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Flower Fortunes Megaways
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Flower Fortunes Megaways Review

Flower Fortunes is an intriguing game created by Swedish developer Fantasma Games on behalf of Microgaming. It’s clear to see that Fantasma was given a free rein when it came to game design. While appearing at first to be a standard 6 reel megaways game, Flower Fortune’s reels can expand allowing anything from 15,625 winning combinations up to 531,441.

flower fortunes megaways slot screenshot

Theme and Symbols

To look at Flower Fortunes you wouldn’t know it’s a slot game. When we first opened the game for our Flower Fortunes Megaways Review we decided It looks like a cross between Tetris and Super Mario Bros. There are no reels in the traditional sense, instead, you’ll find six small towers which are made up of various coloured blocks. Next to the towers is a huge flower with a meter running through the middle with various stop-off points. At the top of the flower is the word ‘Avalanche’ which is the name of one of the features of the game. More on that later.

We tested the game out on a PC, which is a shame as it is optimised for single-handed mobile gaming. There seemed to be an abundance of background on the PC version, whereas we’re reliably informed that the flower and the towers take pride of place on the phone version.

The coloured blocks that make up the towers are your icons. Matching the same coloured blocks across the ‘towers’ gives you a winning combination. Some blocks are larger than others, with larger blocks valued higher than smaller ones. Each colour also has its own value with red considered the most valuable.

Energy stars sometimes appear on the reels. These come in three different colours and fill up the flower-shaped meter to your left. Which colour energy stars appear on the reels is determined by how much of the flower you have filled. As you reach certain points on the meter you’ll receive new features in the normal game. Collect yellow stars for a wild feature, blue for a respin and red for a bonus round.

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Flower Fortunes Megaways Audio

The music that accompanies the game is cheery and fits the game theme nicely. It is not designed to be the centre of attention. This role falls to the female voice who speaks to you every time an in-game feature occurs. Her voice is synthesised giving you the impression that you’re playing an arcade game, rather than betting online.

How to Play Flower Fortunes Megaways

Once you’ve thrown out your old preconceptions of how Online Slots should look, you’ll have fun embracing the Flower Fortunes Megaways Slot. Because this is a megaways game the winning combinations are huge with a total of 15,625 on a basic game and over half a million once the game levels up to its maximum. The genius of a megaways game is the number of paylines is always randomly generated. Some spins will be more lucrative and adding five different levels of play introduces even more versatility to the gameplay.

Adjusting Your Stake

Like most Online Slots, Flower Fortunes has a variable bet value which ranges from 0.50 coins to 10 coins per spin. While this doesn’t matter if you’re playing using free play, it is important to adjust your stake when you play the Flower Fortunes Megaways Real Money game. You can adjust your stake value at the bottom of the play screen by clicking the coin button. The top win of the game is a massive 18,000x your initial stake on the base game. A very tasty jackpot we’re sure you’d agree. But with higher jackpots come higher stakes, so ensure that you calculate your budget with care.

Flower Fortunes Megaways RTP

It’s always difficult to accurately suggest an RTP for a megaways slot. There are so many variables involved that it makes calculating an average difficult. What makes the task even more complicated with Flower Fortunes is their five-level tier system which introduces extra in-game features and reel sets. As such, we’ve relied on the figures provided by Microgaming, which is listed as 96.0% on their site. This is calculated using all of the possible in-game variants.


The hit frequency of Flower Fortunes is 44.61%  which sits it somewhere on the lower end of a high volatility slot. This is surprising given that megaways games are notoriously volatile. Playing the Flower Fortunes Megaways Real Money game has a slight advantage over other megaways slots. Medium-high volatility slots are more versatile, allowing players of all bankrolls to enjoy them. It is of course, important to tailor the game to your budget. If you have a small bankroll we suggest playing on the lower coin values to get the most out of your game. Otherwise, you may see your betting budget disappear quickly.

Bonus Features, Wilds and Free Spins

Flower Fortunes Megaways Slot has a base game which starts on level 1. As you progress through the game you can advance through another four bonus levels. To level up, you need to collect energy to fill the flower meter. Spin a winning combination and you’ll receive energy, a losing reel combination will lose energy. In an average game, you’ll be constantly moving between the levels depending on your in-game performance. During our Flower Fortunes Megaways Review, we hit the top level around 12 times during a 30-minute session.

For further details on the in-game levels see below:

Level 1- The default level with no additional features

Level 2- A 6×6 reel set is introduced with up to 46.656 ways to win. Expanding wilds of up to 9x your win value are added.

Level 3- A 6×7 reel set is used with up to 117,649 ways to win. Respin is introduced which takes away some of your existing icons and replaces them with others.

Level 4- Play on a 6×8 reel set with up to 246,144 winning possibilities. Flower bonus scatters are introduced. Collect three of these to choose from three mystery flowers.

Level 5- A 6×9 reel set is used with up to 531,441 ways to win. Avalanche mode is engaged. If you spin a winning combination the winning icons are removed and replaced with others. Avalanche mode continues until you don’t form a winning combo.

More on the Flower Fortunes Megaways Online Bonus

The flower bonus is introduced on level 4 of the Flower Fortune Megaways Online Slot and is triggered by spinning three red energy scatter symbols. Once the bonus is triggered, three large flowers will appear on your screen. Each of the flowers hides a bonus amount.

You choose one flower. The screen will display how much the flower is worth (anywhere up to 1000x your stake). You have the option to collect the value of that flower or choose another. If you switch flowers you’ll be shown the value of your second flower. You’ll again be given the option to accept the value of this flower or choose a third flower. Once you’ve decided to pick another flower you can’t go back and take the value of a previous one. Choosing the third flower means you win the value of the third flower automatically.

Strategies, Tips and Tricks

Don’t panic, but here comes the maths part of our Flower Fortune Megaways Review! RTP stands for Return To Player. Simply put, this is the amount of all wagered cash that a slot machine returns to its PLAYERS. It is important to note the word ‘players’ here, as in plural. A games RTP cannot give you an exact figure on what it will return to you personally, but it does need to meet its RTP for all cumulative players. Seeking out games with higher RTPS does not guarantee you a winning chance, but it does tell you those games that have a higher chance of returning your cash. We consider a slot with an RTP of 96.0% or above to be good.

Understanding Volatility

Slots are also considered in terms of volatility. Low volatility slots payout more often, but payouts are smaller. High volatility slots payout fewer times overall, but wins are generally larger. A medium volatility slot sits somewhere in between. Which volatility slot is right for you depends on a few things: your budget (small budgets disappear more quickly on high volatility slots), your aversion to risk and your goals. High volatility slots are riskier as there’s a chance you may not win before your money runs out. If this scares you, opt for a low volatility slot. Lower volatility slots usually have lower jackpots that are harder to obtain.

Play Flower Fortunes Megaways For Real Money

One of the nicer parts of our job is discovering new talents in the online gaming industry. We admit that before we played Flower Fortunes we’d never heard of Fantasma Games. The small game developer only has 12 employees and the same number of titles. But to us now, they’re impossible to forget. Fantasma has taken the tried-and-tested megaways game feature and turned it on its head by creating a slot that incorporates expanding reels and extra levels while also looking unique, too. If Flower Fortunes is not quite the right game for you we recommend checking out our other Online Slots Canada reviews to compare suitable alternatives.

Play Flower Fortunes Megaways Slot

  • Megaways Jackpots
  • Multiple Bonus Rounds
  • Unusual Game Layout

Play on Gate777
RTP: 96%
Game Type
Game Type: Casino Slots
Provider: Microgaming
Popularity: High

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