small scale, with the symbols enlarged to take up more space of the playing field. Given the large, chunky designs used on the game’s reels, Spartan King is one of the best slots when it comes to mobile play. You should have little trouble if you choose to play Spartan King on a small scale, as it loses very little in the transition.

Spartan King Slot Review : Our Take

First of all, it needs to be stressed that Spartan King is not the best game to choose if you prefer your online slots to be brimming with special features, bonus rounds, and other such add-ons. In terms of gameplay mechanics, this is a slot game pared down very nearly to the basics: the wild symbols are about the most exotic thing you can expect to come across when playing Spartan King.

The most notable thing about its mechanics is the high volatility coupled with high RTP: this makes it a game best suited to risk-takers who enjoy a game of chance with high stakes. So, if you feel like taking a risk, Spartan King may well be the slot for you.

Another factor that we have brought up previously in our Spartan King slot review and need to stress once more is just how lovely the game looks. The designers have successfully captured the feeling of a comic book Sparta, obviously inspired by 300. The animated symbols and atmospheric backgrounds each play a part in creating the strong sense of setting that permeates the game. It would perhaps have looked even better had the generic “K”, “Q” and “J” symbols been replaced with something more suited to the overall theme, but this is a small weakness in a game that is otherwise gorgeous to look at, particularly once the animated wild symbols come into play and the player gets to see Leonidas leaping into action.

All in all, Spartan King turns out to be a solid game. While it may not be the most feature-heavy slot on the market today, it still has plenty to offer in terms of old-fashioned, traditional slot gaming, with the added appeal of the attractive graphical style. Anybody who feels like taking a trip back in time (in more ways than one) may well find something to enjoy with Spartan King.

Play Spartan King

  • High volatility
  • 96.6% RTP
  • Free spins round

Play on Guts Casino
RTP: 96,6%
Game Type
Game Type: Casino Slots
Provider: Pragmatic Play
Popularity: High

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