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Gemix Slot Review

Are you a fan of classic games such as Bejeweled? Do you enjoy slots that offer visual appeal alongside healthy rewards? If so, the game Gemix certainly deserves a closer look. Not only is this one of the best Play’N Go slots in terms of sheer excitement, but it is also slightly different than many of the other platforms that you might have played in the past. This is why we have taken the time to put together an in-depth Gemix slot review.

Let’s take a closer look at what players can expect to enjoy as well as what features have enabled this game to resonate with a growing online audience.

The Story Behind Gemix

Why is Gemix thought to represent one of the best slots 2024 has to offer? There are many ways to answer this question. If you are in the mood for a fast-paced and yet relatively simple game, this version is the ideal solution. Similar in many ways to drop-down matching games such as Bejeweled, the main point is to create combinations of matching gemstones.

However, the main difference is that it is possible to achieve many more paylines than classic three- and five-reel slots. In fact, Gemix boasts no fewer than seven columns and seven rows (known as a 7×7 configuration). This provides players with even more chances to walk away winners.

The graphics are relaxing and vibrant. While sound effects are basic, the main focus tends to revolve around the gameplay itself. One interesting feature is that the music will switch to a more vibrant tempo as your winnings increase. This provides a unique sense of excitement and combinations can dramatically increase your overall score. Now, let us take a closer look at how to play the Gemix slot

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How to Play Gemix

Once again, there are many aspects that Gemix shares in common with the Classic Bejeweled and Bejeweled 2 platforms. Players will begin by pressing the start button found at the right-hand side of the bottom control panel. This causes the gems within all seven rows to the dropdown.

Any matches will be highlighted on the main screen as well as on a small grid located immediately above the start button. This is a great way of tracking your progress as you work through the levels.

Similar to other slots, there are also some basic options that can be accessed at any time. These include:

  • The amount you wish to wager (between 0.50 and 100).
  • Your total balance.
  • The progressive bonus associated with each level (more on this later).
  • An autoplay button.

There is also a unique feature known as the Crystal Charge. When a player matches 20 symbols, it will automatically activate. The Crystal Charge can be used to clear away gemstones or to increase your winnings. This will also be discussed within the bonus section

Gemix Odds and Payouts

Those who wish to play Gemix for real money will obviously be interested to learn about the associated odds and payouts. In terms of odds, the chances of encountering any winning combination are 62.25 percent. These winnings will normally occur during 30 percent within the normal game and up to 70 percent when competing in the bonus round.

Keep in mind that average bonus winnings equate to 5x the initial wager. When referring to payouts, the maximum number of coins that can be attained at any given time is 45,135. This will normally require that the player uses the Crystal Charge option that was mentioned earlier.

Before moving on to discuss the bonuses and rewards, our Gemix slot review should take a quick look at two other important technical concerns.

gemix slot review

Gemix RTP and Volatility

Anyone who hopes to play Gemix for real money should be pleased to learn that the return-to-player (RTP) ratio is 96 percent. While not as high as some other slots games, this still ensures a fair and rewarding overall experience.

In the same respect, this is considered to be a game with a medium level of volatility. This is another way of saying that winnings occur somewhat frequently and they will be able to provide rather conservative rewards. High volatility games are associated with much larger winnings, but these occur less often. In other words, Gemix could be one of the best Play’N Go slots for those who are looking to avoid high-risk slots.

Gemix Slot Bonus Features, Wilds and Free Spins

We now come to the truly interesting part of this Gemix slot review.

There are many ways in which players can increase their earnings. As mentioned earlier, the Crystal Charge button is an interesting feature. When 20 gems are cleared during a single spin, the player will be presented with one of four options:

  • Nova Blast (one symbol explodes and transforms adjacent symbols into the same gem).
  • Crystal Warp (nearby gems are warped to other areas of the display).
  • Light Beam (a laser is emitted from a single gem; transforming those nearby into the same stone).
  • Chain Lightning (gems found within opposite corners are connected with a bolt of lightning). All gems found between these cornerstones will be transformed into the same gems).

We should also mention that exploding 40 gems at any given time during a normal round will provide players with a 3x bonus feature on all subsequent winnings.

Different levels are likewise associated with different characters and soundtracks. For instance, a miner sometimes pops up during normal gameplay during the first board. He will scatter wild symbols across the reels (in this case a lantern). These wild symbols can be used to connect disparate gemstones.

Other personalities that players will encounter include a wizard and a princess. As many as ten wilds can appear within any non-bonus round. These wilds will help to increase the number of gems found within any combination. They are also excellent ways to complete each level in a faster amount of time.

Players will need to complete three sub-levels within a single world before moving on the next. They can keep track of their progress with the help of three stars found below the grid pattern. When all three turn gold, the next level can be accessed. In other words, this slots game offers nine total levels within three entirely unique worlds.

A final bonus feature to mention is that every level is associated with a pattern (displayed within the grid found on the right-hand side of the page). Clearing all of the gems within this pattern will transport the player to a different level. This also allows individuals to collect the world bonus upon completion.

Strategies, Tips and Tricks

Gemix is thought to be one of the best slots 2024 has in store due to its rather simple nature.

However, embracing the correct strategy is always important. It only stands to reason that higher wagers will increase the chances of hitting more pay lines per spin. It is also wise to use the autoplay feature once the correct wager has been selected, as players can easily keep track of their winnings as well as how many more gems are required to activate the Crystal Charge. Playing can then occur manually in the event that the amount wagered needs to be increased or decreased during the bonus round.

Another reason why it may be wise to wager higher amounts (between 50 and 100 per spin) is that the level character is more likely to appear. As these characters will randomly place wild symbols throughout each of the seven wheels, this could be one of the best ways to score higher winning combinations. This is also important during the later rounds. As world bonuses tend to increase, wild symbols will increase the chances of matching 40 gems on a single spin (leading to a 3x level multiplier).

We can see that there are numerous ways to play Gemix slot and walk away victorious with time and practice.

Our Opinion About Gemix Slot

Our Gemix slot review has clearly pointed out why this game has proven to be so very popular with players of all ages. Not only are the mechanics simple, but this platform is arguably one of the best for those who might not wish to deal with more complicated mechanics such as multipliers and hidden levels that require more experience.

Still, the gameplay is extremely entertaining and the rewards will certainly add up over time. If you have been looking for a fast-paced sense of excitement and lucrative rewards, Gemix could be the perfect solution.

Play Gemix on Guts Casino

  • 4 Bonus Options
  • Fun and Straightforward Gameplay
  • 3 Diverse Worlds to Explore

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RTP: 96%
Game Type
Game Type: Casino Slots
Provider: Play ‘n Go
Popularity: Very high

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