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Razor Shark Slot Review

Push Gaming is well-known for producing some of the hottest slots available for online gamblers. Released in late 2019, Razor Shark is one of their newer offerings that promise prospective gamblers a fun, enjoyable time in the ocean. While Razor Shark is most assuredly one of the better-looking games, the question is whether or not it plays well, and will players have fun with this slot? Let’s find out in our Razor Shark slot review!

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Razor Shark Theme

As you may deduce from the name, Razor Shark’s theme is an underwater adventure! The background displays a tropical paradise with lots of water, or an underwater perspective, depending on whether you’re playing a mini-game or not.

The reels will fill up with sharks and other underwater artifacts. You’ll see hammerhead sharks, flippers, oxygen tanks, goggles, and more. In the background, you’ll see fish swimming, and colourful graphics abound on the screen. It’s a fun, colourful, well-thought-out theme that will entertain and delight everyone who plays it!

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How To Play Razor Shark

Speaking of playing Razor Shark, let’s dive into how to do that! First, it’s a standard 4×5 reel slot, so you’ll see four lines with five symbols across each line. There’s no concept of picking active lines or bet adjustments that make some lines functional or not. Instead, it’s a straightforward slot. Set your bet amount and click the spin button! The reels will “spin” (virtually, of course), and you’ll either receive a payment, if applicable or start one of the bonus games. The highest payouts will happen if you hit five symbols on a pay line, but any three matching symbols on a pay line will also result in a win.

Casinos can sometimes set maximum and minimum bets, but, in general, you’ll find that you can bet somewhere between $0.10 per spin and $50 a spin. As with all Push Gaming slot machines, Razor Shark has a fantastic auto-play feature. You can set the maximum number of spins (10, 20, 50, 100, or off) that you want the slot to do automatically. You can also set your loss limit, and single win limit for stopping before the maximum spins hit within the auto-play session. 

For example, let’s say you’re betting $0.20 per spin. You can set the loss limit to x100, which will mean if you’re down $20, regardless of how many spins have occurred, the auto-play feature will stop. Similarly, you can say that you only want to do ten spins at once. You can combine these features to tailor your auto-play session to have acceptable risk tolerances! All in all, most online gamblers should feel quite at home with Razor Shark. There’s nothing complex about it!

Razor Shark Symbols and Bonus Features

There are nine base symbols that you can encounter while playing Razor Shark. The red shark has the highest payouts, followed by the orange one, purple shark, green shark, and blue shark. After the sharks, you’ll see the underwater artifacts. These are a camera, snorkel, flippers, and oxygen tank. The oxygen tank is worth the least of all the symbols. However, this slot doesn’t just pay out for the base symbols. Other symbols activate bonus features. Here are what those symbols are and what bonuses they can trigger!

Free Games via the Scatter Symbol

If three scatter symbols land anywhere within the game, they will trigger the free games feature. This feature works like many other free games you’ll find in slots. However, it has one unique aspect: the second and fourth reels become “mystery sharks.” The entire reel will have the same shark symbol that the game will reveal after the other ones have ceased spinning.

These mystery sharks can lead to some impressive wins! Recall that the red shark is the highest standard symbol. If columns two and four become those red sharks and you have them scattered in columns one, three, and five, you could find yourself winning quite a bit of money!

Mystery Stacks

Another bonus feature that you can hit is the mystery stack feature. This feature is a lot of fun and can lead to some impressive payouts. Essentially, an entire column of mystery stacks (they look like aquatic plants) will show up as the reel is spinning. They can land in on your game. When they do, they’ll all reveal themselves to be the same colour shark. They can be one of the colours mentioned above, or they can be the Golden Shark.

These Golden Sharks will then turn into mini-reels. They can be scattered or bet multipliers ranging from 1x to 2,500x. It’s not hard to imagine how hitting one of those bet multipliers of 2,500x could transform what would have been an otherwise very ordinary win into something fantastic!

