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Easter Island 2 Slot Review

Easter Island 2 is the sequel to one of the better-known Yggdrasil slots. It takes the basic premise of the original game but adds new features, new animations, and a whole new layer of appeal.

Players with fond memories of the first Easter Island will relish the opportunity for a return trip, but how will newcomers to the series find it? Will they find it one of the best new slots casinos has to offer, or will it be a disappointment? Read our in-depth Easter Island 2 slot review and you shall soon find out.

easter island 2 slot screenshot


As you can probably guess from the title of the game Easter Island 2 is themed around the enigmatic stone heads of Easter Island, but it offers a cartoonish twist on this motif.

When you start the game, you will be greeted by two statues that each sport sunglasses and goofy facial expressions. These two animated characters will sit on either side of the game as you play, doing little dances if you happen to score.

The reels themselves are placed into a wooden frame and have symbols that fit the theme. The generic playing-card symbols of heart, club, spade and diamond are rendered as wooden tribal designs, while various exotic animals (snake, bird, shark, tortoise, fox) will also turn up as you spin the reels, while the wild symbol is a golden totem pole-like carving. The animated characters will sometimes interact with the reels, the two stone heads sucking in or spitting out symbols while a gangly bird will periodically fly into the playing field and transform into a shining wild totem. Capping off the tropical theme is the game’s background, which shows a colourful and idyllic scene of deckchairs and palm trees, plus a fireworks display that takes place if you score.

All in all, the theme of Easter Island 2 is fun, pleasing to look at and well-animated. The vacation theme separates it from the original Easter Island slot game, in which the two statues on either side of the screen lacked sunglasses and there were no deckchairs to be seen.

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How to play Easter Island 2

Easter Island 2 is a straightforward game with six reels, four initial rows and pay lines that start at 25 and can reach a maximum of 55 depending on how well you perform. Behind the bells and whistles of the dancing statues and flying birds, the playing screen is easy enough to make out. Below the six reels you will find the following information:

  • Current pay lines
  • Coin value
  • Current cash bet
  • Maximum bet
  • Autoplay number
  • Current winnings
  • Current balance

If you choose to run the game on autoplay, you will be able to decide how many rounds the automatic play will run for before manual play resumes, which is a useful trick if you prefer to sit back and let the reels roll themselves.

Symbols and Bonus features

For the next part of our Easter Island 2 slot review, allow us to take a close look at the symbols and their properties. The game has ten symbols in all: the four playing card symbols, the five animal symbols, and the totem wild. These may appear to be standard symbols and will need little explanation, but Easter Island 2 turns out to have some unusual twists on the formula.

Symbol swap

Every time you spin a winning combination, you will be entered into a symbol swap respin. What this means is that you will be able to respin with all of the similarly valued symbols switched with whatever symbol featured in the winning combination.

So, if you won with a low-value symbol (one of the playing card suites) then all low-value symbols will be replaced to fit it; conversely, if you won with a high-value symbol (one of the coloured animals) then all of the high-value symbols will be switched to match.

Big blocks

If you happen to win a combination of four, five or six symbols, then you can expect an even bigger transformation to take place. You will be entered into a respin in which the number of rows will be altered to accommodate some truly enormous blocks. You will be playing with 2×2 blocks if you scored four symbols, 3×3 blocks if you scored five symbols, and 4×4 blocks if you scored six symbols of a kind.

Any symbol, even the wild, can be expanded in size. Note that as well as raising the number of rows, the big block respin will also boost your pay lines up to a maximum of 55. This a fun addition to the game that helps to expand upon the standard slot machine formula in a way that is visually appealing and adds a genuine touch of excitement to the game.

Golden wilds

Finally, we have the wild symbol. As is typically the case with wilds, this can stand in for any other symbol on the reels and help you to complete a winning spin. The wilds are impossible to miss, being rendered in shiny CGI gold and, as noted earlier, their appearances heralded by the sight of an animated bird flying into the playing field and transforming into a gold totem.

So far, so conventional, but what may come as a surprise to some players is the fact that the big block feature discussed above also applies to wilds. So, if you are lucky, you might find yourself spinning a 2×2, 3×3 or even 4×4 wild symbol, something that can really help you to boost your winnings if you are lucky enough

Odds and Payouts

Anybody reading our Easter Island 2 slot review will want to know exactly what their odds are when it comes to scoring a win and how big the payout might be, so here are the details. The game’s top payout is 2,500x, which is a substantial amount that players should not find disappointing.

With a frequency rate of 16.3%, you can expect to roll a winning combination on roughly every 6.25 spins. All in all, the odds and payouts of Easter Island 2 are fairly generous and quite satisfying.

RTP and Volatility

The return to player (RTP) rate of Easter Island 2 is 96%. This is not the highest RTP on the market, but not the lowest either; if anything it fits somewhere into the middle of the RTP spectrum. In terms of volatility, the game is once again in the middle of what you can expect to find across the world of online slots.

Who Made the Game?

The unmistakable tree logo at the bottom right of the screen will be a tell-tale sign to any seasoned online casino gamer. Easter Island 2 is the work of Yggdrasil Gaming. This is a provider whose old and new slots are noted for their lush fantasy settings (even the company name is a reference to Norse mythology) and Easter Island 2 is no exception. Plenty of care and effort has gone into every visual detail, from the tropical background to the totem-like carvings used as symbols, to the wacky animated statues that stand on either side of the screen. While the game occupies the more comical form of fantasy, the attention to detail is still present and correct. All in all, the game is another example of why the provider is so well-regarded amongst slot enthusiasts.

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Can Easter Island 2 be Played on Mobile?

Any new slots would be seriously missing out if they failed to adapt to the mobile marketplace, and so Easter Island 2 is designed to be fully playable on your mobile device. In fact, it may well be particularly suited to this format: the chunky extra-sized blocks will be impossible to miss when they start filling up your small screen.

The animated Easter Island statues, meanwhile, lose none of their charm or appeal when viewed at reduced size, nor do the other animated features including the bird that heralds the wild symbols or the fireworks display that flashes up when you score. In all, this is a game that works equally well on small as well as large screens.

Easter Island 2 Review : Our Take

So, having taken an in-depth look at the game, we can wrap up our Easter Island 2 slot review and answer the main question: Is this one of the best new slots casinos has to offer?

Well, as it happens, Easter Island 2 is a very enjoyable game with an extremely inviting and likeable setting. It takes everything that worked with the original Easter Island slot and finds a way to improve it. More symbols, more features, more on-screen animations, and thanks to the vacation-themed setting a feel that is all it’s own.

In terms of gameplay mechanics, the medium volatility and average 6% RTP make it a solidly middle-of-the-road game as far as the odds are concerned, so it will be a good choice for players who want to avoid too much risk but at the same time prefer not to lower the stakes too much.  The main draw for many players, of course, will be the two animated Easter Island statue characters who appear throughout the game: their antics will never cease to amuse.

Easter Island 2 in Summary

  • Medium volatility
  • 96% RTP
  • Respin rounds with extra pay lines

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RTP: 96%
Game Type
Game Type: Casino Slots
Provider: Yggdrasil
Popularity: High

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