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Goblin’s Cave Slot Review

There are many slots games to choose from and naturally, some of these are more engaging and entertaining than others. If you have become less than satisfied with rather boring gameplay and relatively infrequent wins, you will love what is to be found within this Goblin’s Cave slot review.

Not only is this considered to be one of the best slots in terms of enjoyment, but the fact that it was envisioned and created by Playtech leaves little to the imagination in terms of quality. Let’s take a look at what Goblin’s Cave is in store as well as why it has become so popular in recent times.

goblin's cave slot review

The Theme of Goblin’s Cave

As you might have already guessed, the overall theme of this game centers around a goblin. The good news is that this character is not the creepy type, but rather a friendly character who will interact with the player by physically turning the reels. Equipped with a turtleneck jumper and a pair of reading glasses, this goblin is indeed more friend than foe.

One interesting feature to be mentioned about this new slots game involves the fact that there are only three reels and three lines to be played. However, this does not take away from the exciting gameplay that is to follow.

Goblin’s Cave is actually pleasantly challenging due to the strategy that is involved. Anyone who has become a bit frustrated by the random nature of traditional slots will therefore love what is in store. This brings us to the next main section. Let’s take a look at how to play Goblin’s Cave.

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How to Play Goblin’s Cave Slots

Many of the best Playtech slots are defined by numerous reels, multiple levels, and hidden bonus rounds. This developer seems to have taken a slight departure from Goblin’s Cave, as the initial layout will appear extremely simple to the average player.

The main difference is that strategic thinking is an important talent if you hope to walk away from a winner.  Players will first choose the size of the bet (ranging between $0.05 CAD and $25 CAD).

It is then necessary to select how many coins will be used during each spin (between one and five). Once these steps have been completed, the “spin” button can be pressed.

Unlike other slots, only the first three rows of the three reels will be filled with wild symbols. Here is when things get interesting. Players can choose which symbols to hold. These symbols will then fill the next two rows after the subsequent spin. In the event that any of the symbols match along the pay lines, the user will be rewarded the amount displayed above each row. It really is that simple.

We should finally mention that there is no automatic play option offered by Goblin’s Cave. This actually makes sense when we remember that players have to manually choose which symbols they want to hold between spins.

Symbols and Bonus Features

It is only logical to highlight the bonus symbols and other hidden features within this Goblin’s Cave slot review, and there are plenty to enjoy. Similar to other slots games, these provide real opportunities to walk away a winner. Let’s see what is in store.

Goblin’s Cave Symbols

There are many symbols to be encountered when playing Goblin’s Cave. These include lamps, gold coins, rings, crowns and lanterns. Some symbols are more valuable than others and therefore, they tend to appear rarely.

The most powerful symbol (notwithstanding the wild) is a series of golden crowns colored red, yellow, or green. Assuming three crowns of the same color are present within a horizontal row, a payout will occur (depending upon the amount wagered).

Players can also enjoy smaller payouts if three crowns of different colors land within a single horizontal line. We can now begin to see why choosing the right symbols from the beginning is important!

Goblin’s Cave Wilds

The single and most valuable symbol offered by Goblin’s Cave is known as the ruby red wild (a gemstone). Assuming that three rubies appear within a single pay line, rewards of 150x the initial bet can be enjoyed. The good news is that winnings can still be obtained even if only one or two wilds appear within the bet lines. As the term suggests, the ruby red wild substitutes all other symbols found within a single pay line. This helps to increase the chances of obtaining a solid combination.

The Bonus Round

In terms of sheer simplicity, Goblin’s Cave could be one of the best slots which Playtech has offered for some time.

This is clearly seen in the bonus round that is offered. This round can be triggered by three lanterns appearing on any horizontal or vertical pay line. Players will then be transported to an underground cave.

There are a total of eleven coffins on the floor. Unlike some other bonuses which entail another session of slots, this is what is known as a pick-and-win round. In other words, players will click any one of the eleven coffins. A reward will thereafter appear in the form of an instant cash prize. All coffins contain some type of reward, so players will always be able to walk away winners. It only stands to reason that lantern symbols should always be held in order to increase the chances of unlocking this round.

Odds and Payouts

Let’s now continue our Goblin’s Cave slot review by taking a look at some of the more technical aspects of this game so that you can obtain the “big picture”.

In terms of odds and payouts, Goblin’s Cave is rather generous. The highest potential payout will obviously require the player to bet the maximum number of coins at the highest level (5 coins at $25 CAD). Assuming that three red ruby wilds appear in a row, the total reward would theoretically be $18,750 CAD.  Of course, the chances of landing three ruby red wilds within a single pay line are quite slim.

The main benefit of Goblin’s Cave is the fact that smaller rewards tend to appear more frequently (particularly the lanterns which trigger a bonus round). These bonus winnings can quickly add up over time if players adopt the right strategy.

RTP and Volatility

Many experts feel that Goblin’s Cave is one of the best Playtech slots due to an incredibly high return-to-player (RTP) percentage. The main issue is that Playtech is somewhat tight-lipped in terms of divulging the actual RTP. This return is also dependant upon the number of coins played.

Assuming that less than the total are wagered during a given round, the RTP is 94.5 per cent (somewhat lower than other slots games). However, those who bet the maximum number (five) can leverage an RTP of a staggering 99.32 per cent. It is claimed that this is currently the highest RTP offered by any Playtech slots game. Of course, the only trade-off is that bankrolls can be depleted rather quickly.

Who Developed Goblin’s Cave?

Playtech has envisioned, designed, developed, and released Goblin’s Cave. Not only is this one of the most popular new slots platforms to gain popularity, but it is a perfect example of a quality Playtech game. This company boasts a long history of offering numerous other quality slots options including (but by no means limited to):

  • Age of the Gods (King of Olympus and Prince of Olympus)
  • Great Blue
  • Legacy of the Wild
  • Heart of the Jungle
  • Tiki Paradise
  • Wild Wishes
  • Green Lantern
  • The Matrix

Please keep in mind that Playtech offers literally hundreds of other slots games, so be sure to take a closer look at our other reviews in order to better appreciate the “big picture”.

Can Goblin’s Cave be Played on Mobile Devices?

Although Goblin’s Cave brings much to the table in terms of fun, entertainment, and a decidedly massive RTP, the only possible drawback is that this game is not currently available for mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS. It is not certain if Playtech will offer this variant, so be sure to bookmark this page in order to check back for updates on a regular basis.

Our Opinion About Goblin’s Cave

Cute and fun goblins? Check. Handsome RTP percentages? Double-check. A simple and entertaining interface? Triple check. All in all, we should conclude this Goblin’s Cave slot review by stating that this is undoubtedly one of the most unique games provided by Playtech in some time. As a bit os strategy is also involved, players who enjoy slots with a twist should love what is in store.

Goblin's Cave Slot

  • Unique Strategy-based Game
  • RTP as High as 99.32 percent
  • Highly Entertaining Interface

Play on Leo Vegas
RTP: 94.5%
Game Type
Game Type: Casino Slots
Provider: PlayTech
Popularity: Very high

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