Razor Shark Odds and Payouts

According to Push Gaming, the highest observed win is 85,475x, which is a mind-boggling amount. If you were betting $1 per spin, that would be $85,475! While some land-based casinos can hit that level of maximum payout on a slot, not all of them can or do have machines capable of such an impressive win. There is no hard limitation on how much a player can win.

For all the base game symbols (sharks and other ocean artifacts), the paytable is as follows for a $1 bet:

  • Red Shark: $50 for five full reels and $2.50 for three in a row.
  • Orange Shark: $25 for five reels, $1.50 for three in a row.
  • Purple Shark: $20 for a complete line, $1.00 for three symbols.
  • Green Shark: $7.50 for five reels, $0.50 for only three.
  • Blue Shark: $5 for the full five reels and $0.40 for three.
  • Camera, Snorkel, Flippers, and Oxygen Tank: $2.50 for five reels and $0.10 for three.
  • The odds of hitting each symbol go lower as the payout for the symbol increases. 

Razor Shark RTP and Volatility

Two of the most important aspects of any slot game are its RTP (return-to-player) percentage and its volatility.  The RTP amount specifies, on average, how much someone playing the slot can expect to receive back over the long run. The higher this number, the more, on average, a player can expect to win. For Razor Shark, the RTP is 96.7%, meaning that for every dollar you put in the slot, you can expect $0.967 back. This RTP is high compared to what you will find at most land-based casinos. It’s even high compared with many other online slots!

Volatility is an indicator of the win distribution. Given that this slot has a 96.7% payout, it could give you $0.96 on every $1 spin. That would be very low volatility and no fun. Conversely, it could pay $967.00 for every 1,000 one-dollar spins on average, but that’s also no fun as you have to wait a very long time before hitting a big win (extremely high volatility). Razor shark has high volatility, meaning that you can expect to win big when you win, but there will be plenty of spins where you will win nothing or very little. Many gamblers love these higher volatility slots, though, because they allow for some impressively notable wins! If you want one of the higher-paying slots (on average) where you can have some big wins, Razor Shark is the slot you need to play!

Who Made Razor Shark?

Push Gaming is the brains behind Razor Shark. Founded in 2010, Push Gaming has quickly become one of the leading games providers for online casinos. Aside from Razor Shark, they are the masterminds behind other Push Gaming slots like Jammin’ Jars (including the most recently released Jammin’ Jars 2!), Dinopolis, Land of Zenith, and more. In addition, they’re always releasing new slots casinos.

One of the best aspects of these Push Gaming slots is that these developers make some of the highest quality games in the business! Like Razor Shark, each game is carefully thought out and developed to near-perfection, making it one of the best slots this company has to offer!

Is Razor Shark Available on Mobile?

Like most, if not all, of Push Gaming’s offerings, Razor Shark is available on mobile devices. That means you can play this slot on your iPhone or Android device (including the Galaxy, Pixel, and all the other Android phones). Of course, you can also play this slot on your iPad or Android tablet! And, for those on desktops, rest assured that you can play this slot on any desktop PC or Mac. In short, no matter where and how you want to play, Razor Shark will be available for you!

Razor Shark Slot Review: This Game Is Worth Trying!

Ultimately, as you can see from this Razor Shark slot review, this is one of the best slots for online gamers. The colours, symbols, and mini-games have impressive details. It’s also a fun game – who doesn’t like exploring underwater!

Therefore, if you’re already a member of a place with this game, head on over and check it out! On the other hand, if you’re looking for a casino with Push Gaming games (including this one), check out our other casino reviews to find the best online casino with Razor Shark! You’ll be happy you tried one of the top new slots casinos around! Happy deep-sea adventures!

Play Razor Shark at Woo Casino

  • Impressive 96.7% RTP
  • High Volatility Can Mean Big Wins
  • Fun Theme and Many Mini-Games

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RTP: 96.7%
Game Type
Game Type: Casino Slots
Provider: Push Gaming
Popularity: High

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