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Blood Suckers Slot Review

Some slot games manage to balance style with substance, and one of the best slots for achieving this feat is Blood Suckers. The game’s horror movie-influenced stylings have won the game many admirers since its original release back in 2009, but what kept players coming back for more is what the title has to offer in terms of gameplay.

If you are one of the players who has not yet taken a look at this classic game, then you may find yourself wondering exactly what Blood Suckers will have in store for you.

Does it offer new spins on the slot machine formula, or does it follow the traditions of the genre? What kind of bonuses does it feature? What kind of customization options does it have for those who prefer to tailor their gameplay? Are there any tricks that savvy players can use to increase their winnings?

With our Blood Suckers slot review, we shall be taking a close look at the game so that we can answer as many of these questions as possible.

blood suckers slot review

Blood Suckers Theme

Blood Suckers is one of a growing number of slot games themed around vampires. It may be one of the best NetEnt slots in terms of atmosphere, as the developers went all-out in creating a true horror movie feeling, from the Gothic architecture in which the slots are mounted to the eerie music that plays throughout and adds to the tension.

As you would expect, the symbols in Blood Suckers are connected to the vampire genre. They include garlic, holy water, a crossbow, and other vampire-hunting implements, plus individual vampire characters such as Vlad the Impaler, a bat-winged vampire maiden, a bald Nosferatu-like figure, and a suave Lestat-like character.

If you happen to win, then you will see your bonus appearing in a mysterious puff of smoke. Those who like their slot games to be a little bit ghoulish will be right at home when playing Blood Suckers, a game that goes all-out in recreating the allure of classic horror films.

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How to play Blood Suckers

While it may be filled with hideous vampires and screams of terror, there is no reason to be scared of Blood Suckers. Behind the eye-catching theme, this title turns out to be a straightforward and accessible slot game.

It has five reels, three rows, and 25 pay lines, with a cleanly laid-out interface. With a quick look at the game screen’s control panel, you will be able to see the following information:

  • Current bet
  • Current balance
  • Coin values
  • Betting lines 1-25
  • The spin button

Besides, Blood suckers feature an advanced autoplay function for players who prefer to sit back and relax while the reels spin. You can set the game to spin between 10 and 100 times automatically, and arrange it to stop when a specific sum of earnings or losses are reached. You can also set up the autoplay to end when the bonus game starts

Symbols and Bonus features

As noted, Blood Suckers has a range of symbols that come right out of a vampire film. Most of these fit the same role as the fruit symbols in a traditional slot machine (that is, if they line up you will win a bonus) but amongst them, you will find three special symbols that are all clearly labeled, and even contain animated elements to ensure that you cannot miss them. These are the wild, scatter and bonus symbols, and our Blood Suckers slot review shall talk you through the distinctions between each one.


The wild symbol is an image of a Dracula-like character about to bite into a blonde woman’s neck. It has the capacity to replace any other symbol in the reels, except for the scatter and bonus symbols. When it does so, the image will come to life and Dracula will bite into his victim’s neck, adding to the overall bloody theme of the game. This will be bad news for his victim, but good news for the player, as it increases your chance of winning big at Blood Suckers.

Free Spins

The Blood Suckers free spins bonus comes into play with the “scatter” symbol, a gruesome image of a bloodstained woman in a bridal gown. If you get three or more of these in any position on your reels, then the woman will come to life in a short animated sequence and you will be rewarded with 10 free spins. Additional scatters symbols will multiply your stake (25x for four scatters, 100x for five scatters) but in each case, you will win 10 Blood Suckers free spins.

The Bonus Game

One symbol in the game is a hammer and stake with the word “bonus” written underneath. If you spin three or more of these consecutively then you will be allowed to play Blood Suckers’ bonus game. This consists of a screen showing twelve coffins; some contain vampires, while others are empty.

The game of chance involves choosing which coffins to open. If you are lucky and choose a coffin containing a vampire, then you will see an animation of the vampire receiving a stake to the heart and you will earn points (different vampires will grant you different numbers of points when staked). If however, you open an empty coffin, then the bonus game will be over. The points that you have won in the bonus game will be added to your overall cash prize.

The maximum you can win is 178 times your stake.

Blood Suckers Odds and Payouts

When playing Blood Suckers, you can make use of up to four betting levels, and up to 25 bet lines per spin. The maximum bet you can make during a game is 50.00. The maximum win is 50,730 in free spins, and 20,320 in the coffin-opening bonus game. The base jackpot for Blood suckers is 30,000 coins. All in all, a lucky player stands the chance to win big playing Blood Suckers.

Blood Suckers RTP and Volatility

In our Blood suckers slot review, we can report that the game has low volatility, which improves your chances of scoring big. It also has an RTP of 97.99%.  As seasoned gamers will know, this is an impressively high percentage and ensures that Blood Suckers is one of the best slots on the market in terms of RTP. Players concerned about unfairly high volatility or low RTP will not need to worry when they play Blood Suckers.

Who Made the Game?

Blood Suckers is one of the many games provided by the prolific developer NetEnt. Anybody who spends time at online casinos will almost certainly recognize the name of this company, as it is responsible for a wide number of the best-loved slot games on the Internet today and has picked up a broad reputation for quality.

To pick just a few examples, it was NetEnt that came up with such games as…

Blood Suckers picked up a reputation as one of the very best NetEnt slots in terms of both playability and atmosphere, so much so that NetEnt went on to create a sequel, Blood Suckers II. This follow-up gives the game a new coat of graphical paint and tightens up some of the mechanics, but the original still has its charms. It will be worth a play from anybody who appreciates the classics in terms of online slots.

Can Blood Suckers be Played on Mobile?

Those of you who prefer to play your slot games on a device that can be slipped into your pocket can rest assured that they will not be missing out on this vampire-themed slot classic.

Yes, Blood Suckers is fully compatible with mobile devices and loses nothing in the translation to the small screen. The bold, chunky graphics can be easily read even at reduced dimensions, and the Gothic atmosphere of the game still comes through loud and clear when played on a mobile device.

Blood Suckers: Our Take

If you are a fan of horror films or vampire television series, then you may well find yourself attracted to Blood Suckers simply because of the theme. And it has to be said, the game is very well-crafted in terms of graphics and overall style.

The vampire characters depicted on the reels are all well-drawn and individualistic enough to stand out from one another. The Gothic backgrounds and control panels make an engaging departure from the traditionally slick and high-tech aesthetics of most online slot games; and the soundscape makes a good fit for the overall mood of gloominess and fear.

As well all know, of course, the aesthetic is simply the icing on the cake and what really matters is the game mechanics. In this respect, Blood Suckers turns out to be a commendable online slot. With its low volatility and high RTP it has plenty to offer its player, while the automation functions and 25 bet lines mean there is plenty of room to tailor your game.

The real stroke of inspiration is the bonus round: you will find yourself hoping against hope that your next spin will reveal three “bonus” symbols so that you can take part in that coffin-opening game and boost your winnings! Even more, than a decade after it was released, our Blood Suckers slot review can confirm that this is a game that still stands up.

Play Blood Suckers

  • Low volatility
  • 97.99% RTP
  • Bonus game

Play at Wildz Casino
RTP: 97.99%
Game Type
Game Type: Casino Slots
Provider: NetEnt
Popularity: Very High

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